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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Happy autumn to you all..... It is Indian summer here, and the usual San Francisco HOT, but we do know that fall and winter are peeking around the corner somewhere......

    Siga and I keep getting in great new merchandise that you can pretty much wear most of the year.... I think a lot of us find that we are dressing more for the climate than for the seasons anymore!

    Since it is Siga who has LOTS of new goodies for you, I am going to do my things first and then let him steal the show.

    I have gotten in two small collections of Krista Larson's "army" group, and they have gone away before I could ever get them into a newsletter!!!! I can post photos of anything new on Facebook in MINUTES, and minutes later the bulk of it is gone.... CAUTION - It's only clothes!!!! Please do not risk your life by looking at my posts and calling me from your car while you are driving!!!!!! .... at least pull over PLEASE.... I love your enthusiasm, but I love YOU more....

    There is a lot more of the army to come followed by a gorgeous gray and later the black that we all seem to love the best......

    This is the outfit that greets you as you walk in the door of my little shop.... Krista's army linen Origami Pants. a black Double Layer Stretch Tulle Tee, and army check silk taffeta Smashed Cami, and the new tiny army/black stripe jersey Billowy coat. Irina Staricov's silk flower pin with the coppery stone center is the perfect accessory.... and, of course, I adore the animal print Alembika backpack with gorgeous leathers on the reverse side.....

     photo e179225d-cac0-4fd6-9163-2ab90834b370_zps8ffc941b.jpg

    Skif sweaters mix really nicely with Krista's army collection.... here the olive v-neck pullover is layered with Krista's Asian print Stretch Tulle Tee and linen Origami Pants. The big wonderful necklace is from Love Heals, a collection of necklaces that I am thrilled to have again. (more of those later...)

     photo b5381fd6-4068-4281-92bd-f7f9f52f8618_zps76c3e48b.jpg

    .... and then for a touch of bright.... the Skif rose (that I would call orange) v-neck pullover with the same tee and pants has a completely different look.....

     photo b6eed646-5a94-4a4d-b548-04550dfce5ca_zps34ee77cd.jpg

    I am delighted that the family at Love Heals is making the kind of necklaces that I love again..... and that they continue to plant ten trees for each piece sold to provide shade and other benefits for those who live in impoverished areas and need our help the most.

    This white alpaca chain is rugged and wonderful with its hand-carved white bronze charm and Tibetan bone horn.....

     photo dc170d38-0872-48bb-8761-f6b8f4e9647a_zps3f25a8c1.jpg

    This rope of braided gray freshwater pearls and knotted Labradorite gems with hand-carved white bronze charms and a gorgeous baroque pearl drop can also be doubled to wear as a choker with layered accessories!

     photo c20471a3-82c3-41bd-a1c9-9b4d03f2bf5f_zps79c261cb.jpg  photo f3445b85-1665-48da-ace7-286197315cd6_zpsc87babc5.jpg

    The more delicate rope of braided Labradorite gems can also be doubled into a choker to show off the freshwater sage pearl and chrysphase nugget drops and the hand-carved yellow bronze charms.

     photo bad7ff13-eb5e-44f0-aba7-f1088ecacf41_zps81f03388.jpg  photo DSCN3799_zpsb2ab2b1a.jpg

    The most delicate of all is the simple rope of braided amethyst, amazonite, and turquoise gems with an adjustable button closure....

     photo 9ee28f35-4d6d-4f88-bf63-0cbdc3fcd074_zps6b559a97.jpg

    I have a feeling that even in the winter, it is spring in Texas.... but no matter, because all of you seem to know that you have to snag those Magnolia Pearl pieces when you see them or......

    I love this rumpled ivory linen Nanny McPhee Jacket with its gold stitching details and snap closure. It is layered over the ever-so-feminine Grandma Brown print Mittie Slip Dress with intricate details of tiny tucks and lace. I have Tina Givens' stone linen Rachel Pants peeking out the bottom.

    Wouldn't a Love Heals necklace look just grand with this????

     photo 764a09e5-541b-4913-abf7-03c6a0172e57_zps34549faf.jpg

    I love this lots of shades of....

    Magnolia Pearl's buttermilk oat linen lace trimmed Georgie Pullover with the midnight green tie layers nicely over the Hettie Skirt is shades of blue and grays. The skirt has a wonderful hanging pocket to carry your treasures..... and stone Rachel Pants as the bottom layer.

     photo 955b2094-0d73-41b2-b893-983665dcc5ec_zpsbedaab06.jpg

    Magnolia Pearl's cotton Picnic Check Ottilia Dress has the same pretty tucks and lace detail around the neck.... this time layered over cream linen Rachel Pants.

     photo d7b78f89-00e1-4042-b1f5-67803c16ec08_zps180377a2.jpg

    At the risk of shocking you with the most color you will see in this newsletter....

    Irina Staricov's new poppy scarf with the shiny bugle bead centers is so beautiful!!!!!!! I love to play it against something bright like the Dress to Kill Japanese cotton pullover and the crazy wide striped Alembika Pants.

    YES!!!! It will look nice with black too.....

     photo 9d013097-3748-4e9e-a0d3-83d3d3126039_zpse34c08a5.jpg  photo 4b173f76-71e9-42df-bbe0-2ea2b80388bc_zps58481cf2.jpg

    And lastly.... I told you that I was getting new princess pot holders from Susan Lewis......

    .... and that's my bit for the day.

    New things are coming soon from Krista Larson, Magnolia Pearl, Dress to Kill, and Tina Givens. And... there are new accessories in the works too.....

    I know that some of you "don't do" Facebook, but you are missing out on a lot if you don't!!!! Just go to my website....katikoosthestore and click on Facebook Conversation. There are new things almost every day, and a lot of them never make it to my newsletter. I don't buy a lot of any one thing because I like you to have something special, so....

    I am always at 415-362-3437..... and in Suite #602 at 500 Sutter Street..... and I look forward to seeing or hearing from you!

    Big hugs for all!


     photo d3699dd6-8d59-4bc0-b59f-419d87ffdc7c_zpsf8f01a5a.jpg  photo 78076980-b380-40e4-920a-ecbf898560fb_zpsf5e39ab0.jpg  photo 5cafeeaa-50fb-4072-abdb-b0454643b96f_zps9dfbf368.jpg

    I have so much cool new stuff that I don't know where to start.

    I think I will start with my newest collection - LS, a new kine from Greece. These are very sophisticated pieces that are easy to wear.

    This black tunic has a wonderful shape and great details - like the asymmetric zipper that goes all around. I like it with my bold 3-ring metal and rubber necklace from Israel.

     photo a12dcf18-df69-4d6e-beca-34bfcbb90883_zps86247a73.jpg

    The front-zip tunic is pretty cool too - you can wear it zipped up or un-zipped - it's great either way. It looks perfect with leggings too.

     photo 7d650243-325f-416b-aca0-34feff2f3df7_zpsed9e6a19.jpg  photo a9d90e8b-cb76-4e6e-9147-a5edb8b2437a_zps357dd39b.jpg

    The ribbed tunic dresses are easy and fun with the ribs going in different directions. They come in black or in olive, and they look great with pants or leggings. The necklaces are from my jewelry collection from Israel.

     photo fce72842-b454-49cc-9c77-96ea6944a7f9_zps3fb47cb1.jpg  photo 850b185d-2b33-4418-a8ad-d5ab15aef9a3_zpsd5251c30.jpg

    The cropped jersey top with the ribbed detail is perfect with the soft jersey pants - and more of my Israeli jewelry.

     photo 1d48d1f6-540c-4c20-9164-661fcd660fbb_zps1881e930.jpg

    This soft jersey top will show off a nice shape! I have a long layering tank under it, and the cool ribbed leggings that have horizontal ribs at the knees. They look very cool and European. And then there is the colorful necklace to make it even more fun!

     photo 5b6e4245-4f1c-4bd1-8b2e-d869015c40fc_zps047d3fd5.jpg

    And last from my LS collection - fingerless gloves in the same soft jersey that come in their own lace trimmed bag.

     photo 210ea38f-654f-4bea-82f9-903e3a8c8ae4_zps21c55593.jpg

    I have always loved Japanese designs, so I am always excited when I get a shipment of Moyuru!

    Here I have layered a fabulous white cotton shirt, a cool sleeveless top with great details at the bottom, and a skirt with many pockets. Each piece is special by itself too, but "layering" it was fun.

     photo d3cc013d-708d-44e8-90bd-e7c72d98faf5_zps6ed1fcd6.jpg

    This is the white cotton shirt from my layered outfit. See how nice it is just by itself?

     photo 1e37f657-a5ac-4afb-b14b-922895f1403d_zps3f9003b0.jpg

    The cropped white cotton shirt has asymmetric painted details on the sleeves and down the front. This is a nice casual look.

     photo 454c3b83-80a1-44bb-a86e-da3847957af4_zps8d6d3ddf.jpg

    This is a soft and easy jersey top with a notch bottom and flowy jersey pants. You will want to live in this one!

     photo c648cfff-b19a-4c18-85c7-f253953a8951_zpsf22e627b.jpg

    I thought you might like a better look at the cool "pockets" skirt that I have here with the same soft jersey top.

     photo e354148f-dcf8-4ee7-8776-7762214dba31_zpsf0ba05a1.jpg

    Sometimes a plain nice shape is a good thing too. The soft jersey tunic with the colorful Teresa Goodall necklace.

     photo d486dd19-e386-416d-aa97-115467f33b5d_zps608b4cf9.jpg

    This tank dress will take you many places, especially with the wonderful bottom details. And the necklace with the "reptile" wrapped circle on cord and chain is a good look with it.

     photo 7ddcb936-a733-48a4-8ace-849d3d9d85a0_zpsd3744366.jpg

    Someday, somewhere it is going to be cold, and you will be ready for the chilly weather in this convertible collar jacket.

     photo f2d4091a-6fe7-44d5-b79f-8463990dfff2_zpscc6c38f9.jpg  photo 6d22a703-c1c2-4eeb-b3b6-2cca7a6328a0_zpsa9c1cb46.jpg

    How much do I love this coat? How much do you love this coat? People have been looking at it because it is so great looking - it is just way too warm here to try it on!

     photo b6df8874-1ba4-446a-84d6-5600e950d17a_zps710736fe.jpg

    My third new collection is from MSquare. It is made out of my favorite of their fabrics - "bubble dots". Here is a close-up so you can see the fabric (with a Teresa Goodall necklace.)

    All of the "bubble dot" styles come in olive dots on black or black on black dots. Everything is one size.

     photo 5b8c769c-f14a-4a5c-8509-49b1a15750b0_zps19f32feb.jpg

    The Easy Tunic with the almost famous Out There Pants - with some of my Teresa Goodall Necklaces.

     photo e6e1b229-4f62-4f95-895f-3a0dff35bd57_zps05f2e28e.jpg  photo 3cac9c4f-aea4-4555-ab11-caf7bd007842_zps4732e80a.jpg

    I have put the MSquare black layering tank with both of the dot colors. I like it between the Short Cross-Over Jacket and the Out There Pants. I borrowed Kati's big felt flowers.

     photo f5d80f5b-cff4-4a6b-a2fd-7726fee65523_zpsd6416628.jpg  photo e0a0ca37-7880-4a4d-8173-6ae55ed11031_zpsfa522248.jpg

    The sporty Shirt Jacket goes anywhere. It really does work as both a top or a jacket layered with other pieces.

    I think you will like this MSquare collection for work or travel - or just hanging out.

     photo f46e542c-e4ba-4fac-b369-f8b42782cc57_zps6c3c6bd2.jpg  photo 900df97d-95d9-4594-8f58-817dbdbc469a_zps7941616b.jpg

    So, you can imagine how full my little shop is with all of my new fall collections. Now all I need is you to come in to visit or call me for a goodie package. I also have SALE things that are pretty special and nice prices. Everybody likes to look through my two sale racks.

    I am here everyday but Sunday at 500 Sutter Street in Suite 220. You can call me at 415-362-3436.

    Hope to see or hear from you.

    Big hug,


    Ps..... why is Halloween so many people's favorite holiday....
    1. You can dress crazy and wear wild make-up.
    2. You don't have to buy presents!
    3. You don't have to cook a lot of traditional food.
    4. You don't have to spend it with family!

     photo 4105bdee-83ab-4dd7-ba93-5e5f1fcc2eca_zpse41d3135.jpg

    AND.... Siga and I are having a little party all day this Saturday to celebrate the new fall collections!!!! Siga has all of the goodies you see in this newsletter and more...... and I have lots of brand new Krista Larson army for fall/holiday and a new collection of Dress to Kill that is arriving on Friday.

    If you are free, come join us to play with great clothes and accessories, meet nice people, and share yummy treats..... all day long!

     photo acd9bff6-3b92-44b6-8195-92b5e8c07b9a_zps9d6505a7.jpg

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