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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    My window is open as WIDE as possible..... Sunshine is streaming in..... and I am anxiously awaiting the first cool breeze so that I can turn off the fan that is sitting almost on my lap.....

    I know that some of you are out there shoveling snow, and that others are preparing for the next assault.....

    It is February, and anything can happen..... and does. One of the things that happens in February is a fun thing..... the new spring clothing collections begin to arrive! I get pretty excited by it all, but I do have to pace myself so that everything doesn't arrive at once and crowd me out of my little store!!!!....

    The first collection to arrive is Avivit Yizhar from Israel. It is black and white and perfect to wear all through the season..... There are knits and wovens, solids and prints, great shapes and interesting details.....

    The first outfit is all about drama with ease..... the skirt with legs is made out of a beautiful woven cotton with a soft knit stretch band at the waist. It has white stitched pleats and big buttons. I have paired it with a neat little knit cropped top that is trimmed along the reverse scallop edge with black and white stripes. All this outfit needs is a simple piece of jewelry, like the oval pendant that I have borrowed from Siga's shop.

     photo 41b6b600-d51d-4e9b-9cae-fea3a10fb446_zpsct4gr1l5.jpg

    The woven cotton pants with the white stitched pleats on the legs also come with a soft knit waist-band. I love these pants with the v-neck knit top that has matching stitched pleats..... and a nice swingy shape. The whimsical necklaces with detachable pendants are from Spark Designs, and they can be changed around any way you like to create your special favorite look.

     photo 77958034-7482-4c85-83aa-e7b623aa6488_zpsjdmxvfsn.jpg  photo 7134b765-4695-4a2a-9a4a-9a1807f6f516_zpswjfi9kkn.jpg

    The woven stretch cotton dress is a show-stopper! My friend Jocelyn tried it on the other day, and she looked spectacular!!!

    The dress has an easy shapely fit and fun details..... long striped pockets on each side with zippers down the middle (You can get creative with these....) and slits on the shoulder to show a tiny bit of skin. The asymmetric necklace is from Israel also, part of another collection from Siga's shop.

     photo 316ad5d4-ac05-42fa-a8cb-01624719fb6e_zpszwyhgghr.jpg

    Here is another way to wear the little cropped top..... with a tank (and it can be a long layering tank too) in white to accent the trim on the top and the stitching on the skirt, or, you might have fun playing with a bit of color....? I chose the white to show off the beaded Teresa Goodall necklace.....

     photo DSCN4946_zpsngyikbnh.jpg

    And then we have a bit of print..... the black and white abstract mixes with solid black in some very interesting shapes.....
    The print skirt with the black panel accents is perfect with the simple swingy black top that gives a bit of definition at the waist. The silly "cherry" necklace is by Diana Taylor

     photo cedadf1e-a570-414a-976f-de6d8e1327bb_zpsh83vldq5.jpg

    The same swingy top also comes in a print..... cute with the pleated leg pants and another beaded Teresa Goodall necklace!

     photo 173699ca-1789-4587-8b4d-1a71768e12b1_zpsrzitxwbu.jpg

    Ok, I will admit that these are a pair of really weird looking pants..... but they are very good weird on! They are a lot like Siga's "harem" pants with balloon legs that end in a tapered band at the bottom.... sort of glamorous and sexy.... The oversized top with skinny arms has a great shape (I have sold a couple just since yesterday!) and the stitching detail front and back. And my count was perfect!!!!.... just enough borrowed necklaces to make all of the Avivit look as great as it is!

     photo 35fa5b0e-40d4-4063-b396-a13a26288666_zpszfzme7zx.jpg

    Just checking to see if you are paying attention!

    These wonderful ladies by British Artist Lynn Muir are busy counting their chickens which have come all the way from Holland. How fabulous what an artist can create out of scrap wood or old newspaper!!!!!

     photo 4d4761bf-10d6-4825-8460-d032aece4fa8_zpsoj0deq2h.jpg

    When Siga and I last went to a clothing market, we were excited to pick up some one-of-a-kind pieces from Dress to Kill. Jane had taken some of her fun styles and fabrics and given them a distressed "crackle" batik finish. I am very much in love with this tunic that has two rows of what look like flowers around the bottom that are really little circles puckered with elastic.... clever Jane! I have it with a black Krista Larson Double Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and black patterned jacquard leggings. The stringy bead necklace is by Teresa Goodall. And yes, there is only this one!

     photo 6d569bef-fb10-40bb-9b77-15d0c9b1bb37_zps93ypi3ix.jpg

    And then there is the magic that is Magnolia Pearl.....

    The European cotton Brigid Smock in the apple festival plaid with floral trim at the hem is cute and cheerful and EASY. It is great by itself or a pair of jeans......or the cotton Naiis Skirt in ombre cotton with a fancy floral ruffle....

     photo 51cbde1b-a74b-42b7-9c16-ef54d488d9d6_zpskgldj5nf.jpg

    You can see more of the Naiis Skirt here, shown with the European cotton Anastasia Top in the English Mandolin print with delicate embroidery down the front and on the yoke and the pocket and the sleeves. I love it all with the funky French ribbon flower....?

     photo c404e95c-1113-4bef-8aeb-87ba4c41e8c5_zpsddmnxfhr.jpg

    Everyone loves a polka dot.... and even better with embroidery.....

    The Anastasia Top in Beulah dot..... with Love Heals pearls.....

     photo ff7d272a-d97c-4fa9-99b3-ea4166446919_zpsu2mtzklw.jpg  photo f754f870-b5b1-4252-8137-f7d1713f8072_zpsvqpwcavk.jpg

    Checks aren't too bad either.....

    The faded cottage French cotton Check Top Shirt is a great piece in and of itself..... but then of course, I love to layer..... The blueberry jam European cotton Kerisa Top is underneath, and then the Avignon wallpaper stripe French cotton Drawers....

     photo 5475312a-8275-4a54-abfc-6df44deea639_zps27x275tp.jpg

    Peeling back the layers..... The blueberry jam European cotton Kerisa Top has a pretty pleated bib and patches and mending in bluebird check.

     photo ff04f23c-cae6-45e4-8826-50f2f1f96da5_zpssezyb6zc.jpg

    .... and the Avignon wallpaper stripe French cotton Drawers with blueberry jam floral cotton lining, patches and mending, side pockets, a drawstring back and a gorgeous lace cuff. Fancy enough to wear every day!

     photo 1c343286-bf55-4a61-8d1e-89148ca10aa7_zpsv4fxc5da.jpg

    I ADORE this blue check European cotton Evva Dress with it big huge pockets and hand-stitched patches. I have the European cotton eyelet Cecily skirt peeking ouT the bottom, and I could not resist adding Irina Staricov's iris pin.

     photo 87d38d26-aaa7-4874-843e-d0c9c8497eb4_zpsicc4j3wn.jpg

    Shades of my college years! The cotton Krishna Marigold Dress is done in a vintage floral print.... and what doesn't go with those striped Drawers!?!?!?!

     photo ba68d9a1-996e-4793-ab04-3959f7088ab5_zpssavhiqcb.jpg

    .... and then you can layer this fabulous patchwork Symphony Jacket over it too.... much more of this coming..... Kati Koos

     photo ff18ed7d-593c-4caf-b091-45eb3977c1a3_zpsajwpfkrd.jpg

    NOW you get to see both the short asymmetric front and the dramatic back of the Symphony Jacket!!!! The early birds who have them and have been wearing them are getting more compliments than they can handle!!! Underneath is a honey of a dress.... the Gillian Blue Grass Dress, and under that the cotton corduroy French Work Pants.

     photo 0c9135ce-67c0-426f-8611-5c8228370560_zpsxnpejpov.jpg  photo 236e689b-7ff3-42b4-afef-974d72baccbf_zpsikjpsqy4.jpg

    SO.... how pretty is the Gillian Bluegrass Dress with its eyelet hem and velvet collar..... and I love the color- "moonshine moth".....

     photo 70d3a05d-86de-49c8-a7a7-3f4c76cd1927_zpsovbnp3j9.jpg

    Must see the grain sack cotton corduroy French Work Pants..... and they look so great on so many of us!!!

     photo b5bad0b7-a525-42a7-9995-e4a41845c069_zpspmsuv3as.jpg

    Every once in a while, Siga falls in love with something and then seems to think I need to wear it every day.....! Such is the case with the Athena Grace Dress. It is a light weight linen that has been hand-dyed into a color called thunder storm. It has cotton eyelet and patches and mending that are all hand-stitched. It is hand-distressed and raggedy and drop dead BEAUTIFUL. It is layered over the cotton eyelet Nichole Slip that is a must-have piece for spring and summer.

    OK.... I will admit that I did wear this twice this week.......

     photo 5f586c49-3d79-44e8-9ba8-346a977aab5b_zpsz5anatjs.jpg

    And while we are talking drop dead beautiful.... the patchwork cotton eyelet Aya Sleeveless Dress is quite incredible...... ALL eyelet in a gorgeous patchwork that is sometimes hand-stitched with black......SIGH.....

    I like Diana Frey's antique tin-type pendant to go with the the romantic mood.

    (The French Work Pants can be romantic....)

     photo d2ce546f-7920-49dc-99e5-e090e2a682dd_zpsm7i1teew.jpg  photo 70f98780-0c52-41f1-88c1-00624e041b00_zpscodmyrzv.jpg

    And then there is the new lentil Willow Dress with all of its cross stitch trim and patches and pockets. I think that I have rather creatively layered it with the Gillian Bluegrass Dress and the Naiis Skirt..... BUT, it really looks great with just a tee and some simple pants!

     photo 62e0050b-514c-492d-b376-42c1eeba05b7_zpsu1ayyqlg.jpg

    The linen Novalie Kimono is a duster that is patches of all shaded of naturals and browns..... lots of beautiful fabric to wear as your spring go-to wrap!

     photo 09382085-bd13-4289-b31e-f92ad3ed48fb_zpsfpdwlfvp.jpg

    I am so in love with the Wilberta Potting Shed Jacket!!!! It is always the softest cotton with lots and LOTS of hand-stitched detailing. This one is a pretty soft print that is sewn with the brighter side of the print inward (love this look!!!). I have it layered with the heather cotton jersey Henley Top and the cotton moleskin Willoughby Work Pants (with way too cool patches and mending---- really look like you have been working!!!)

    The flower basket necklace makes it look alll the more special.....

     photo cb4472e4-99c6-40f7-803b-f6afc97f069e_zps1qjk8l3t.jpg  photo f0d87a9d-6023-4bfd-b5e5-2b8348c22247_zps9ykncz9o.jpg

    The French flour sack cotton Wilberta Potting Shed Jacket in Blueberry Jam.....

     photo ba5ab9f0-978c-4106-b9c2-4ba60ee1e27d_zpsyblaqjxc.jpg

    AND.... the French Fair Check light weight cotton flannel Wilberta Potting Shed Jacket lined with a faded cotton floral print!

     photo 0c649eae-8107-41c3-acf7-b26b31b0ff18_zpssusnwtpk.jpg

    Can one EVER have enough great white cotton shirts???? This one is a wonderfully crunchy cotton broadcloth, here with the Willoughby Work Pants.

    MORE great white cotton shirts coming later this week from SKIF.......

     photo 4dd4aee4-bd60-4db6-a196-2ed2f5bdd714_zpsgwhifzne.jpg

    Ok, Kiddos.... that's it for now.

    I am still waiting for my cool breeze, but it's time to go home, so that's almost as good.

    Tonight I am going to experiment with a vegetarian Marrakesh Stew. I guess I am going to cheat a little and use chicken broth because I can't stand the smell of the vegetable stuff..... I am hoping it will be as tasty as the spices are exotic.....

    Come see me..... 500 Sutter Street Suite #602

    Call me..... 415-362-3437

    E-mail me.....kati.koos@aol.com or katikoos@ymail.com

    Look forward to playing with you!

    Love you all bunches and heaps....



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