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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Happy May Day!!!! It really is getting to be spring now, and Siga and I are happy to still be in San Francisco to celebrate this beautifully changing season (Maybe not quite so much for you who are still having snow..... but keep hoping..... it's coming soon!!!)

    We are anticipating our move to Modesto in the near future, so we are beginning to fine-tune what we are going to be doing once we are back together in one shop.... VERY excited about that......

    I am going to keep my vintage, girlie orientation the focus of my shop, so I will have Krista Larson and Magnolia Pearl and Tina Givens and a lot of wonderful accessories and any other "things" that strike my fancy. With that in mind, I have given over to Siga all of the other collections that work so well with what he already has.

    So, what this means is that I have been able to spread out my beautiful clothes so that you can actually SEE them..... what a wonderful change!

    First I am showing you what the shop pretty much looks like at this point in time (all 384 square feet of it....)

     photo DSCN9389_zpsexigusw6.jpg

    The Magnolia Pearl shop's prettiest pales....

     photo DSCN9391_zps5krohpoq.jpg

    The Magnolia Pearl shop turning the corner....

     photo DSCN9376_zpsdilewi75.jpg

    Colors that work all of the year in pretty cottons and linens and silks....

     photo DSCN9390_zpssfvxpdlh.jpg

    Some of you are really great at shopping from my walls.... or even from a pile of new arrivals that have just been heaped upon the desk.....

    I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together!!!!

     photo DSCN9371_zpsntbgmnbp.jpg

    Who knew browns could be so pretty?.... Robin maybe?

     photo DSCN9368_zpsqujxmrbb.jpg

    My newest Tina Givens up front.....bayou blue really is a very pretty color!

     photo DSCN9388_zpsobkfkxif.jpg

    Pattern mixing at its best!

    So, now you see a lot more of my fabulous Magnolia Pearl collection. More pieces are coming this week, so be sure to check Facebook on Friday!

     photo DSCN9366_zpsxnrp6a9y.jpg

    If the angels are watching..... I am hoping to get something new from Tina Givens each week.....

    This week's newest..... the bayou blue linen Abba Tunic and Cara Pant. Fun to accessorize with any mix of jewelry (here with a Hot Cakes black bird necklace and black rope chain and a mixed stone Love Heals rope), this outfit is a great wardrobe starter because these pieces will mix with so much more....

     photo DSCN9393_zpspgsujunq.jpg

    The Cara pants are cropped and full, and like so many of Tina's pants, either side can be the front.... REALLY!!!!!

     photo DSCN9394_zps2mx9oxo2.jpg  photo DSCN9395_zpshomg4bx7.jpg

    Ok, I am going to make a huge confession here.... I really hate this color.... with a capital H!!!!! Always have....

    So, in came the lilac shipment, and Siga INSISTED that he was going to put together a beautiful out for me to wear...... CRINGE....

    Now I get stopped in the street, the supermarket, everywhere, by people telling me how gorgeous I look. So, I am eating crow (big time!!!!) and actually loving this color a lot..... It doesn't work on everybody, but when it does....

    This is the lace edged cotton Bloomer under the cotton Short Pastry Slip with the big square patterned silk organza jacquard top layer.... and the polka dot rag cotton Boleyn Cami over it all. The necklaces are a mix of a seriously pretty Alicia Van Fleteren labradorite pendant on a bead and antiqued silver chain with clear and mint crystal ropes from Hot Cakes.

     photo DSCN9381_zpsykqiw6we.jpg

    My new lilac outfit includes on of these tie-dyed cotton/silk satin pieces.....

    This is the tie-dyed Armadillo Slip over the taffeta Cottage Slip with a long lilac crystal rope and a clear butterfly necklace. So pretty!!!... and I had the fabric sewn with the sating side in, so it feels scrumptious!!!

     photo DSCN9404_zpspcrgheyr.jpg

    We always love cotton eyelet, and how better than as a Nikki Skirt with an elastic gathered hem? Layered over it is the tiny stripe cotton Umbrella Slip and cotton gauze Armadillo Tank.

     photo DSCN9409_zpsdrzqtscs.jpg

    See what a tiny change will do.... make a whole new outfit! These are the same two under pieces with the cotton jersey Cropped Armadillo Shirt on top and a Teresa Goodall necklace (which has graduated to Siga's shop now.....

     photo DSCN9352_zpsleptfbpx.jpg

    More of our friend the Umbrella Slip.... here in lace linen. It is layered over a lilac/white tiny check silk taffeta Cottage Skirt with the same cotton jersey Armadillo Crop Shirt and the Super Cropped Stellah Cardigan.

     photo DSCN9408_zpsz6dybwoz.jpg

    OR.... we can change out the Armadillo for the Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee.... and the Super Cropped Stellah for the Cropped one ....and add a beautiful frosted flower necklace and a strand of crystal!

     photo DSCN9348_zps5tqdtfyr.jpg

    The tiny striped cotton might be one of my favorite fabrics, here as a Spring Pant......with a cute puckered cotton/ramie Short Tunnel Slip and a cotton/silk satin Cottage Shirt (with the sexy side in).... and ropes of lilac crystal and pyrite....

     photo DSCN9406_zpsq9gteb1m.jpg

    The Spring Pants work with so many of my MANY lilac tops!!!! Here I like it with the linen gauze Billowy Tank and the stripe linen Stellah Button-Up Shirt. The linen has a small black stripe, hence the black bird necklace and chain!

     photo DSCN9410_zpsm6mnelld.jpg

    ..... and with the linen gauze Short Tunnel Slip and the stripe linen Origami Jacket (that would also be stunning with black linen pants!!!)..... and a small black carved rose necklace and black chain rope....

     photo DSCN9412_zpsjrbhtnpg.jpg

    NOW.... I do have quite a few more lilac tops in different styles..... and they are going to look wonderful with the colors that are still to come... oat, black, and white.

    And then there is the Cabbage Rose tank with Tina's bayou blue Cara Pants.... See what I mean? Lilac mixes so many ways!!!!

    I LOVE lilac.....

     photo DSCN9413_zpsyycwvale.jpg

    Siga's store is looking rather fabulous too..... and he is posting more outfits on Facebook for you to love!

     photo DSCN9387_zpsasrhlibt.jpg

    Is it not just perfect how Siga and I buy things that just beg to go together?! His accessories make Alembika and Avivit Yizhar shine!!!!

     photo DSCN9385_zpsenquarfc.jpg

    Siga has inherited Matthildur from me, and the newest tees just arrived.... the nice wide body ones with the flattering skinny sleeves. These have a great shoulder detail on them.

    Jungle with an Israeli design necklace......

     photo DSCN9396_zpsgwyreuhf.jpg

    "Clouds" with white shoulder detail are PERFECTION with natural and white Teresa Goodall beads!!!!

     photo DSCN9397_zpsguxir0hc.jpg

    White with an Escape From Paris necklace of rings....

     photo DSCN9398_zpstfqsgssd.jpg

    ....and, of course, black!.... with a long Escape From Paris rope!

     photo DSCN9400_zpsti9yyxyy.jpg

    Siga is WAY more adventurous in the handbag department than I....

    His latest David Galan bag with the convertible shoulder strap in pewter leather!

     photo DSCN9382_zpsenzyzvme.jpg

    ..... and in RED!!!!

     photo DSCN9383_zpsd0nptf1m.jpg

    So there is the latest!!! We are in a holding pattern here until the house is sold and the store is ready, so we look forward to seeing a lot of you as spring turns into summer!!!

    New things are coming every week, so be sure to check our Facebook pages too.

    Love all or you guys..... BUNCHES....xoxoxoxox

    kati and siga
    415-362-3437 and 415-362-3436

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