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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    It's summer and it's warm and sunny..... and the goodies just keep rolling in!!!!

    My newest boxes of Magnolia Pearl and Krista Larson are full of pretty things to wear right NOW.....

     photo DSCN6598_zpsxytfvzlv.jpg

    White is my very favorite color..... only living in New York would it be less appropriate to the culture and the climate..... and I wear it just as long as I possibly can.....

    When I took this Magnolia Pearl "virtue" (That is white, is it not?) European cotton Astrid Dress with its rows and rows of lace in the front and exquisite embroidered scallops at the bottom out of the box, I just ripped off my clothes and put it on. WOW.... SO PRETTY!!!!!! I have it here with the "pure" (White too....) European cotton Agnes Bloomers that have little tiny tucks and beautiful cotton lace..... and I love the blue twill ribbon ties at the back.....

     photo DSCN6594_zpslkrszpdv.jpg

    Details..... details..... of the Astrid Dress and the Agnes Bloomers.....

     photo DSCN6595_zpsdi72ockr.jpg

    You know how I love to mix it up..... well, another way that I like to see the Astrid dress is layered up with other good stuff..... like the new "Ardennes" print European cotton Marseilles Tank dress worn open as a duster vest, both over the papyrus dot cotton/silk Penelope Skirt with all of its lace and pintucks and ruffles.... Big SIGH.....

     photo DSCN6596_zpsvjidjvei.jpg

    In my last newsletter you saw me wearing that beautiful (white, of course!) European cotton Monique Dress. Well, that looks pretty darn cute layered up too..... over the blue cotton Willoughby Work Pants with the huckleberry print Aunt Ida Tank Smock as its duster vest.....

    There are so many pretty Magnolia Pearl pieces to play with and put together that it makes even my head spin..... how much fun could you have???.....

     photo DSCN6597_zpsccemiixb.jpg

    My new Krista Larson shipment has lots of summer-perfect pieces, some of which will go right into those hot days that seem to dog us every autumn....

    I got more of my favorite silk jacquard stripe fabric in different styles..... that beautiful fabric that looks like little baby file with rows and rows and never-ending rows of tiny stitches.

    Here I have the Krista Billowy Smock Dress (which also makes a nice asymmetric open jacket) with Magnolia Pearl's Abbey Road stripe French Cotton Drawers. Fun??? I love those whimsical pants, which, if you turn them inside-out, become the floral print of the Aunt Ida Tank Smock!!!!

     photo DSCN6545_zpsrysrnhmz.jpg

    See how great the Billowy Smock Dress (This one is black linen gauze.) looks worn open as a jacket? Here over the black paint graffiti print cotton voile Short Underpinning Slip and the black cotton broadcloth Long Underpinning Slip..... with a cool pendant necklace by Teresa Goodall.

     photo DSCN6601_zpsu4zq70aj.jpg

    That black paint graffiti print voile fabric makes a great Kite Shirt, and I decided that it might be fun to give it a different look..... nipped in with my favorite fabric as a Smashed Cami over black linen Spring Pants!!!!

     photo DSCN6579_zpsltrtjjbz.jpg

    And here is the Kite Shirt in the silk jacquard stripe with an amusing changeable necklace by Spark Designs....

     photo DSCN6578_zpske0upkbr.jpg

    And since over-the-top is one of my favorite things..... The Kite Shirt in white square patterned silk organza with silver/white linen Athletic Pants and a linen gauze Stellah Button-up Tank. How's that for different.... can you tell I was having a grand old time today

     photo DSCN6581_zpsnkvauq9b.jpg

    The Stellah Button-up Tank in black linen gauze is the top layer over the striped silk jacquard Pocket-Full-of-Posies Slip and the silk organza Underpinning Skirt.

    All of the "Stellah"pieces have wonderful random pleats in the front and a novelty fabric placket..... Just wait until you see what we are doing with "Stellah" in the fall.....

     photo DSCN6582_zpsskoedepx.jpg

    Here the Stellah Button-up Tank is oat tie-dyed cotton/silk..... layered over an oat/white striped jersey Umbrella Slip and oat striped cotton broadcloth Spring Pants.... and then.....

     photo DSCN6589_zpsoyzsffgv.jpg

    ..... and then we add the oat cotton Stellah Super Cropped Cardigan.

    Amazing how each piece makes such a difference.....

     photo DSCN6590_zpsq0mcmhpk.jpg

    ..... a close-up look at "my favorite fabric".....

     photo DSCN6584_zps3d4cpi21.jpg

    I know that not all of us are all about fluffy.... so here is the always fabulous Weekender Skirt in the striped silk jacquard with black linen Spring Pants (Yes, there are other pants, and you are going to get to see them!)

     photo DSCN6583_zpsielbyurp.jpg

    The white cotton broadcloth Billowy Shirt with black linen Origami Pants......

     photo DSCN6591_zpsqmlax1vg.jpg

    And the ever-popular Lotus Shirt in white cotton broadcloth (also comes in black!) looks perfectly sporty with the black linen Athletic Pants!

     photo DSCN6592_zpsy18v9mtl.jpg

    The black linen Origami Jacket with its pretty pleats and asymmetric silk organza hem is soft and pretty with black linen Origami Pants and the Magnolia Pearl Loren Tank with rows and rows of tiny ruffles that peek out the front......

     photo DSCN6593_zpsitnycohm.jpg

    It is pretty much untrue that I hate little floral prints..,... I just hate the ones that look like Heidi would have worn them!

    I love the little white on black floral print of this Antoinette Cami..... here with the silver/white linen Spring Pants. (Flowers for grown up princesses!)

     photo DSCN6587_zpsy7cyil6h.jpg

    ..... and the Pocket-Full-of-Posies Slip..... here layered over a white cotton Long Underpinning Slip with a tie-dyed cotton Cropped Angular Cardigan.

    See.... I like little flowers!!!!

     photo DSCN6588_zpsfztijh1z.jpg

    And I would love to see you ...,,.looking forward to meeting Jennifer and seeing my friend Fiona next month...... could be looking forward to meeting or seeing you too. There will be lots of great stuff coming!!!!


    Love you bunches and heaps..... XOXOXO


    PS. Siga's new crinkle dress are the BEST. They would have to be for this person to actually put on anything polyester.... I did, and I love them...... cute and FORGIVING and fabulous for travel.....

     photo DSCN6599_zpshvnegjny.jpg

    Ok..... I get a little turn too!

    This is my favorite new thing on Union Square. That is unless you come to visit me.

     photo DSCN6490_zpsonrlg9c6.jpg

    Some of you already have my fabulous crinkle dresses. They are easy to wear and perfect to travel with because you just twist them into a knot! They are very flattering.

    Each dress is reversible. This black polka dot style reverses to white, but who would reverse a polka dot?

    All of my cool beaded necklaces are by Teresa Goodall.

     photo DSCN6567_zpspbrha8fv.jpg

    The purple one.

     photo DSCN6564_zpsct6gfzxk.jpg

    The silver one.

     photo DSCN6566_zpstiioamhe.jpg

    The wine one.

    I also have nice little crinkle jackets in white or black.

    My store is packed with lots of cool stuff, so come see me.

    I am also having a great sale on some of my collections.... like Crea and Xiao.

    Look forward to seeing you.



     photo DSCN6568_zps9ynrcieq.jpg

    Come on, click on the big square and see what you've been missing!

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