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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Siga and I thought that we would surprise you with one last little June Newsletter. We both got some cool new things in this week and want to share them with you..... especially those of you who still don't check out our Facebook pages!!!.....

    My little Magnolia Pearl Shop seems to change just about every day as new pieces come in and other pieces sell..... and as take apart displays because I have just gotten the inspiration for some new outfits..... I have a fabulous selection of things for the summer that can be worn so many ways that I am sure I can't even think of them all......

    You would have a lot of fun if you could come in to play with them.....

     photo DSCN6231_zpsojpu8uma.jpg  photo DSCN6230_zpsv5grbykc.jpg  photo DSCN6229_zpsji9exnlo.jpg

    I have already had to order more of these delightful little "house dresses" that look like somebody's grandmother handed them down. (Personally, I can't remember either one of my widowed grandmother's wearing anything but black..... but I do wish we could still get those fabulous black orthopedic shoes they used to wear.....)

    The "Russia" European cotton Antonetta Dress is a summery blue and green floral print on a light creamy ground. It has touches of lace and gathered velvet mending and these wonderful big pockets!!! I have it here with the "Fresco" European cotton Kahlo Skirt that is really to pretty to cover up..... it is gathered with buttons at the side and a tie back waist.

     photo DSCN6257_zpsaxoqvtyl.jpg

    I am always happy to see a dress that buttons or snaps down the front because I really love to be able to use it as a duster as well!!! Here the "Russia" Antonetta Dress over the bluebird check European cotton Violet Dress is ever so pretty..... with a big fluffy Krista Larson Dandelion Flower Pin.

     photo DSCN6255_zpso0ur8usr.jpg

    The "Charlotte" print Antonetta Dress (at least one of them) is going to be living in my closet!!!! I love the soft vintage feel of the floral print..... with the same mending and velvet trim as "Russia". Under it is the "Sasha" European cotton Idella Skirt with soft gathers, side buttons, and a ribbon tie back.....

     photo DSCN6259_zpsz5m9ipt1.jpg

    ..... and then there is the "Charlotte" Antonetta Dress over the soft (even SOFTER!!!) "Jasper Dot" cotton/silk Anya Slip and a Teresa Goodall necklace...

    Trust me, once you put on that silky cotton Anya Slip, you NEVER want to take it off.......

     photo DSCN6258_zps43cloamp.jpg

    Now.... the "Honeycomb" European Cotton Elise Dress might not have that button front that I so like, but the patches and mending are so charming that it has taken a special place in my heart! Lots of pretty lace around the collar and down the front..... lots of black thread to "mend"..... Peeking out the bottom is the "Abbey Road" cotton twill Lucy Skirt with the back tie waist. I swear, that skirt is pretty with just a plain old tee shirt tucked into the waist.... I think this dress is perfect with the Krista Larson Dandelion Flower Pin in shades of black and ivory to accent the mending stitches!

     photo DSCN6228_zps68dbgxsf.jpg

    I think we would have to go back a few generations of grandmothers to find anything as special as this white European cotton Anneli Victorian Tank. It has rows of tiny pintucks and lace, tiny shell buttons, and a drawstring waist and neckline. It also has a pretty little Magnolia Pearl "MP" monogram on the front. I rather like it with the "Parliament Check" cotton Sid Pants, but can't you see wearing this with just about anything.....?

     photo DSCN6225_zpsy42qylwo.jpg  photo DSCN6251_zpsuebgs7rh.jpg

    "Clothesline".... what a great name for a color!!! And.... this European cotton Birta Top was out of here the day it arrived!!!! I was happy to be able to get more of them.... It is soft cotton eyelet with a gathered yoke and tiny tucks and lace at the neck. I have it here with Krista Larson'd striped cotton broadcloth (that looks almost like seersucker....) Spring Pants and a long necklace from Teresa Goodall.

     photo DSCN6254_zpsdyqgsvjq.jpg

    More Krista Larson keeps coming in, and now I can combine different collection together to get some great new looks.....

    Th black cotton/silk satin Underpinning Skirt is under a black/cream striped cotton broadcloth Umbrella Slip and oat graphic square silk organza Pinwheel Cami...... NOW I think we can go somewhere.....(Krista and Magnolia girls can go ANYWHERE....)

     photo DSCN6232_zpsutybmmkg.jpg

    I definitely have a "thing" for Krista's black paint graffiti cotton voile!!! It makes a fabulous Smashed Cami to put over the oat striped cotton broadcloth Umbrella Slip and the cotton broadcloth Spring Pants.

    Going somewhere again.....

     photo DSCN6261_zps3c8uwjfm.jpg

    The black paint graffiti print certainly makes a statement as a Short Pinwheel Slip..... here over the striped cotton broadcloth Umbrella Slip and cotton broadcloth Spring Pants......

     photo 11214116_1056686707682777_8278533449454387530_n_zpsgq2m6kye.jpg

    The black paint graffiti Lotus Shirt makes a rather dramatic statement worn with linen herringbone Athletic Pants.....

     photo DSCN6242_zpsi4brncn3.jpg

    I will be the first to admit that this is one strange looking sweater!!!!! Elm Design is known for quirky shapes that work. Ok, so one of the skinny sleeves is much longer than the other, and one armhole is much lower than the other, and the body is short and really wide...... and that's just how FABULOUS this sweater looks on!!!!! Comes in steel gray or silver.....

     photo DSCN6244_zpsp71ctekz.jpg  photo DSCN6245_zpsgdbuxweq.jpg

    My other Elm sweater is "novel" too with its asymmetric shape and novelty open knit dots..... In silver or black.

     photo DSCN6247_zpskizq3rl7.jpg  photo DSCN6248_zpson9hphyj.jpg

    We are looking forward to seeing you this summer.... because San Francisco will be in an especially celebratory mood!!

     photo 03-351607865558f012600ac74.68856601_zpskontokb0.jpg

    I am looking for more new pretties to come in this week from Tina Givens (hopefully...!) and Krista Larson and who knows.....

    Siga and I are closing the store to celebrate Independence Day next Saturday with our favorite guy pals up in the country. We hope that you have a fabulous 4th.....

    We are here and thrilled to see you before or after then.

    Happy.... Happy.....XOXOXOXOX


     photo DSCN6264_zps4alk4s3x.jpg

    I just got a few new things this week, but I am pretty excited about them.

    All of my new pieces are from IC, and they are all made in Southern California.

    This newsprint skirt is all cotton. It is a nice long skirt with points at the bottom and black ties to raise up or lower the hem. It has elastic at the back of the waist. You can wear it with any cool black tee shirt and one of my ZZan necklaces, like the fat hearts, from Israel.

     photo DSCN6236_zpszja5m19b.jpg

    This newsprint jacket is all about great details! It is a nice long length to wear with slim pants. It has a gathered neck, flap pockets that have black plastic "chain" connecting the tabs - and then a bigger version of the same chain in the center back of the belt.

    It is too cool with just black underneath - and a ZZan necklace too.

     photo DSCN6238_zpsphaml4ft.jpg

    This is a tall, slim jacket with a shaped waist, gathered collar and great big, dramatic black buttons. The print looks like swirls of whimsical paint.

     photo DSCN6239_zpshti3jgpf.jpg

    Here is my fabulous IC "fishnet" jacket in white!

     photo DSCN6241_zpsyi53sdrl.jpg

    Hope to see you guys soon!

    Call me if you see something you can't live without..... 415-362-3436.

    Have a great 4th of July!


     photo DSCN6265_zpsvpkcpyqo.jpg

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