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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    I have made a very big discovery..... PICTURES do speak louder than words, and pictures of our new house got a lot more of you to READ the newsletters and not just browse through the photographs..... YIPPEE!!!!!!!

    So, those were the pics of our new house..... this is a picture of what we are calling "home" for the next 6 weeks.....yes.... not kidding!.... until the tenant moves out of our house and our store is ready for our move. The very nice family that bought our house could not wait to move in, and we are nice people too.... While "Tone of Bubbles" used to mean a gorgeous COLD glass of nice champagne..... now it refers to the laundromat where we spend the earliest hours of Sunday morning. Thank goodness Vallamar Station and a beautiful breakfast in the sunshine are our nice reward. Ah well.... only six more weeks....

    In the meantime, Siga and I are bringing in lots and LOTS of new merchandise for you to enjoy for the last couple of days of spring and into the summer....

     photo m6_1251_exterior1_zps0ddbxjdd.jpg

    Siga is off today because it is Fathers' Day (He doesn't happen to be one but celebrates anyway!!!!), so I am doing his things too.

    Everything that he ever gets from Grizas is something special! This polka dot top in pretty iridescent shades drapes softly with its little double pockets at the sides. The crinkled pants will be out the door the minute that someone tries them on! The silver oval loop necklace that is perfect with this will work with many other things, both dressy and casual.

     photo DSCN9768_zps5baws0iz.jpg

    This is the same outfit with a twist.... layered with a soft long tank....

     photo DSCN9766_zps9ppf1ddu.jpg

    This floral patterned tunic is STUNNING with its iridescent pattern in a gorgeous shade of green and great shape with the long pointed sides.... nicely accented with the loop necklace that has shades of green cord!

     photo DSCN9765_zpspfqgcef4.jpg

    This Grizas dress is perfect for a smaller figure and will take you some pretty elegant places. The crinkled texture makes for a pretty fit.... the details are subtle yet special. I rather like the drama of a big necklace with it.

    Siga has a shop full of great stuff for now and through the summer..... and we will be here until the END OF JULY!!!!!

     photo DSCN9764_zps8sueatuz.jpg

    And I have LOTS and LOTS of Krista Larson and Magnolia Pearl with more coming in every week!!!! My goal is the become KL and MP and Tina Givens HEAVEN...... a place where there are so many choices that you could spend the whole day in here playing with possibilities..... You can leave room for other stuff too!

    Right now, I have Krista daffodil and lilac and white and oat and black..... and lots of it, so I am going to give you my best ideas of the day! Check Facebook for more pieces and outfits every day.....

    The oat linen gauze Stellah Button-Up Shirt over the tartan cotton blend Short Tunnel Slip over my favorite - the wide stripe linen Cabbage Rose Pants. I got LOTS of Cabbage Rose Pants this week!!!!

    My accessory heaven will grow and change, always centered around Hot Cakes hand made pieces from Berkeley..... hence the carved rose necklace....

     photo DSCN9777_zpshb0lumm3.jpg

    The polka dot cotton voile Cute Dress is just that..... and it even works on a really small figure! Here over the lace trimmed cotton/silk satin Bloomer Slip and Magnolia Pearl chalkboard Underjohns..... with the horizontal carved cameo necklace and hand pendant.

     photo DSCN9773_zpssqnwh6br.jpg

    The linen gauze Cropped Armadillo Shirt over the tiny stripe cotton Armadillo Tank over herringbone linen Cabbage Rose Pants.... with a cool suede and horn necklace that I borrowed from Siga's shop.

     photo DSCN9776_zpsiyulvlkk.jpg

    My Display Fairy made a few of today's outfits, ad this is my favorite.... The velvet Stellah Button-Up Tank over a Magnolia Pearl Fair cotton/silk Abella Over/Under Victorian Lounge Top with pretty cotton lace over a parented silk organza Short Tunnel Slip and stripe cotton broadcloth Cabbage Rose Pants with a small carved rose necklace. Whew....

     photo DSCN9774_zpshupbkvlz.jpg

    On to daffodil..... where I am trying to use up every inch of the amazing patterned silk jacquard.....

    Here it is as the Billowy Smock Dress (Sold the first one right out of the box.... it never even made it ti a hanger!!!!!) over a linen gauze Armadillo Tank over a hand-painted cotton Umbrella Slip over linen Cabbage Rose Pants..... with a LONG bone rope.

    The Cabbage Rose Pants are a fabulous look..... it is actually really nice to show them off with a cropped top!!!

     photo DSCN9783_zps1hh3xwd6.jpg

    Here the linen gauze Stellah Button-Up Shirt works as the jacket over a hand-painted cotton Short Tunnel Slip and FABULOUS patterned silk jacquard Cabbage Rose Pants.... with a yellow rose necklace and rope. When I first ordered this pant, Krista's assistant kept asking me...."You REALLY want to buy THOSE pants in THAT fabric?????" I have re-ordered them twice!!!!!!

     photo DSCN9779_zps9ypx1tjo.jpg

    Our beloved Billowy Shirt is spectacular in the patterned silk jacquard..... with linen Armadillo Pants and a swan pendant and pyrite rope....

     photo DSCN9780_zpspsnr4mba.jpg

    It is getting HOT all around the country (mostly!), and most of these fabrics are perfect for summer and into the fall....

    The linen Cabbage Rose Tank with line Armadillo Pants.... and a clear butterfly necklace and crystal ropes for a nice cool look.....

     photo DSCN9781_zpsn0wtklrx.jpg

    Whenever I say "Who doesn't love....?" there is always SOMEBODY who doesn't!!!! BUT, really, who doesn't love black and white?????

    The black with white polka dot cotton voile Armadillo Tank over the white with black polka dot cotton voile Short Pinwheel Slip over the butterfly print cotton voile Nikki Skirt with the elastic gathered hem..... and in case it is too much black and white (really???) some touch of color with the yellow rose necklace and rope. I have red ones coming this week for a lot more drama!!!!

     photo DSCN9785_zpsgk6p8s0z.jpg

    The white linen gauze Stellah Button-Up Shirt over the butterfly print cotton voile Pinwheel Cami over striped linen Spring Pants.... with chunky onyx beads!

     photo DSCN9788_zps4rccjape.jpg

    I loved playing with this combo.... for about an hour until I got it right....?

    The tie-dyed cotton/silk satin Stellah Button-Up Tank over the tartan cotton blend Short Tunnel Slip over the stripe linen Cottage Slip with lace trimmed black cotton Bloomers peeking out the bottom. The Dandelion Flower Pin is a melange of Krista"s spring/summer fabrics.....

     photo DSCN9786_zps9mvlmoek.jpg

    Need more be said.... the black cotton Cabbage Rose Slip with crystal ropes and a clear butterfly necklace.....

     photo DSCN9787_zpsop2xqtc0.jpg

    Simple and FABULOUS.... the stripe ramie/cotton blend Cabbage Rose Shirt with stripe silk jacquard Origami Pants.... and a chunky onyx rope and chirping bird necklace....

     photo DSCN9789_zpsocf1dakp.jpg

    Ok.... I have three of these, but you still have to be fast!!!! The butterfly print cotton voile Billowy Shirt with black linen Origami Pants.... and a big rose necklace and chunky onyx necklace....

     photo DSCN9794_zpsaluotozc.jpg

    This is SO beautiful!!!! The black cotton eyelet Pinwheel Shirt over one of the prettiest Pastry Skirts that I have ever gotten.... the top layer is patterned silk organza in which the pattern takes on a rich bronze/brown tone..... prefect with my sweat necklace and pyrite rope!

     photo DSCN9791_zps4eyq8olj.jpg

    For my grand finale of the day here, I am going to show you how much magic you can work with one SIMPLE change.... You are going to see the same three pieces worn two ways with an easy change of accessories....

    The stripe ramie/cotton blend Boleyn Cami over the butterfly print cotton voile Umbrella Slip over the floral printed cotton voile Nikki Skirt with the elastic gathered hem..... with one of Krista's Dandelion Flower Pins....

     photo DSCN9795_zps7vghbjau.jpg

    The same pieces, cami un-buttoned with onyx and crystal ropes!!!!

     photo DSCN9796_zpsu0gevqqz.jpg

    ONE THING THAT YOU MUST DO!!!!!..... Check out Bosch Parade 2016 if you haven't already seen it on my Facebook page.... it is FABULOUS (also very weird, but that is probably why I think it is so FAB!!!)

    The other thing that you must do is come see us before we pack it all into a big truck and move it to Modesto!!! We are here 9:30-ish to 5:30 every day but Sunday..... you can call us....Siga at 415-362-3436 or me at 415-362-3437. Once we get settled and open in Modesto, we are hoping that you are going to jump in your car and come visit us there. Things will be different and exciting....

    Love all of you guys..... and special thanks to so many of you who have dropped by the last couple of weeks to see us before we go...


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