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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Happy, HAPPY 2015 to you all! Siga and I wish you nothing but all of the best for the coming year....great health, almost unbearable happiness, exotic adventures, and boundless love!!!!! Our year will be what we make it, so let's make it memorable..... (and let's not start it with a diet....?)

    I have determined that the direction of my store will be to emphasize American designers and to grow their presence in my shop....Dress to Kill, Krista Larson, Magnolia Pearl, and Tina Givens (in alphabetical order because I love them all....) There will be a smattering of European and Israeli lines too.... Alembika, Avivit Yizhar, and Elm. AND Skif sweaters.....

    My goal is to have new merchandise to dazzle you every week.... the daily arrivals of which you can check out on my Facebook page..... just go to katikoosthestore to find my website, and then click on "Facebook conversation".... Adam has made it easy for you!

    Today's new goodies are from Krista Larson and Magnolia Pearl.

    Here is what my new Magnolia Pearl wall looks like.... the middle....

     photo 4ee91a39-c37a-4222-9617-964a35196a9c_zpsb8ab8642.jpg

    ....right of center....

     photo e6850466-9236-458d-80ec-ab4e251ec751_zpsd95055d3.jpg

    .... left of center....

     photo ccfbf4b4-f7e0-424f-a2cc-bf9c2c72b65d_zps3bb177d8.jpg

    I love having some wonderfully casual and fun outfits from Krista Larson!

    Here we have a pair of her Play Dough Pants in this softer than soft charcoal/black pinstripe wool blend (so soft that the "princess and the pea" here can rub it against her face!!!) with a cotton broadcloth Smashed Shirt and a bubble tie-dyed cotton Cropped Angular Cardigan. A great pair of boots and off to the moivies....

     photo ab18d729-af4d-4208-9e0b-17bad4152612_zps2d3224d2.jpg

    Ok, don't ask.... I am sure that "moivies" means "movies" in some foreign language....?

    My friend Sarah is totally in love with the new patterned jacquard knit, and so am I.... and many of you! Here we have it bubble tie-dyed in the fabulous Billowy Jacket over the wonderful pin stripe wool blend Smashed Cami and matching Origami Pants. (great for the "moivies too!)

     photo 6b3ac420-78fe-49ef-b719-5b9ba692b838_zpsb1081448.jpg

    Continuing with my obsession with the soft pin stripe wool, we have the always wonderful Pocket-Full-of-Posies Slip with its whimsical side pocket (handy for other things than posies too)..... over an open mesh tee and cotton/silk Nikki Skirt. The tin-type necklace is from Diana Frey, and the rope is one of my new collection from Love Heals.

     photo ada35951-3518-4fc6-ab24-f1a6c4f9d04d_zpsda95905c.jpg

    Since we love all things "Billowy", the tiny stripe jersey Billowy Dress is a sure winner.... here over the cotton/silk Nikki Skirt with one of my whimsical wired ball necklaces....

     photo fc2731b0-3fbc-4bb6-a1f0-9e82877a250f_zps2e200149.jpg

    May I assume that you did want a closer look at the wired ball necklace??? I went to a New Year's get-together with some very close friends, and I almost complimented one of my friends on her fab necklace before I realized that it was one of mine (It was greenish yellow...)

     photo 3e920086-efa6-4033-b44c-77dac1f58972_zps34b95e9e.jpg

    ....and here is something unexpected and fun to do with the Billowy Dress.... make it the under-layer for the glen plaid suiting blend Play Dough Slip!!! Then all you have to do is add another member of the fabric necklace family.... the "bugels"..... (and that's how they spell that in Peru!)

     photo 47337bb6-aede-4a82-b7fc-b03af5aded30_zps05687b05.jpg

    How about a Billowy Coat in the wonderful soft pin stripe..... with the "winter berry" bag from Irina Staricov.... This coat is dramatic and flowy... and perfect for days that aren't so cold....

     photo 78ab75be-2147-441c-9b12-53d3f0829f5e_zpsb3c823e0.jpg

    The glen plaid suiting makes up into a pretty darned cute Umbrella Jacket, here with a pair or striped linen Origami Pants and Krista's Floral Silk Shawl with its wonderfully vintage feel....

     photo 2840848b-f928-4537-aade-734d5b1b0aba_zpse0edbdf9.jpg

    Here is the glen plaid suiting as a Smashed Cami over a Magnolia Pearl cotton jersey (Think baby-clothes-soft!) Henley Top. I could live in this one all day!!!!

     photo dfc56cdd-1485-4843-8add-848b84443b41_zpsf2f6244a.jpg

    Then there are some dressier fabrics too..... Here the Umbrella Slip in the graphic square silk (tiny golden squares printed on a dark charcoal ground) over a black Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee (There are double ones too....) and a cotton broadcloth New Underpinning Skirt with its flirty layer of organza at the bottom. There is an antique tin-type necklace and another rope from Love Heals to add another special touch.....

     photo a3589151-4b7f-4ff5-9da2-0bc5626ee766_zps048dd59a.jpg

    .... and the shimmery silk taffeta Smashed Shirt with the Dress to Kill textured knit balloon pants....

     photo ff30712c-feb8-4ac0-8c45-f60e6f4a5b7d_zpsb0a6fb9e.jpg

    .... and, lastly, the silver/black striped taffeta Nikki Skirt with Jane Mohr's Eiffel Tower print Tripe Collar Shirt....

    .... and, believe it or not.... there are a few more pieces....

     photo 6860b604-7dc6-42a8-9e23-0062d8c48115_zps5a9f51d2.jpg

    Now it's Magnolia Pearl time!!!!

    I was waiting on pins and needles to get the pinstriped wool Oliver Over Coat with the velvet collar.... in a color whimsically called Ichabod fog!!!! It has pockets and patches and mending and personality to spare...... I like the addition of Irina's purple tulip scarf.

     photo 041516eb-466e-4752-8482-ac6469e9ee7e_zpsd54149a4.jpg

    Now for some PRETTY shirts.....

    The linen Freja Long Sleeve Top with rows and rows of ruffles in sienna.... with the faded bluegrass French cotton check Drawers with soft floral cotton lining. These pants have details galore.... pockets and patches and hand-stitched mending and a lace ruffle cuff and a drawstring back.... (My high school English teacher used to laugh at my annotated run-on sentences!)

     photo 2b359510-092f-4d86-a05d-abfb78f0507f_zps35488cfb.jpg

    The Freja Top in buckwheat cream.....

     photo e7bdd4c8-9432-4f87-81c4-47cb550e1fba_zps910128e9.jpg

    The linen Long Sleeve Svanna Top has gracefully gathered sleeves and lots of tiny pleats and lace down the button front.....

     photo 1b6e0a43-b184-48c1-beb2-db89a5315574_zpsf49bb56c.jpg

    How pretty the soft colors in the patchwork of the E. Dickinson Poet's Top! The scoop neck, gathered sleeve top is longer in the back and features lots of charming patches and mending....

     photo e8a0bea9-aa6b-44b0-a204-86ab09fd27f2_zps27921335.jpg

    The floral cotton Kerisa Top with checked patches and mending layers perfectly with the Krista Larson charcoal cotton broadcloth Nikki Skirt.......

     photo 60571e40-4cd2-4e77-ab42-0a66d4a5889e_zps8b39ebdb.jpg

    The cotton Long Sleeve Baileybelle Dress is THE softest cotton..... with patches and mending in bluebird check..... over the factory blue moleskin cotton Willoughby Work Pants with patches and mending too.... and a simple Love Heals rope.

     photo 8b620982-3faf-4421-96c2-129021ff785f_zpsdcfaaaec.jpg

    The linen Novalie Kimono is Boro blues is a simple and easy piece to throw on with so many things!!!! I have it here over the new Violet Dress......

     photo 323e4e1a-a092-4f50-af46-b7bab10bd1aa_zpsf0c834d0.jpg

    .... and here is the European cotton Violet Dress with a hand-crochet yoke, eyelet hem, and hand-sewn patches and mending in the bluebird check.....

     photo d2e7efd2-3b36-4bdc-856c-117880bfc0a5_zps4acbd119.jpg

    AND you can play with a bit of pattern mixing by layering the Violet Dress over the Kerisa Top!!!!!

     photo 7cb3a02a-6f6c-4e3b-9635-318a99a60b11_zpsfeabaa72.jpg

    The linen Patchwork Mali Dress in shades of natural and eucalyptus has cross stitch trim and ruffles and pockets front and BACK!!!!!

     photo aa212489-e7b3-47a2-b44f-039a60c73d9a_zpsdb2f9a89.jpg

    This cotton flannel Sleeveless Baileybelle Dress with patches and mending in grain sack is WAY TOO soft and comfy!!!! I have it layered here over the other appropriately soft and comfy piece.... the cotton jersey Henley Top in coconut milk.... and the wonderful checked Drawers.

     photo 92aa665e-b0cb-4b8e-8c08-dce3c2ea1839_zps94ac91b2.jpg

    .... and the same great outfit with the extra layer of the linen Noelly Potter's Smock!!!!

     photo 0ca9a3f0-fef2-4e04-bac1-af44b49137fc_zps5c39694a.jpg

    Beautiful layers.... beautiful pieces to mix....

    The cream linen Amalia Crop Jacket shows off the Dharma Dress in Woodstock Quilt.... soft hand block printed cotton with patches and mending.... all over Krista Larson's cotton broadcloth Nikki Skirt.

     photo ba9da698-0a35-4b5d-b614-24c25c05d24c_zps0cc51965.jpg

    This outfit is one of my personal favorites.... The sienna linen Luxie Jacket over the anise rose petal European Cotton Dharma Dress over the check Drawers.....

    Just how much more special can it get???....

     photo a635dc02-8d2f-407b-9ef2-d9c464e18b28_zps3673d150.jpg

    And then came flannel.... The grain sack European cotton flannel Aren Tank with patches and mending is layered over the buttermilk pie Anneke Top with hand-stitched patches. My special fave check drawers peek out the bottom.

    This cotton flannel one never wants to take off....

     photo 8bde28b1-3e06-45d3-85d6-5e481dc07769_zps33fa319a.jpg

    The buttermilk pie European cotton flannel Long Sleeve Anneke Top and the grain sack Short Sleeve Anneke Top.

    Need I say more....?

     photo c460fce2-1df9-4509-8f49-bf83056fdcdc_zpsf9ee58f8.jpg

    How on earth did I forget that I have new Skif sweaters too?!?!?!

    The beetroot pullover with the mocha pocket just begged me to add all of my Talya Baharal necklaces as accessories..... I have it over the Krista Larson pin stripe wool blend Play Dough Pants.

     photo 41d05abd-7dc1-455e-8e14-eff5ebca4cb4_zps2bfb4866.jpg

    This v-neck painted crop sweater in black over green is perfect with my olive Tina Givens velvet pants and Irina Staricov's black beaded cocoon necklace...

     photo 41896143-2ce7-48b1-9d22-f2dd664b0347_zpse280908c.jpg

    This variegated crop pullover is perfect with so many fabrics.... here with Tina Givens linen, but also great with anything from velvet to denim.... hence the faded denim beads by Teresa Goodall!

     photo eb594081-39e3-42fa-bcab-047915463b8e_zpsf96b4ee6.jpg

    Another variegated yarn makes this cardigan incredibly versatile! I have it with Magnolia Pearl pants and one of Irina's newest.... the orange felted lily pin.

     photo 2bea0f50-c878-420e-9f23-385bf7095bcb_zps117eaa95.jpg

    Irina is leaving me for two whole MONTHS to go visit her mother at home in Moldova. I am going to miss her and her treasures like crazy but I am making sure that before she leaves I have her wonderful scarves in red and white and purple tulips..... and her gorgeous new lilies......

     photo 948e9673-1a40-4559-a4ac-ca8ebfda10b2_zps130f6919.jpg  photo 38c27655-07d8-478c-9a51-9063043d1fea_zps52a2d0a1.jpg

    I am looking forward to seeing you sometime soon.....

    I am in Suite 602 at 500 Sutter Street in San Francisco and only 415-362-3437 or an e-mail away....
    Love and xxxx to you all!

    Happy New Year 2015.

    I am expecting a lot of great new merchandise for the spring, and to make room for all of it, I am having a SALE!

    A lot of you don't like to use Facebook (where all of my sale pieces are listed) so I am showing you a few of my special sale things here.

    All sales are final, and the first to call or e-mail gets the bargain!
    Krista Larson spice plaid silk taffeta Short Wavy Slip. One size fits to a 14. Regular price $445. On sale for $225.

     photo ef9510db-10c0-4488-a992-ba2f3eb529ed_zps2d7809c5.jpg

    Krista Larson spice plaid silk taffeta Venetian Cami. Oner size fits to 14. Regular price $345. On sale for $185.

     photo 15027667-0b0f-4e86-93c3-b571c02df29d_zps5326cd73.jpg

    Krista Larson pea soup linen Wiggly Shirt. One size fits to 14. Regular price $325. On sale for $150.

     photo 6808f582-e16f-478e-8bd1-c16f2c2edc31_zps441277b2.jpg

    FABULOUS and TINY (size 0-2) Mokoshji black taffeta and jacquard shirt. Beautiful sewing and details, and some raw edges. Very LONG sleeves. This is a high-fashion line I bought from Germany and love a lot. Originally $1,200. On sale for $350.

     photo 9209d2cb-ea95-4414-88fb-3b024b077fa6_zpsaa25c742.jpg

    Comfy (made in California) tunic of black modal knit and smoke polka dot micro fiber. Zipper details, but there are real pockets too. Size XL (10-12 - will measure for you) Regular price $140. On sale for $95.

     photo 18f3fe74-7684-43cd-9a4f-4a021d416ac3_zpsc83606cd.jpg

    Beautiful soft leather bags by American designer David Galan. Black leather trimmed with suede or bronze metallic. Regular price $415 each. On sale for $285 each.

     photo 63e7cb0c-2d6d-4165-8321-857f0400f2f1_zpscf125e83.jpg  photo cd81af4a-fee8-410d-b55a-a066938433da_zps27cd3a06.jpg

    So, I am looking forward to seeing you too!

    I am in Suite 220 at 500 Sutter Street.... 415-362-3436.... or call Kati at 415-362-3437 if I am running out to the Post Office to mail our packages!

    Come check out my great sale stuff, and regular things too.




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