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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Punxsutawney Phil seems to have nailed it again! That miserable little critter.....

    So many of you are freezing cold and buried in snow..... and we Californians are complaining about the sunshine and the lack of snow....or rain.... or anything wet.... even just a little bit of drizzly fog....?

    But Siga and I keep thinking ahead.... to when it will all be over and we will be ready to bust out our spring clothes!!!! And spring clothes we've got!

    I just got a new order of Krista Larson black.... the last black before the end of summer.... the perfect black to mix with all of the rest that's coming....

    Here you see the thin striped black silk taffeta Staccato Slip in all of it's sleek simplicity, but with some quirky details, over the cotton/silk satin New Underpinning Skirt and a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee. The black cord necklace with the silver squares is part of Siga's new collection from Israel that arrived just this morning! He is so good about sharing.....

     photo e16a1cf7-13ed-41bb-bde3-d068cdee2689_zpstalimu2k.jpg

    Thinking romantic and springy..... the black/white striped jersey Nikki Skirt is the subtle under layer shown with the cotton/silk satin Underpinning Cami and the large white on black polka dot cotton broadcloth Antoinette Cami worn open as a vest. With Siga's heart on a cord necklace.....

     photo 94600f4c-80ee-4ec8-a351-676b394ed268_zpsi3ikabbl.jpg

    The "Underpinning" anythings have become a must for every closet.... and there are so many choices! I have layered one over the other over the other here....

    The cotton/silk satin Long Underpinning Slip under the silk organza Short Underpinning Slip under the cotton silk satin Underpinning Cami. My friend Lisa gave me this idea the year of the "Picket Fences".....

    I have used a couple of my own favorite necklaces here.... Love Heals charms on amethyst stones and pearls with a long strand of silver pearls. Too many necklaces sure look good!

     photo c82d5271-3c96-4f46-9960-1b5d3609e67c_zps96hqvgpm.jpg

    I know I am going to get busted for using this necklace again, but it is so perfect with this outfit!

    I have knotted part of the front of the thin striped silk taffeta Nikki Skirt because I love the extra dimension it gives.... and then layered it with the wonderfully funky black "grunge" Short Wavy Slip and the tie-dyed cotton Angular Cardigan.

     photo 138649fd-52b3-4cff-9eb3-fbae7b2522a6_zpso4sadfkw.jpg

    A better view is a must of the "grunge" Short Wavy Slip because I have re-ordered more goodies in this fabric for next month (It makes the BEST Billowy Shirt!!!)

    The "grunge" Short Wavy Slip is simply layered here to be the star.... with a Double Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and thin striped silk taffeta Play Dough Pants.... and a dramatic pendant necklace from Siga's shop.

     photo 0243327f-a583-4b91-a582-140d5c552880_zpsofohyu8s.jpg

    Krista does sporty well too....
    The black cotton broadcloth Smashed Shirt is great used as a jacket too (lots of pretty details that look really good in cotton!).... here with a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee, a Snap Tank from Magnolia Pearl, and black cotton Origami Pants.... and Siga's multi square pendant on a cord.

     photo ac79b4be-7335-4d83-aac3-680ab607d08a_zpspafiocgu.jpg

    Since I am mixing it up a little.... I love Krista's patterned fabrics, but sometimes I want to do something better that a tee underneath or a shirt or sweater over.....?

    Here Krista's thin striped silk taffeta Play Dough Slip is layered over the Magnolia Pearl striped cotton Orli Shirt (It is a LONG shirt that you will see in the Magnolia Pearl section....) and black cotton Origami Pants. Love the pattern mix with Krista's big fluffy Dandelion Flower Pin!

     photo 94f85df3-0df8-4bfd-b8d5-4f6400f7e02b_zps3hnclkzk.jpg

    The Play Dough Slip is pretty awfully cute in mushroom/black glen plaid too. I am showing it the way I love to wear mine.... with a black silk taffeta Billowy Shirt. I just it with wear tights because it is long enough..... but you can also layer it over the cotton Origami Pants. The wired fabric ball necklace is a conversation piece wherever you go!

     photo c69efc6c-5668-47a2-9698-6e6c7ae7bc5c_zpsxmmsyhep.jpg

    The velvet Pocket-Full-of-Posies Slip is a honey...... here over the cotton/silk satin New Underpinning Skirt and a Single Layer Stretch Tulle..... with two layers of necklaces - a Teresa Goodall pendant on a silk cord, and matching silver pearls!

     photo ca3d1fc9-8759-4ddc-a5ed-bcfa42ff021d_zpsuarigxqn.jpg

    I think this might be the very last one of the frivolously fabulous Candy Pants.... here in black silk taffeta. I have it layered appropriately frivolously with a silk organza Short Underpinning Slip, a cotton/silk satin Underpinning Cami, and the sporty tie-dyed cotton Super Cropped Angular Cardigan.... and, of course, the big mixed fabric Dandelion Flower Pin!

     photo 646514ff-746d-4030-9e19-222e361d4b9c_zpsmfihuczp.jpg

    Speaking of frivolous and candy.....

    Siga and I went to the San Francisco International Gift Fair last Sunday. It was a crushing disappointment.... so what were we to do but buy fun things that are too ridiculous to sell......

    I fell totally in love with these fancifully wrapped little Hershey bars (actually, Siga was the one who found them....) that are far too expensive to sell.... so you can pick one if you come in to visit or have me send you a goodie package!

     photo b9c10d4e-a86a-48ee-a0a4-cfe0be69b644_zpsfaolc1th.jpg  photo 15aecba7-d9cf-4c2f-898f-aa66fcb09a78_zps1nbay5ul.jpg

    A lot of us have owned and loved Skif sweaters for years. Well, this spring I decided to give their shirts a go as well. More wonderful made in the USA pieces!!!

    This white cotton oxford shirt has uneven tucking down one side and contrasting black buttons with the white sewing thread left on. It is pretty perfect with the Avivit Yizhar black pants that have white stitched pleats at the bottom.... and Krista Larson's Dandelion Flower Pin.

     photo eae0e368-f361-4b75-a93e-59d2666c1718_zpszwo5tvqj.jpg

    The big black/white/natural/red plaid shirt has some pretty fabulous detailing on one side and a drawstring in the back to give it more shape if you like.... here with a red cotton tank and Krista's black cotton Origami Pants.

     photo 7b7ecc3a-a5f2-4e4b-9528-76654314a974_zpshnpuapvx.jpg

    You can really see the "bullseye" detail on the natural linen Judy Shirt.... here with Magnolia Pearl moss stripe linen Amabel Britches!

     photo f3b58484-d98a-4dc4-9bef-eea6dc27799d_zpsz6sa7n3k.jpg

    Magnolia Pearl has got the "pants" thing down.... the one-size pants that fit yours truly are also majorly cute on a size 6!!!!

    Here the grain sack French cotton corduroy Drawers ( with floral printed flour sac lining and TONS of fabulous details) meets up with the striped cotton Orli Shirt that I had featured with the Krista thin black striped silk taffeta Play Dough Slip. Great shirt, no???

     photo 203a63f8-35c0-4608-a172-763738f7ad90_zpsavaaa56o.jpg

    The same cotton corduroy Drawers are perfect with the Nanette dot European cotton Briony Top and the fabulous Uncle Joe's plaid European cotton flannel Langley Overcoat.

     photo fa7b77a9-0166-43be-936c-4590336cf999_zpslstltztw.jpg

    ....and then there is the same Langley Overcoat with the factory blue cotton moleskin Willoughby Work Pants and the cotton flannel Ivanna Tank Dress with the hand crocheted yoke. Notice the same blueberry jam floral lining in the coat?????

     photo e58169ac-a7c7-4096-a2ab-0178ab9f187c_zpsgqwvppoc.jpg

    How cute IS the Ivanna Tank Dress????.... here with the Avignon wallpaper stripe Drawers.....

    See how much fun it is to mix up the fabrics and textures and styles of all of the Magnolia Pearl pieces???.......

     photo d344f628-cff3-409f-9f24-7df7fa832749_zpsuxa27ncj.jpg

    The French cotton eyelet Lucienne Dress is right out of a storybook..... over the MORE cotton eyelet Nichole Slip (really beautiful slip that I cannot photograph well......) I had to put something casual with it, hence the orange hand-embroidered cotton Krista Larson shawl.

     photo 0f264bde-8101-4e95-8af4-daa2f0037419_zpsxrletv8e.jpg

    Eyelet.... did I just mention eyelet???.....

    How about this gorgeous patchwork of vintage cotton eyelet, sometimes hand-stitched together with black thread, Aya Sleeveless Dress. It is an exquisite piece that can be worn countless ways.... here with a black Krista Larson Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and thin striped silk taffeta Spring Pants.... and a Dandelion Flower Pin.

     photo e9a965d9-5462-411b-9b4b-224b0e030112_zps2rpol7ct.jpg  photo 54d63778-536c-4c12-8dbd-d64ccfe75b02_zpsnk1tqbky.jpg

    Last, but certainly not least, the beautiful silk Adalina Patchwork Floral Dress in the Claude Monet print....

    This one speaks for itself!

     photo e95034b2-34bb-40b7-a665-536991e98b93_zpsbux6v01u.jpg

    .... and there is a perfect accessory for everything, because accessories can make the outfit!!!!

    This Teresa Goodall necklace loves being with the Claude Monet print!

    Siga has a boat load of fabulous necklaces.... he just happened to hang them on the back of a mirror so that I didn't see them when I was taking pictures!!! Look for them on his Facebook page "siga bari" later in the week.....

     photo cdc2d6ad-78f2-405d-bf12-bf02d95b63a9_zpsss5jfv3q.jpg

    That's it for me!

    Next week I am expecting a beautiful new collection from Tina Givens, complete with accessories, and Alembika from Israel.

    Be sure to check my Facebook page, because these things will probably not last until the next newsletter. Just go to my website "kati koos the store" and click on "facebook conversation"..... EASY!!!!

    Can't wait to hear from you.... or, better yet, see you!

    415-362-3437..... You can call Siga here too because he is here a lot of the time. We love working together!!!!

    .... and we love you!!!



    Hi, everybody!

    I am finally getting my turn. We are excited about all of the new spring things that are coming into our shops.

    I have a lot of really fabulous necklaces that just came in today from Israel. Unfortunately, I hung most of them where Kati didn't see them, but I am going to put them on my Facebook page! You can see some of them on her clothes, and this one that I left on the top of her desk.

     photo 44802804-0203-4694-92ec-ef644a0a2ed7_zpswuo9q8iy.jpg

    We are really excited about spring (Don't worry - it WILL COME!)

    To make room for some of the new things that are coming, Kati has given me her Krista Larson charcoal collection for my SALE rack. Those of you who have been in my shop know that I have a couple of racks of fabulous sale things.

    I made some displays that Kati was so impressed by that she took photos and told me to put them in the newsletter. These are only some of my sale pieces.....

    I have only one of each item, and the items are sold separately. Sale items are final sale.

    Army silk taffeta Smashed Shirt - regular price $410 - SALE price $275.

    Army graphic square silk Play Dough Slip - regular price $495 - SALE price $285.

    Army plaid cotton broadcloth Nikki Skirt - reguklar price $280 - SALE price $165

     photo 110d0016-d4ea-4481-83f5-0b7843ad157b_zpszrkcioud.jpg

    Charcoal graphic square silk Long Smashed Cami - regular price $395 - SALE price $245.

    Charcoal pin stripe wool blend Spring Pants - regular price $410 - SALE price $255.

     photo ec95c0f5-7e65-4b2c-b18e-de46dcf54ccc_zpssdetollp.jpg

    Charcoal pin stripe wool blend Smashed Cami - regular price $385 - SALE price $245.

    Charcoal pin stripe wool blend Play Dough Pants - regular price $410 - SALE price $285.

     photo 0a923ade-b6cc-4e7f-9e8e-67abe19bb498_zpsthkpufll.jpg

    Charcoal cotton broadcloth Smashed Shirt - regular price $290 - SALE price $195.

    Charcoal pin stripe wool blend Pocket-Full-of-Posies Slip - regular price $510 - SALE price $350.

    Charcoal pin stripe wool blend Origami Pants - regular price $400 - SALE price $255.

     photo 4dea5e67-69bf-4e5a-ac5f-f6c6639af7dc_zpscuv7fflp.jpg

    I actually found some cool stuff at the gift show, but since Kati was having fun with silly things, I did too.

    My thing is Soap Sox. Kati and I love to watch "Shark Tank", and the guys who make these were on the program and at the gift show. Ok, so these are for kids, but there are a lot of those out there. These cool little animals hold bar or liquid soap and make bath time fun. Two of the sharks offered to buy these guys out for a million dollars!!! I think my wife is going to need one - she is is love with the alligator!

     photo 519c7e26-fa15-4541-9daa-c5898dd40a1c_zpshy5oqxv7.jpg  photo f775f024-6b8b-437a-92ea-ee189ea67478_zpsrpmqlykj.jpg  photo 843b358e-0be7-4413-859e-63e912380013_zpsxsgypnlj.jpg

    I am looking forward to seeing you!

    Be sure to check my Facebook page for my new jewelry from Israel "siga bari on facebook".

    I also have a new e-bay shop for my sale things - sibari2012.... check it out.

    .... and my SALE rack until more new stuff comes for my shop too!

    Bye for now...


    My window is open as WIDE as possible..... Sunshine is streaming in..... and I am anxiously awaiting the first cool breeze so that I can turn off the fan that is sitting almost on my lap.....

    I know that some of you are out there shoveling snow, and that others are preparing for the next assault.....

    It is

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