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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Kati and I are enjoying the beautiful summer - just not the usual San Francisco heat that starts at the end of the season! The good news is that I have some clothes that are just perfect to wear now. This is one of my favorite Moyuru dresses.

     photo DSCN6695_zpsjs1mk99d.jpg

    This block pattern Moruyu dress is so popular that I just keep ordering more! It will be nice to wear in the fall with a long sleeve tee.

     photo DSCN6694_zpscbelibtq.jpg

    I get a lot of wonderful jewelry from Israel. These are the latest pieces that I have added to my collection.

    I like all of the drama.

     photo DSCN6831_zpsrtibr3n9.jpg  photo DSCN6832_zpsgf6tz4cq.jpg  photo DSCN6833_zpsunco2kag.jpg  photo DSCN6834_zpsylptpdaa.jpg

    I just got a new order of my fabulous crinkle dresses, and this time there are jackets to go with them. These are great pieces to take traveling because they are easy to pack and look very sophisticated! They will fit up to a size 12.

    The dresses are all reversible too.

    The polka dots look great with white or black!

     photo DSCN6696_zpsfdlwjpum.jpg  photo DSCN6698_zpsqfjsfuuq.jpg

    The crinkle dress and jacket in silver.

     photo DSCN6699_zpsxcxxq3uz.jpg

    The crinkle dress and jacket in ink.

     photo DSCN6697_zpspswhqx3g.jpg

    That's what is new in my shop. I have all kinds of fun things - and sale things too!

    Be sure to come in to visit Kati while I am gone to Fiji for a couple of weeks. She will bring you to my shop. You can also call her at 415-362-3437 to order things.

    Enjoy the summer!


     photo DSCN6490_zps2s8agsfm.jpg

    You heard Siga.... come in to visit me!!!! I am happy to do double duty in his place and mine....

    Our shops are at that wonderful period between summer and fall, so we have things for all seasons, and that's fun. I think the seasons have changed enough over the years that we need some more fallish things that are light-weight to wear in October when it is still HOT!!!!

    Along with the fun of having a great selection, my shop is crowded beyond belief..... You will have to share the dressing rooms with overflowing stock....(not that anyone is complaining)....

    There is so much that I am actually breaking up this newsletter into sort of halves!!!!!

     photo DSCN6759_zpsynsn3khq.jpg

    Perfect for summer is the new Krista Larson nickel collection..... This is the first part with more to come.....

    The cotton voile butterfly print Billowy Shirt is airy and cool over light-weight linen Origami Pants....

     photo DSCN6825_zpsqesjimd5.jpg

    The butterfly print in sheer silk organza as a Billowy Shirt is quite ethereal..... here over a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee with cotton/silk satin Stormy Pants. To add a bit of drama.....

     photo DSCN6823_zpsczcqtblf.jpg

    ..... to add a bit of drama, I like this one-of-a-kind eyeglass/cell phone case by Bay Area artist Geneva Sanjideh.....and, the back is as gorgeous as the front!

     photo DSCN6824_zpsem0psmdl.jpg

    Geneva Sanjideh is a member of the Wearable Arts Guild, and her talents never cease to blow me away!!!! These wearable eyeglass/cell phone cases are the most unique accessories...... They are a very limited edition of one-of-a-kind treasures!

     photo DSCN6828_zpshb5oi5zi.jpg

    Back to the gorgeous (and sort of sexy) cotton/silk satin fabric..... we have the fabulous new Tunnel Slip (I have ordered a lot of these in different fabrics that you will see throughout the season!) I have it layered simply over a Tie-Dye Single Layer Stretch Tulle with layers of necklaces by Christy Lea Payne and Love Heals.

     photo DSCN6861_zps85haeugh.jpg

    The Cottage Slip is another new addition to Krista's collection this season. It is wonderfully dramatic in the wide striped silk taffeta. It is longer in the back than the front, so I love it layered over the cotton voile Long Underpinning Slip!

     photo DSCN6836_zpssfey9ktm.jpg

    Krista's Spring Pants have been around for years and continue to be one of my best selling styles..... here in silk taffeta, they are perfect with the Elm Design open-knit polka dot sweater in soft pima cotton.....

     photo DSCN6839_zps24caf8ck.jpg

    I get this fabulous Cropped Market Vest in merino wool/alpaca every year. It is quite fabulous for texture.... and for the amazing hand-forged curly sterling silver pin wrapped in suede that is the closure.

    There will be a lot more Krista coming in this collection. A lot of it was grabbed up quickly on Facebook, so get what you love now before it disappears too!!!!

    I encourage all of you who have never visited our Facebook pages to take that leap and click of the big blue Facebook icons.... you will have a good time!

     photo DSCN6837_zpscppzefex.jpg

    As if I didn't already have enough to do..... I decided, with Siga egging me on, to try a few styles of shoes. Now..... I know very little about shoes (or nothing), so I am starting out with two styles from a company called Walk. "Walk"..... I hope that means they are comfy. They are made in Israel, and I have started out with sizes 39, 40, 41, and 42. (Clever how I am using the BIG Julie Arkell to introduce them???.....

     photo DSCN6738_zpsz7rtgrho.jpg

    ..... and these are my first shoes.....

    The black suede "booties" are still available in sizes 41 and 42.

    The brown "peep toes" are available in sizes 40, 41, and 42.

    The gray "peep toes" are available in sizes 39, 40, 41, and 42.

     photo DSCN6763_1_zpsooexgzxe.jpg

    Another one of my favorite accessories are the Frozen Charlotte (You can look these up on Wikipedia to learn about them....) necklaces. My friend and artist Tanya Profis takes these dollies and dresses them up in fanciful attire.... vintage thimbles, buttons, and type writer keys, and hand crochet jeweled skirts. They are one-of-a-kind great conversation pieces!

     photo DSCN6830_zpsqfhv4i1l.jpg

    My first fall clothing collection to arrive from Israel is Avivit Yizhar. Simple and easy shapes in black with beautiful novelty fabric trims give each piece a distinctive look....

    This dramatic jacket would be pretty with just about anything black, but it gets even better layered over a swingy top with the same trim and easy balloon pants with big diagonal buttons on the leg.....

    The jacket comes as you see it...... the swingy tops????

     photo DSCN6840_zps7atqwrb6.jpg

    The swingy tops come in solid red or leaf pattern..... or in black trimmed with silver squares or mustard abstract. They are one size and are perfect over a simple black tee....

     photo DSCN6842_zpsprsorti5.jpg  photo DSCN6841_zps1ibqgbmd.jpg

    When I could not decide which of these easy tops I loved the best..... I decided it was because I love them both in different ways.....

    This is the silver square done on black with asymmetric trim on the side and bottom..... or simply with a patterned pocket. I have seen both styles on a real person, and I know I was right to buy them both!

     photo DSCN6843_zpsvrpeeaek.jpg

    ..... Black with leaves.....

     photo DSCN6844 1_zpsas1yu8j4.jpg

    ..... Black with mustard abstract.....

     photo DSCN6845_zpsmjfyfwbr.jpg

    ..... and black with red.....

     photo DSCN6855_zps8x6ewxpc.jpg

    And then I decided to go overboard..... maybe because this style comes in SIZES and will work for my smaller customers too..... It is a shapely style with godet accents around the bottom, here with silver squares or leaves......

     photo DSCN6854_zpsaklavwnr.jpg

    .... and then there is the red and the multi stripe and the mustard abstract.

    Each and every one is really nice!

     photo DSCN6858_zpsuo0wkycp.jpg

    California girl signing off so I can work on Part II...... one of my newest Susan Lewis Potholders - these make the most memorable gifts because almost nobody (unless they are friends of Calore's) has one.

    So..... This should be just enough to keep you busy for a little while. Part II will be a mega Magnolia Pearl....

    Love you guys....


     photo DSCN6835_zpske6qtvl6.jpg

    Ok..... I am back and ready with part two..... all about Magnolia Pearl....

    As you all know now, I have a wonderful little Magnolia Pearl Shop set up in one corner of my store. It just keeps getting better and better..... and fuller and FULLER!!!!

    This is what it looks like today....

     photo DSCN6873_zpspj55ekvr.jpg

    I want you to see all (well..... not ALL because there is so much here....) of the Magnolia pieces up close, but I know that you love to see outfits put together, so I am doing a little of both to make you want to come right over to play with me.... Ha - ha!!!

    The anemone cotton/silk Loren Dress is a gorgeous thing with its rows and row of cotton lace, cotton scallop stitching and French knot accents. It will make you want to go out somewhere special with someone special immediately!!!! I have it layered over the "Sasha" floral print European cotton Idella Skirt..... it is sort of a shame to hide it, with its side buttons and ribbon tie back....but I love how the color brings out the lace!

    There is some pretty jewelry to make it, if possible, even prettier...... a Love Heals pearl, sculpted metal and stone rope asnd an Alician Van Fleteren antiques silver chain with zircons and a spectacular baroque pearl....

     photo DSCN6864_zpsac6uepi2.jpg

    The Loren Dress soft and pretty in papyrus......

     photo DSCN6811_zps6jrf1fmm.jpg

    The Loren Dress looking both vintage and dramatic in "Harley".....

     photo DSCN6813_zpsvequfnac.jpg

    "Loren" started out as a beautiful cotton/silk ruffle front tank with adjustable straps..... that is what you see under the "America" cotton and velvet Good Bones Jacket. This jacket runs smallish (about up to size 10), but it has really special details..... It is probably called "America" because it has the wonderfully faded stripes and then the little stars at the bottom. The lace is exquisite, and the patches and mending always add charm. The cotton Sid Pants in the Izzy Rosellini polka dots are also patched and mended with a tie back and button fly front.

    The two special necklaces are an antique tin-type pendant with tiny rhinestones and a hanging crystal by Diana Frey and a stone and ribbon pendant on a jeweled chain by Tina Givens.....

     photo DSCN6866_zps55dfwojf.jpg  photo DSCN6642_zpszswdau0g.jpg

    The papyrus really is a beautiful color...... and I love it in the Mittie Slip Dress with all of the tinier than tiny tucks and lace insets in the front AND the back. This is soft and easy and cool!!!!

     photo DSCN6809_zps0iefv7vj.jpg

    This is another outfit that I just adore..... the European cotton Crinoline Blouse with cotton binding and ruffled cotton lace sleeves is a stunner (unfortunately, it is also quite SMALL..... like maybe up to a size 8....) with a flowy tissue silk Tucked Cami underneath and the fabulous Abbey Road cotton strioe Drawers......

     photo DSCN6862_zpszyjqfuc9.jpg

    One of my best ever friends is a spectacular dresser, and she inspired this outfit....

    It all starts with the coconut milk cotton knit Henley Tee..... and then it gets REALLY interesting...... The pants are the Abbey Road cotton stripe Drawers from the previous outfit, and then we have added the "Ardennes" European cotton print Marseille Tank Dress AND the European cotton Winslow Jacket with a hand-stitched gathered waist and tie in the front. There is a delightful tiny polka dot and tulip print on the inside placket that just peeks out when the jacket is worn open and also when you turn up the cuff.

    All of these are fabulous separate pieces to mix with what you already have!!!!

     photo DSCN6747_zpsponl5h0m.jpg

    .... and then we go the rest of the way through summer....

    ....with the "Celestial" thin European cotton Calderon Dress. It has lace and embroidery around the neck and sleeves and lining in the skirt. Under it, I have a Jasper dot cotton/silk Anya Slip.... so versatile and cool..... I love to wear mine out on the patio reading a good book and enjoying my iced tea on a hot summer day!!!

     photo DSCN6753_zpswqwooedt.jpg

    The Vivian dot (nice blue!) is hiding under the bluebird check European cotton Violet Dress with a hand-crochet yoke and floral patches.

    Ahhhhhh...... summer!

     photo DSCN6748_zpsa6az95vw.jpg

    I would love to layer this "Celestial" cotton eyelet Sitka Tank Dress over one of those polka dot Anya Slips..... or maybe just some nice perfume if it is really, really hot!

     photo DSCN6812_zpsnjels2gi.jpg

    I am in heaven.... this is the best time of the whole year for someone who adores white (Snow does NOT count!)

    The European cotton Devigny Dress has a cotton hand-crochet yoke and a lace ruffle hem (that same gorgeous lace that is on the Good Bones Jacket.) I love the way the antiqued snaps are all sewn on with black thread!!!!

     photo DSCN6732_zps3yqqf4fv.jpg

    The Maylee Dress is all about handmade eyelet and handmade lace.....

    The eyelet back and collar are as beautiful as the front, and the graceful sleeves are inset and trimmed with yet more lace..... The front closes with a mix of antiqued snaps and hooks....

     photo DSCN6815_zps3dny2uk1.jpg

    I bought a dress much like this one in Paris a few decades ago. I would still be wearing it....

    The "Celestial" organic European poplin and thin cotton Jonna Dress has a hand sewn skirt and tiny lace around the neckline and sleeves.....


     photo DSCN6744_zpswkcqd6jq.jpg

    I finally had to get a grip and wash my European cotton Monique Dress. It was hard going for two days without it!!!! Simply detailed with tiny pintucks and a ruffle around the waist, I find way too many ways to wear it!!!!

     photo DSCN6730_zpsrwevajlf.jpg

    The "Virtue" thin European cotton Astrid Dress has rows and rows and ROWS of cotton lace and a jaw-droppingly beautiful embroidered scalloped hem!!!! I think I re-ordered this dress almost as soon as it arrived....

    ..... and the way it looks with the "Pure" European cotton Agnes Bloomers....!?

     photo DSCN6594_zpstzzn9864.jpg

    ..... and there are probably fifty other pieces in my Magnolia Pearl Shop that are equally wonderful and nice to have. I notice that Magnolia is taking up more and more of my personal closet space....

    I love to hear stories about your getting compliments from men (even YOUNG ones!!!!) and women and sometimes even kids everywhere about how pretty your outfit is.... It just feels good....

    Anyway.... I am going to have a couple of lonely weeks with Siga gone, so come see me!!!!..... and play.

    Enjoy these wonderful summer days!!!!

    Love you all.....XOXOXOX


     photo DSCN2867_zpscvkqkvk7.jpg

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