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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Kati and I want to wish all of you a fun 4th of July. We are going to be closed for the holiday on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to spend some time relaxing and celebrating with friends. But before that - we have lots of new things we want to share with you! I have a fun tee shirt for the holiday that I really like with my blue linen Funky Flax linen pants. It is a small (fits up to a 10) tee that is perfect for the 4th.

     photo 617ca2b3-a9b7-45e8-bff9-8e17f8e95844_zps60c31316.jpg

    Kati was playing around in my store last week and made this cute outfit to show off my new Teresa Goodall necklace. It is my newspaper print skirt with a red Comfy Tee shirt and the MSquare "Holey" Tee. Both of us have Teresa Goodall necklaces because they look good with all of our clothes.

     photo 9c224e7f-fe8c-42e8-bbe8-57503dc7cca6_zpsa58d155e.jpg

    This chunky orange bead Teresa Goodall necklace is perfect with the oatmeal and orange MSquare stripe linen sweater.

     photo 7d7d3eef-db3d-4f1d-b35f-d32db0a7ace7_zps0d37acaf.jpg

    I like this turquoise combination with the oatmeal and green striped linen MSquare sweater.

     photo 41e56675-fef8-4272-96b3-101a0b82365e_zps1dff61d6.jpg

    I got some great looking new things from Moruyu last week. These Japanese designs fly out of my shop!
    This easy printed dress has a very sophisticated shape and is perfect for summer with its short sleeves. The necklace is from my Israeli collection.

     photo c774ba0d-c1bb-485d-a4d1-d44bfb9e1161_zps077691d7.jpg

    I love this easy knit dress with the giant polka dots! It has a wide body and skinny sleeves that look great on most people.

     photo 6a584af0-8e43-4da3-8165-8127e7d7804a_zps255db5db.jpg

    This Moruyu jumper just needs a perfect tee shirt to go under it. I like this AMB print or something bright. I have it with another one of my Teresa Goodall Necklaces.

     photo 4bee215d-1e57-4208-92f2-566bb9abd14f_zps47489dbc.jpg

    My wife tells me that I have never met a bag I didn't like. I am afraid that might be true. But she loves these too, so we both have them. (But I found them!)

     photo 81ffa98f-61c9-417e-9521-b83f856a971f_zpse4ab5f67.jpg

    The big wide bag can hold all of your stuff for a whole weekend. It is fun to take shopping. These bags are really nice with inside pockets and everything.

     photo 155fa9ed-6e8c-44df-8bf3-7644caafbd31_zps7e6d15c4.jpg

    Stripes look as happy as polka dots. This texturey stripe fabric is all about summer and where you are going to play!

     photo 1c88c9d6-0a13-4482-ae59-755d0db51012_zps498e68c4.jpg

    I have lots and lots of other great things in my shop that you will love to try and play with.
    If you see something you like, call me at 415-362-3436 or e-mail me.
    Be sure to check out my Facebook page too - Siga Bari - there will be new sale goodies posted this week.
    Happy 4th to all of you!

    Well.... I don't have anything that looks like the 4th of July, and I have been sitting here staring at my photo gallery thinking of where to start....
    I guess summery is as good a place as any....
    This is my latest new sundress from Tina Givens. I love that she designs all of her own prints and that her dresses are so sentimentally old-fashioned. I have one of these and really have to restrain myself from wearing it more than twice a week.... after all.... I do have other clothes!!! The candy colored Teresa Goodall necklace is so perfect with it!

     photo 1a435047-fe78-4502-ba91-3cee39bb33ff_zps14af9c41.jpg

    Summery is also the feeling of this Dress to Kill donut print Drop Pocket Dress. I love that the armholes are made so that it can be worn bare as well as with a skinny tee underneath. My friend Janice bought one of these this weekend and looked pretty damn cute in it.....

     photo c9f1244f-4545-4be7-a941-6ec21a27976a_zps5b3e2990.jpg

    The Dress To Kill peacock print Circle Dress does need to be worn with an under-layer. It has all quirky asymmetrical armholes, pockets and waist.

     photo 44a30b95-b294-4f32-a855-0e1ab429b2a2_zps5bbeb42b.jpg

    I am really, REALLY happy to have Dress To Kill back in the shop! This is my newest color of the textured hand-loomed cotton sweater..... remember the black and the red and the purple.... well, now there is green. These do not last long once anyone tries them on.... Chunky earthy colored beads are by Teresa Goodall, of course. I am also glad to have her around again....

     photo b274f384-2810-4b08-a7be-8663c836ccf0_zps816db7a5.jpg

    Since I am no longer next-door to a fabulous sweater shop, I have decide that the sweater business might be fun.

    I have gone back to a sweater collection from years ago that I did not like so much. I never thought I would try it again...... But then I took another look, and HOW THINGS HAD CHANGED!!! I am back in love with Skif sweaters and have ordered them to come in every month (sometimes even twice a month...)

    The sheer variety.... the color choices.... the details.... WOW!!!!

    This cardigan I adore because after the sweater is knit, it is painted!!! Yes... PAINTED!!! I love the buttons and the texture.... and you can't even see the cool details on the back.

    Now... I will tell you that these sweaters run smaller than most of the things I sell, but I have attempted to buy enough different styles so that there will be a variety of different fits....

    So.... what do you think????

     photo 41770ea0-a63d-4a62-a58e-1490ba7681c8_zps5f3f9373.jpg

    This cream cropped cardigan is small. The wrap style comes with a silver chop-stick to close it, and it is painted on the back as well as the front. You can also wear it open or use something else as a closure if you like...
    Cute enough???

     photo 31222842-5994-4f29-ae02-0a41fd8c6a51_zpsbbb8cc1e.jpg

    Oops! How could I almost forget this cool crinkled Dress To Kill spider print Triple Collar Shirt????..... This is a great style that has been around for a few seasons.... maybe because it has a really flattering shape and can also be worn open as a jacket.....

     photo 39ce3dec-6ca8-4ea2-9318-9897157cd0da_zpsc0d491bc.jpg

    And then there came more Krista..... lots of black and white - raspberry and black - and some new dark honey.....Yipeeeeee.....
    The Antoinette Cami is a favorite for all seasons.... here in a cotton broadcloth stripe over a cotton mesh dot Cyclone Cami over the cotton broadcloth Petticoat Skirt.... that I am forced to admit my friend Janice bought yesterday.... Sorry.... but the outfit is really cute with black pants on the bottom too!!! The flower pin is from my Irina Staricov collection....

     photo a788c7d7-de74-443c-9ab9-e1d2271f49cb_zps99002815.jpg

    See??? It is cute over pants, these being the Rachel Pants from Tina Givens in black linen. I am mad for the great big polka dots and tiny buttons on this cami!!! The cotton mesh black or white tees are made in San Francisco by Cut Loose.

     photo 5b0403db-1966-42fc-9cc3-7f407ced7e32_zps608c12c2.jpg

    The giant white on black polka dots make into a darn cute cotton Umbrella Jacket too. This jacket runs smaller than Krista's other jackets, and I notice that those of you who like it anyway just leave it unbuttoned.... Irina's by poppy pin is a cheerful addition.

     photo 0333364e-36b5-4d29-9c37-00bbd00e574f_zps32060881.jpg

    And what's not to love about the Umbrella Jacket in white or black linen......

     photo fdc45926-cdf4-4b21-8b42-6d0d49c865f0_zps2f8b85da.jpg  photo c6496967-6bc4-424c-a9a3-310a890f22c8_zpsae342d44.jpg

    Krista makes some pretty cute sweaters too. This is her Holey Cropped Cardigan that closes with a curly sterling silver pin that is hand-forged. I do a lot of other things with this pin when it is not holding my sweater closed..... like wear it on a chain with a charm or two dangling from it.... The sweater is over a charming Short Wavy Slip made of laser cut cotton.... a beautifully vintage look! The cream Rachel Pants are by Tina Givens.

     photo 9fe89bce-2592-451e-afdb-35c892ba0620_zps7e93b4dd.jpg

    The black Holey Cropped Cardigan is layered with a black/white skinny stripe cotton Dainty Cami and black linen Rachel Pants.

     photo d9524756-f9a0-4079-9692-a6b4d47ee227_zpsc0c25267.jpg

    The skinny black/white stripe cotton also makes a pretty wonderful Billowy Shirt.
    I am amused by how many of you look at this shirt and think it is just... well, just let me say "not wonderful".... Then, you try it on and see that is has a great shape and interesting angles..... and THEN.... you start collecting them!!! I love mine....
    The black cocoon necklace is by Irina Staricov, and I do expect more of them soon in different colors and with her new artwork!

     photo 261415c1-e5b5-4911-a583-63dbac425d7c_zpsa254839f.jpg

    You can even layer the Billowy Shirt under a cami.... like maybe the Lily????

     photo dbae9ceb-220b-4357-a613-4b8baccbb7f1_zps4412e359.jpg

    The Lotus Shirt.... another collectible! Here it is in white cotton.... I ALSO HAVE BLACK.....

     photo 80076b6a-afdd-4ee3-b368-d62edafc088f_zps10832a1c.jpg

    I was lucky enough to score some more plaid taffeta pieces in the dark honey, which look amazing with the poppy as well.
    The plaid taffeta Lotus Shirt is incredibly sophisticated with the dark honey cross-weave linen Origami Pants!

     photo aec3b656-4eaa-4a94-ab30-9012af24fa9f_zps94b26706.jpg

    The plaid taffeta Cyclone cami barely peeks out from under the polka dot stretch mesh Billowy Shirt. I love how the Teresa Goodall chunky bead necklace in all earth tones pulls it all together with the linen Origami Pants!

     photo 8415dfb0-72a3-418a-904c-cfc7f54ed35e_zps9753b4ce.jpg

    ....and it can all go together with dark honey Stormy Pants under the plaid taffeta Cyclone Cami under the mango Chinese printed silk Umbrella Jacket!!!!!!

     photo 76a6c16b-7e7e-48f2-9a20-036bed688fb6_zps08c568b6.jpg

    I have to show off my newest wonderfully silly necklace..... even though this is the only one I have at the monent. These are irresistible fun!!!!! Made by artisans in a village outside of Lima, Peru, these necklaces are made of balls of fabric wrapped with and then suspended on copper colored wire. I have more coming in yellow/green and in charcoal/black. I cannot wait!!!.........
    The cream silk taffeta Billowy Shirt isn't too bad either!

     photo 8a610092-3007-4630-9739-0ec9ea086453_zps2f7111f2.jpg

    I know this is an abrupt change of pace.... but I could not resist the combination of raspberry with black....
    The striped cotton/spandex jersey Staccato Top will fit just about everyone. It has a wide body that can be tied in the back for a smaller look..... here with black linen Rachel Pants and Irina's cocoon necklace.

     photo 8f1c15c2-db11-4aa9-b4d1-c86cf0b6f6c6_zps3ea73224.jpg

    The Billowy Vest in the jersey stripe is simply layered with black pants and a black tee because that's all it needs.... and the raspberry candy colored necklace, or course!

     photo 301cd297-16d9-4367-8079-ccc87f5332be_zps54019668.jpg

    The striped jersey Staccato Slip has this sassy hem of asymmetric pleated ruffles. It is nice and soft and drapey. Just for fun, I topped it with a black cotton broadcloth Antoinette Cami and have black cotton Origami pants peeking out the bottom.

     photo 6addc5b2-2c63-4d10-a6c7-d057d0618eea_zps75b6ada3.jpg

    So.... can you believe how much (and there was even more....) came in in just two weeks???? You can believe that we are having a good time!
    A better time is getting to see any of you in person!!!!!
    But I happily do send out "care" packages of goodies for you to try. One thing Siga and I must ask though, is that you always call us the day you get your package to let us know what you are keeping.... and mail the rest back the next day for someone else to enjoy. Many (MOST) of our things are one-and-onlys, so somebody is often anxiously awaiting.....
    If you have questions or would like to order or try something, call me at 415-362-3437 or just e-mail me back to this letter.
    Have a festive Fourth!!!!!
    Big hug...

     photo 236ee33f-4700-437b-9c54-5f7aa03f0bb0_zps8b9bead8.jpg

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