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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Hi, guys....
    We certainly have missed you...!
    Ok, those of you who really pay attention (meaning that you are not "Playboy readers" who only look at the photos) probably noticed that we had a "First May Newsletter" that was not followed by a second one....? Well.... between receiving the wrong shipment and having shipments delayed, neither one of us could get it together at the same time! This month, hopefully, will be different. Those of you who follow us on Facebook didn't miss a beat though.....
    Hope you missed us...?
    I usually don't know where to start a newsletter, but today it is clear..... I am going to start with Magnolia Pearl because I am probably going to have to finish this at home and will never remember the names of all the pieces unless I am here with them....
    So.... Magnolia Pearl it is!

     photo dec215a3-d58c-48ed-b47b-71f740a7c940_zpsjud2qlim.jpg  photo 888ba3b0-cf20-4999-a9a2-107a225eb0ab_zpsgauav3x4.jpg

    Might as well start our with my very favorite thing - LAYERING.....

    I often like to use Magnolia Pearl Dresses open as duster coats.... such a fabulous look. The Izzy Rosellini polka dot European cotton Nella Dress is one of these pieces. It has wonderful little surprises - not the least of which there is also a pocket at the back of the dress!!!! There are two small pockets in the front and a big one in the back (I would not suggest carrying your sandwich in there....) Under this wonderful piece are more pretties....the Silas (black) tulle Vikah Dress with lace ruffles and a removable flower (One of my flowers had fallen off of the dress and landed on the floor at my feet.....being black and crumpled up, I shrieked, thinking it was a bug!!!).... Vikah is sheer so that the pretty lace and embroidery on the papyrus cotton/silk Bertie Slip show through. Under it all I have a Krista Larson black stripe silk taffeta Nikki Skirt......And then there is jewelry.....

     photo d87c4d1a-9c5a-427c-888d-619c0d72c8d8_zpsbxyrlwd9.jpg

    ..... and the pretty under layers..... Vikah Dress, Bertie Slip, and Nikki Skirt.....

     photo DSCN6042_zpsdj6vnmrr.jpg

    The Vikah Dress also comes in a pretty dusty pinkish shade called Norma. I have it layered over a Harley (black) cotton/silk Anya Slip and topped with the Luna pinstripe European cotton Union Jacket that was just begging for the funky ribbon flower pin!

    The cotton/silk slips are bias cut to fit the body and run a bit on the smaller side (like maybe a size 10 or smaller!).... same goes for the Vikah Dress. So nice to have friends who are willing to try it all on and mix it up with me!

     photo DSCN6046_zpszqnetrwx.jpg

    I could not get enough of the floral print Isabella Dress, so I am thrilled to have it in a new version.....Silas (black) print with polka dot pockets and patches and mending. Way too cool with the Tribecca check Sid Pants.... way cool with leggings too!

     photo DSCN6044_zps6jgvx3nr.jpg

    I have a very soft spot in my heart for the Gussie Top with all of its delicate lace and pintucks in the front on the back and down the sleeves..... Here it is in papyrus cotton/silk with a glen plaid Krista Larson Play Dough Slip and black stripe silk taffeta Spring Pants. I love the new look of Teresa Goodalls long necklace with all sorts of "beads"????

     photo DSCN6041_zps8e8slitm.jpg

    "Antique Baby Fig Rose".... now that's a name for a pretty floral print..... and I love the vintage look that so many of these Magnolia Pearl pieces get by sewing the pale side of the fabric outside! This is the other Gussie Top, which I have layered over the Lila big dot cotton/silk Katina Dress (The dress has three of the lace-edged ruffles on each side that you see peeking out the bottom. Under that is the fresco European cotton Kahlo Skirt with side buttons and a back tie waist.

    Such pretty pieces to mix with all of your other pretties!

     photo DSCN6055_zpsy11hhoep.jpg

    This time you get to see the Lila big dot Katina Dress over the soft Sasha printed European cotton Idella Skirt with side buttons and a back tie waist.

    Honestly, I could take every one of these skirts home they are so pretty.... just tuck in a tee shirt and keep it simple.... they look that nice!

     photo DSCN6053_zps9mq6rowj.jpg

    You can see more of the print that makes the Idella Skirt so special here with the Beulah dot European cotton Anastasia Top with beautiful embroidery detail.....

     photo DSCN6054_zps2em6nwhl.jpg

    EVERYBODY loves a polka dot (except for one of my friends, but I love her anyway!!!) The European cotton/silk Frida dot Edie Top has lots of dots.... even the black trim is tiny polka dotted fabric. And then there is the pretty contrasting yoke and cuffs, which, like the collar, are all trimmed with delicate lace. Under it is the equally beautiful papyrus cotton/silk Tilly dress with lace and hand-satitched embroidery on the pointed bottom and along the sleeves. (I have taken a close-up for you to see!) Because we are ladies...? under it all is the Harley (black) lace trimmed European cotton Fleur Bloomer with a back tie waist. Pretty?

     photo DSCN6049_zps2okeqadv.jpg  photo DSCN6048_zpsyhqnfe6b.jpg

    A little on the sporty side.... I have layered the polka dot Edie top with linen Emmerson Work Pants and the new wonderfully raggedy Warehouse European cotton Cosmo Jacket with LOTS of mending and patches. What a fun weekend look!

     photo DSCN6050_zps9wre7t3l.jpg

    My Magnolia Pearl shop is overflowing with wonderful pieces to play with!!! It is too much fun to try and try and try different pieces together.... and to mix earlier pieces with new ones.... like the blueberry jam printed floral European cotton Kerisa Top with the new Kahlo Skirt....

    It is Magnolia Pearl heaven here....

     photo DSCN5992_zpsi7eyonpf.jpg

    Tina Givens just sent me a pretty new tank dress in light weight white linen with a tiny touch of taupe velvet at the neck..... it does need a slip underneath, and I just happen to have a pretty cotton/silk check one in papyrus from Magnolia Pearl..... and I have an ebbing and growing collection of the perfect jewelry to layer for summer....

     photo DSCN6030_zpsdt9av5az.jpg

    I love the look of the white linen Bodil French Postmark Tank over the Tina Givens natural/off-white Selena Strap Dress..... so nice and fresh for summer!

     photo DSCN5968_zpsedzmamec.jpg

    I have gotten in new pieces from Krista Larson in rhubarb and in denim blue just in time for summer....

    I had too much fun mixing this outfit of a rhubarb cotton Pastry Skirt with over-layers of tulle and organza.... with the cream/black stripe cotton broadcloth Umbrella Slip.... and the rhubarb/cream wide stripe silk taffeta Smashed Cami.... with the big fluffy black/cream Dandelion Flower Pin.....

     photo 0cea638b-904e-4ae8-a44f-691fb622446a_zpsvzhutul5.jpg

    Summery too is the rhubarb/white stripe cotton broadcloth Antoinette Cami with the rhubarb cotton Underpinning Skirt and a whimsical ribbon flower pin.....

     photo e26c672f-dbba-4566-9368-90456abd18e8_zpscvtxywqt.jpg

    "Stellah" anything has been a favorite new introduction this spring..... there will be a lot more of it for fall!!!!

    Here the Rhubarb linen gauze Stellah Shirt, with its fun random front pleats, is worn open over the cream/rhubarb stripe cotton Smashed Cami and linen Spring Pants. Pieces we all love.....

     photo 5d4f4765-0ac9-41e7-b81e-220c21f07336_zpsrjt8lket.jpg

    The cotton stripe Smashed Cami and linen Spring Pants also look pretty fabulous and casual with the jacquard knit Billowy Cardigan with its nice big pockets!

     photo 630d810c-6e8e-4cf1-8af4-f48f3f43b64d_zpsl22iarci.jpg

    We all love the Origami Pants, and now there is an Origami Jacket to love as well..... pleats and raw edges go all the way around, and a layer of cotton organdy peeks out of the asymmetric bottom. There is also an inside drawstring to make the fit just like to want it!

     photo 8fdaab27-4018-43b3-b8cd-ee27bb47b6c4_zps5olqj9gg.jpg

    The new denim Billowy Smock Dress was out the door the same day that it arrived!!!! Needless to say, I ordered more, and my wonderful sister Elizabeth wore hers out the same day! The dress is great to wear with leggings or skinny pants, worn loose or tied at the back. The buttons run on a diagonal, and who isn't going to love that great big pocket?!?!?!?! I have it here with the summer go-to Tina Givens Rachel Pants....

     photo b7456ceb-89fa-4cd4-896b-fa467fdd7694_zpsgkazqnce.jpg

    The same Billowy Smock Dress is pretty wonderful in the dark denim herringbone linen too..... worn open as a jacket here with matching Origami Pants and a striped denim/cream/oat stripe linen/cotton Smashed Cami....

     photo 3ce9b4aa-cbd5-40ae-94fc-f0f5636978bd_zpsijguyf7m.jpg

    This is the most beautiful Billowy Shirt.... it feels like it could fly away..... It is a pale denim silk organza with a gorgeous floral pattern woven into it.... so pretty with something white for summer.... or even these pale denim Origami Pants....

     photo 8b5ce458-c6e4-4bbe-849c-d6a17f262c12_zps2xpnbrsp.jpg

    New sweaters from Skif!!!!!

    How clever are the details on this pullover..... sewing machine bobbins and cords with cool thingamabobs. Great colors too.... beet or mustard neon!

     photo c655b1c6-38d6-45b3-8170-3a7f62a0e566_zpskjx2kt10.jpg  photo e145ddd4-926a-4b4f-a8a4-5c3f3180480e_zpstf88onms.jpg

    This sweater is a rerun!!! Actually, I have only had it in the beet with the brown pocket before, but I added the mustard/olive one with the gray pocket because I just adore that color!!!! This is a really flattering style with the slightly longer back. I love how my new jewelry from Christy Lea Payne works with it.

     photo 15c46bf5-159e-4f70-928f-2aa6a9155cc0_zpsnzy43aec.jpg  photo c7ce8f0f-89fd-4d71-b267-9146b9d54b69_zps6v9rzgsy.jpg

    The new Butterfly Cardigan in the gray/white combo is for my little people!!! It will fit up to a size 8 or so..... just want to warn you..... I love the subtle contrast of the hem and the sleeves.......

     photo DSCN6038_zpseuclgwvc.jpg

    That's my story for the day...... and I know that tomorrow will be bring things new and wonderful.

    I am expecting a new collection of necklaces from Love Heals, and, thanks to Claire Carlevaro, San Francisco's own artistic fashion icon, I am getting new hand-printed socks from Polonova!!!!

    Stay tuned to my Facebook page! That way you will never miss what's new.....

    I look forward to seeing you sometime soon..... you will have a wonderful time playing with all of my goodies.....


    Love and xoxoxox....


    and now it's Siga's turn with his new casual and fun jewelry!

     photo 68e4cc42-e7ae-4cad-a93b-8bcba91e6a44_zpsae1jo61x.jpg

    Hi, everybody!

    I have great new casual pieces for summer from MSquare. They are easy knits that are fun to mix and match with all of the bright colors.

    This is the sunshine Cropped Holey Tee with my best-selling Out There Pants in cobalt blue.

     photo 000024a1-fcda-4a5f-b88d-467d011eecda_zpsuahus1kg.jpg

    The new long tunic is really a cool style. It is great to wear with leggings, and there are even some in this collection!

    I have the shirts in cobalt blue, kiwi and fire - and the leggings come in kiwi and fire. The shirts are all one-size, but the leggings come in medium or large.

     photo DSCN5939_zpsecxwxf1u.jpg  photo DSCN5938_zpswz4ltezz.jpg

    I like the new tee with the pointed front and back. It comes in a nice and soft tee-shirt fabric in sunshine, rusty orange or cobalt blue.

     photo DSCN6024_zpsp1zhwgdv.jpg  photo DSCN5946_zpsxon5ky1r.jpg

    This tee shirt has abstract printing hand-done on the sides. It comes in fire, sunshine, and rusty orange.

    I only have a limited amount of these great styles, so if you want them, call me now!

     photo DSCN5944_zpsd4pwlwxo.jpg

    Kati tells me that I write with a "Big Pencil" whenever I get to my favorite jewelry place. I love all of the wonderful styles that come from Israel! Some of you want gold, and some of you want silver, so I have to have a "Big Pencil" to make everybody happy, don't I?

    These are the hearts. They come on a plain cord, or you can have the fat heart on a loop-through.

     photo DSCN6011_zpszcl0dkl5.jpg  photo DSCN6021_zpsgjxtu23l.jpg

    The interlocking squiggly loop necklace comes in two different sizes now. You can always wear a gold one in one size and a silver in the other.

     photo DSCN6017_zpsej9irtpk.jpg  photo bec71548-6a79-4bfd-9300-41eda89af242_zpsao1uwwcg.jpg

    I really like these loop-through squares. They are so dramatic!

     photo DSCN6014_zpsjercb5lr.jpg  photo DSCN6023_zpssxy58rh9.jpg

    These are fun new necklaces that are a mix of flat circles and round circles with tubes of black rubber on a ribbon cord.

     photo DSCN6016_zpsllwvad3g.jpg

    Loops of different sizes mix together in this necklace that also has some little bead accents - black beads on the silver and coral ones on the gold.

     photo DSCN6022_zpspjii7goq.jpg

    I think of this as my "designer" necklace with the faux coin and the fabulous box chain.

     photo DSCN6015_zpsknxeqa6f.jpg

    I have more great things coming, and a lot already in my shop. New things on my sale rack too!

    I am looking forward to seeing you all.

    You can call me at 415-362-3436 if you have any questions or would like to order something.

    But I really, REALLY want to see you!


     photo DSCN2850_zpsapfvlz6a.jpg

    Come on, click on the big square and see what you've been missing!

    Kati Koos

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