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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Kati is letting me go first because I have fabulous colors!

    A couple of weeks ago I got in a new Japanese collection that I was really excited about. I put it on Facebook and sold almost everything in four days! I just got some more on Friday and am happy to have some for you all to see.

    This first jacket is patterned and textured linen with all kinds of cool angles. It looks great with acid green, but it would look good with just about any other color too.

     photo d86aec0a-eeee-49f8-b624-c1ea370e9ee1_zps76e335c7.jpg

    I keep wishing everyone a happy spring.... and I do mean it,... but then I talk to so many of you who tell me that you are freezing or it is snowing where you are that I almost feel guilty about how nice it is here in California. But trust me.... spring IS going to come for all of you!!!!!

    Siga and I are certainly ready for spring, and we have lots of things that you can wear right now as you are anxiously awaiting the warmer weather.

    To inspire you, I asked Susan Lewis to make me some of her gardeners as potholders.... you can enjoy looking at them while you are making a nice comforting pot of hot soup..... (Not to worry.... I don't make soup either....)

     photo 25a528df-4432-4fc2-b1a3-32332d9e3824_zps62375829.jpg

    This first jacket is patterned and textured linen with all kinds of cool angles. It looks great with acid green, but it would look good with just about any other color too.

     photo 4d9e686f-5f57-4a16-bb73-5bd7fb22f1fe_zps4121d8ea.jpg

    This is a beautiful tunic that came in my first shipment. It has little sparkly silver thread making a pattern on the taupe background. I like it with an AMB tee to make "sleeves."

     photo 94d7e1af-d6e7-4d03-b74d-aa5358d5679c_zps0e9e2d38.jpg

    This is my new (this week) tunic dress. I have an AMB tee with it too, and a big necklace.

     photo eb00c8a1-da20-4727-832f-9b9ca0d9e561_zpsb75dc849.jpg

    There is only one of this stunning light weight cotton coat with the fabulous pattern. It is perfect for a summer accessory!

     photo 3cddbc99-f505-44e7-8b20-fbd1f4b17d1a_zps3c0f7073.jpg

    "Claudia" is my best selling shirt from Xiao. I just got my re-order in red. It is a very cool shirt with the asymmetric pleats and angles.

     photo aa137d15-9b03-4187-baf8-c16853b38206_zpscc660158.jpg

    This Tencel shirt is cool and feminine and pretty with stitching detail and black buttons. And I love the soft pleated sleeve.

     photo 688d1c21-5668-437f-9894-035ea0205cea_zpsedb8b6a3.jpg

    This acid pear linen shirt has lots of pockets with black stitching detail, hanging threads and black buttons. All you need to look perfect are nice black pants and cool earrings.

     photo 496ed01e-bce2-4738-bfcf-36bfcd5a2a4a_zpsb6b1e9b4.jpg

    I like this shirt with the two pockets and double collar so much that I got it in both the white Tencel and the acid pear linen. You should see how great the double collar looks in the back! Cynthia is a great designer.

    So, I have a lot of reasons for you to come to visit me..... suite 220 at 500 Sutter Street. I would love to see you.

    OR, you can call me at 415-362-3436.

     photo b8c154e1-b629-4f93-9d38-a90f6dbeaeeb_zpsdda60e89.jpg  photo ae793dcb-e129-45f3-8dbd-ff7d38af6742_zps7a66bd0f.jpg

    I might not have colors, but I have prints and pretties for you too......

    'Tis the beginning of a beautiful season of Tina Givens and Magnolia Pearl.... and lots and lots of Krista Larson.....

    I did have some very pretty new pieces of Magnolia Pearl, but, alas, my Facebook fans have snatched up most of them....

    However, there is one left of the white organic cotton shirt with the tie front. I love this rumply shirt with all of its angles..... and I love the way it looks with the four pocket textured linen vest. The striped linen pants are short with a banded bottom....

     photo 749e32f1-7d38-44db-913c-b7309015439c_zpsa932e3a4.jpg

    .... and a little bit of Krista here and there.....

    The black/cream striped silk taffeta Staccato Slip is one of my favorites with its asymmetric subtle pleated ruffle hem. I have layered it over cream linen Stormy Pants and topped it with a cream stripe cotton Antoinette Cami, which I just love to use as a vest to show off all of the other elements.

    Oh.... layers of necklaces are good! It's fun to layer disparate pieces from your collection.... or to add more!

     photo 7677fb1a-4124-4f0b-a564-3370267f1388_zps7ef01194.jpg

    I have just gotten a beautiful new box of lovely things from Tina Givens. Siga opened it and hung it all up for me while I was out searching for beautiful buttons, and he was oohing and aahing when I got back. As a matter of fact, he insisted that I e-mail Tina and Kevin to tell them how beautiful just the packing was.... all in pale pink tissue, lovingly folded into shiny cellophane bags.....SIGH!!!!!

    Tina designs her own prints for her collection, and they are wonderful enough that I bought every one of them!!!!! The style of this latest collection has the added details of a vertical ruffle in the front and fabric patches on both front and back. The skirt is a double layer, and there are POCKETS on each side. What's not to love???

    Can you believe that I found the perfect flower to go with the contrast fabric of this yellow print???

     photo 8d448ab7-986e-4d3f-ae5f-68df06079b13_zpse0a88a90.jpg

    Yikes.... it took me forever to figure out why this is called the "seahorse" print, but I did finally find the tiny creature in the middle of the fanciful brown and pink circle....

    So fresh.... so pretty!....

     photo 2f8742dc-a8bc-4ccd-953c-b1147cdc95ee_zps567aa046.jpg

    I have never been much of a pink person, but this print with its delightful chintz trim was just too delicious to pass up. My friend Sheira looks fabulous in it with her beautiful cream linen coat from the first collection..... If I didn't like her so much, I would be jealous.....

     photo 5267ae92-bfaf-4cd3-8c6f-53b17fc13ca3_zps4c017be7.jpg

    Should you not be a print person.... Tina's white cotton voile might be perfect for you! Similar in style, still with a double skirt, I have layered this dress with a white tank top and white linen Rachel Pants (a must have for spring and summer!)

    So pretty.... and so cool....

     photo f15e8e4c-c756-4cf0-afd0-9e801c8b2baf_zps8457c7d2.jpg

    ....and yet another similar piece in light white linen.....

     photo 398bb937-518f-4847-95d9-a0e2d30e13c0_zps376e5411.jpg

    Natural and white linen makes such a beautiful combination.... three pieces that are each a prize to own that layer like a dream....

    The white v-neck ruffled top layer that sweeps down to a longer back.... over the simple strap dress with the simply detailed hem (and POCKETS!!!).... over the pleated and ruffled white linen pants. I would pack all of these pieces if I were going anywhere and LIVE in them!

     photo 5e14769e-0d44-4812-8dda-cd724f77a357_zps162a28bc.jpg

    I am calling the Tina Givens Rachel Pant the "must have" pant for the spring and summer. Layer it or wear it with a great top.... it works with so many things.....

     photo d8a2c1bc-a53f-422b-82d3-aae7c3f79b5a_zps3021bb95.jpg

    Now we are going to layer and mix.... isn't that always fun???

    The tonal ruffles at the hem of the oatmeal linen Tina Givens slip dress make it work with so many things.... like this soft slip dress with the pleated drape hem....

     photo 1b747a71-271a-435f-a6ec-9fbd52d463c9_zps460ffdd1.jpg

    .... and then we add the sheer silk organza tank with the long ruffled back....

     photo 2a050116-994b-4bff-963a-dcee5888754c_zps0cd9cb75.jpg

    .... and then we take away the middle layer and look soft and easy with the linen ruffled slip dress and the organza over-piece....

    So many ways with the same pieces....

     photo 96572a22-0909-413e-a285-f5b5156018bf_zps1db9b43d.jpg

    I really, REALLY love all of the ways that this organza tank works....

    ....here with Krista Larson cream linen Stormy Pants and the Umbrella Slip in cream silk with tiny silver squares....

     photo 0cda66e2-f795-4045-824e-80466b98e731_zps630fa2c0.jpg

    .... or with the same linen Stormy Pants and the silver square printed Billowy Shirt....

     photo 78785065-873b-4d0a-a58e-7c3028ac6ca3_zpsaa339864.jpg

    With Tina Givens and Magnolia Pearl and all kinds of Krista Larson, I have a store full of magical things to play with.....

    ....all that is missing now is a visit from YOU!!!!!

    You can call me at 415-362-3437 if you need goodies to play with....

    Happy Spring and Big Hugs to all...


     photo f6721a26-609c-4a97-b549-848df6af22b4_zpsa79090e3.jpg

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