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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Happy New Year!

    Kati and I would like to wish all of you, and all of those whom you love, the very best year ever. Hope there will be lots of love and good health and happy times for everyone.

    We are starting off the new year with new things and hope we are going to get to see you soon!

    My first new collection is "As We Like It" from MSquare. It is all one size, made in California, and really fun. You can be wearing to right now and all the way through the spring.

    This Short Patch Jacket can be worn as a top (as I have it here) or open as a jacket with a cute tee shirt. I like it with the Patch Pants - a style that I really love and always sell out - but you can mix these pieces however you like.

     photo DSCN8273_zpscn0kqlw3.jpg  photo DSCN8274_zpsywyxcbvy.jpg

    The patched Square Pullover with its contrast pockets looks great with the new Freedom Pant that has the wide border at the bottom. I have borrowed a big rose necklace from Kati to go with it. Cool?

     photo DSCN8271_zpsbvhov1wh.jpg  photo DSCN8272_zps8pbb7d9d.jpg

    This Moyuru wool blend jumper is the perfect thing to be wearing on these chilly winter days. I know it is chilly when I see my wife working with her coat and hand warmers in the store! This is a great looking style with a soft rolled neck and pockets at the sides and one in the front. The Moyuru styles are always unusual and get you lots of compliments because they are so different. With this jumper, I like the really big square Suzi Roher "Love in the Clouds" scarf. It is made in Italy of gorgeous fabric.

     photo DSCN8347_zps83mgsmei.jpg

    I am almost sold out of jackets and coats now that it is finally COLD outside.

    This is a wonderful wool blend printed jacket from ItemZ. It is one size with roomy pockets. The reversible velvet/velvet polka dot scarf is from Cut Loose.

     photo DSCN8346_zpsovxofogh.jpg

    This ItemZ coat is a cozy wool blend too. I really like the big gathered pockets in the front. It is one size and roomy enough to layer.

    Both the jacket and the coat are available in either pattern.

    I am hoping that I will hear from you. I know that a lot of you are having horrible weather, so maybe a care package would cheer you up!

    I am at 415-362-3436, in Suite 220 at 500 Sutter Street in San Francisco.

     photo DSCN8345_zpssyvgbog1.jpg

    Ok..... So I have a coat too.... and a cute one! This pinstriped wool coat is from Magnolia Pearl. It is the usual one size with quirky sewing details. It is fully lined with a quilted lining that I really love a lot.... so much so, that I would totally wear this coat inside-out!!!! I start to itch when you just whisper "wool", and I can actually wear this.... Hmmm....

     photo DSCN8319_zpsbnay3owz.jpg

    See..... here is the coat inside-out. Cool lining? Sorry you are only getting to see the back of the coat, but I was having a bad face day.....

     photo DSCN8331_zpslljlfgjq.jpg

    This Magnolia Pearl yarn dyed linen Chambray Anneliese Jacket is pretty wonderful front and back. Three little pockets in the front and a big fun collar.... in the back you get a lot of gathers and an oversized flap (I HAD assumed that there was a pocket the, but, alas, it is only a flap.) Will have to carry my lunch somewhere else.... Underneath it is the Stonehenge Blakeley Top (coming up soon...)

    I love the hand pendant on the long chai with jut about anything.... Let's face it.... I love Hot Cakes!!!

     photo DSCN8269_zps0thmzaiy.jpg  photo DSCN8270_zpsvxivpheb.jpg

    This is the MP Stonehenge Blakely Top. It is so soft and comfy that I thought it was the "Blankie Top"..... This top sold out in about a minute, but the rest of what they had will be in my hot little hand (and COLD little shop) tomorrow!!!! (That's MONDAY.... so you don't miss out!)

     photo DSCN8266_zpsbyxexcby.jpg

    See how nice my Magnolia Pearl Shop is looking with the cream/black story? I have hundreds of pieces to play with so there is no shortage of amusement....

     photo DSCN8258_zpsflhtb1vr.jpg

    THIS outfit has so many of my favorite things..... The MP black cotton and velvet Good Bones Jacket has wonderful antiqued hooks and eyes and exquisite antique lace trim and cuffs..... it is the perfectly beautiful piece to put over the alabaster silk satin Ginger Over Top with French cotton lace and a tie in the back (It has an old movie star quality about it!...). Enough never is, so I layered it over the Luella dot (that's cream dots on yellow in MP) cotton/silk Loren Tank with even more rows and ROWS of cotton lace and adjustable spaghetti straps. Izzy Rosellini polka dot patched and mended Sid Pants are my bottom of choice, but this can be worn with anything from silk or velvet to blue jeans.....

    In keeping with the sexy vintage feel, there are ropes of onyx beads and a carved rose necklace from Hot Cakes,

     photo DSCN8315 1_zpsrqszhini.jpg

    This is my final Magnolia Pearl feature for today, but you can see more things on Facebook just about every day!!!!!

    This is the European cotton Long Sleeve Ellis Jacket. It has tiny tucks both front and back, a cute tiny polka dot collar, and a stitched belt. I love the lining that is a soft vintage print.... it can be buttoned separately from the jacket. Underneath is the apparition (cream in MP) thin European cotton and fine French tulle Braesha Dress that so beautifully detailed and ethereal that it will make any one of us feel like and angel/fairy/princess!!!!! I love to complete the feeling with a black Hot Cakes carved cameo necklace.

     photo DSCN8317_zpsjnotdovm.jpg

    OK..... now that I have warmed up my typing fingers on a hot mug of tea (Yes! it is that cold, but I would rather be freezing than....).... we can go on to the latest Krista Larson. I get new pieces every week and more of our favorites.... like the cardinal/nickel plaid flannel.....

    A perfect cozy outfit for a day like today....(maybe with a warm turtleneck underneath!).... the cardinal/nickel plaid flannel Billowy Shirt (Yes.... you have seen it and seen it, and I never have enough!!!!) with whimsical Joey Pants in polka dot synthetic. The Joey Pant does have normal in-seam pockets too...

     photo DSCN8349_zpsx7f8hpvb.jpg

    The plaid flannel is pretty wonderful as a Pinwheel Shirt too, with all of its quirky angles. I have it here with the ever popular black linen Origami Pants.

     photo DSCN8351_zpst9irt2vw.jpg

    This time the plaid flannel gets to be Joey Pants!!!! I know these pants look a bit bizarre, but they are really fun! I think I own the second pair I ever got. The only people who really love these are those of us who have them! The Striped Cardigan is linen/cotton with a hand-forged sterling silver pin wrapped in red suede....

     photo DSCN8312_zpsoswefpfo.jpg

    Hand-printed socks from Polonova or carved Bangle bracelets from Hot Cakes are some pretty perfect accessories for Krista's newest....

     photo DSCN8353_zpsaz5atjsy.jpg

    No secret how much I love anything gray, and I did have fun with this one!

    I am always trying to think of new ways with the organza butterfly print.... I have had it so many ways!!!! Here the Pastry Skirt with the top layer being the butterfly print teams with a nickel/white tie dyed Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and a nickel/black stripe cotton broadcloth Underpinning Cami (with more organza peeking out the hem...). For accessories?.... how about a clear butterfly necklace and strands of onyx ropes....

     photo DSCN8350_zpsiek5lxsk.jpg

    Hope you aren't gong to mind "three different ways with the plaid flannel Umbrella Slip".....

    Somebody once looked at what I was wearing and remarked that it must be very easy for me to travel..... wouldn't have to pack much because I was wearing a whole wardrobe..... Not so far from the truth - just add a few pieces in a bag!!!

    I really hate to hide that cute white on black polka dot cotton lawn Long Underpinning Slip..... under the cardinal/nickel plaid flannel Umbrella Slip and the wide nickel/black stripe taffeta Smashed Cami with the FABULOUS buttons. Just add the black Double Layer Stretch Tulle Tee..... and the big carved red rose Hot Cakes necklace.....

    Good to go!

     photo DSCN8352_zps6by48dvd.jpg

    So..... that last tee was really the tie dye one.... this is the solid black....

    See how different this outfit looks with a change of Smashed Cami to the small black/white plaid flannel and the rose necklace to the Dandelion Flower Pin....?

     photo DSCN8307_zpsesmhbh3z.jpg

    And the last one is inspired by my friend and Display Fairy...... She is the ultimate layerer..... and would have a fabulous coat and a scarf and a hat... and a cool bag and shoes.....

    But I am keeping it "simple".....

    My undermost layer here is the fabulous (Siga made me take one of these home....Twist my arm, please!) wide nickel/black stripe taffeta Tunnel Slip. Over that is the cardinal/nickel plaid flannel Umbrella Slip.... the cardinal tartan plain Boleyn Cami....and the small black/white plaid flannel Smashed Cami with the Dandelion Flower Pin featuring fabrics of the season. Black tee, or course!!!

    Now you see that just a few more pieces and you could have different outfits for a couple of weeks!!!!

     photo DSCN8354_zps2o3gsxod.jpg

    The beauty of the Magnolia Pearl and Krista Larson pieces is that you can create a look that is all about YOU!!! The pieces work any way that you want them to. Each and every piece can be worn with something that you already have..... how much better can it get...? They are one size. They are WASHABLE!!!! (I never think anything is clean unless it has been WET!!!) They are as easy and as distinctive as clothes can get..... and you will be seeing more and more wonderful new things in the spring (which starts the middle of January???)

    Siga and I are looking forward to seeing or hearing from you.... The postman has been delivering our pretties all over the world!!! That makes us very happy.

    You can call me at 415-362-3437..... or come see me in suite 602 at 500 Sutter Street in San Francisco. There is so much more than you see here....

    Be sure to visit us o Facebook.... and look forward to changes in our websites and other surprises....

    Love you bunches.... just like last year!!!!

    Come on, click on the big square and see what you've been missing!

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