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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    As the title suggests...... this is our last newsletter from our San Francisco location!!!! These last few weeks have flown by, but we are certainly ready to go.....

    We will be thrilled to get to see you before our move...... we will be open through next week Thursday, July 28. If you can't make it, we are still happy to send out goodie boxes of things to try, but only if you e-mail or call on Thursday!!!!!

    We will be telling you all about the new location and opening as soon as we know.... we are sort of up-ending all of our plans since we have now found a new possibility that we are both much more excited about than our original choice!!!! In an ideal world, we would like to re-open in a week..... and one never knows....

    Both of our shops are overflowing with new and wonderful things.....

     photo unnamed_zpsk8wgwfjc.jpg

    Krista Larson's butterfly print on cotton voile has been my hit of the season, and, in case any of you missed out the first or second time, I have brought in a lot more styles for the summer. This is not only the perfect summer print, but the perfect cool fabric for hot summer days!!!

    This is the Long Tunnel Slip accessorized with long ropes of cranberry quartz and mint crystal from Hot Cakes....

     photo DSCN0035_zpsdztah4o1.jpg

    I love the way that the tie-dyed black linen gauze Stellah Button-Up Tank has subtle shades of pale green and gray to accent the butterflies in the Umbrella Slip that is layered over a black cotton/silk Underpinning Skirt.... and then we add the Mexican rose necklace and the mint crystal rope....

     photo DSCN0038_zpsbt1rvney.jpg

    The butterfly print is also quite stunning on sheer silk organza..... here is a Billowy Shirt layered over a black sheer silk check Short Tunnel Slip and black cotton broadcloth Spring Pants.... I love to pick up as many of the print colors as possible with accessories.....here the cranberry quartz necklace, the graduated bone bead necklace, and the short yellow crystal rope!

     photo DSCN0039_zpsj8pi9rhd.jpg

    The Short Pinwheel Slip is such a versatile piece with just about anything!!!! Here the cotton voile slip is layered over a cream/black stripe cotton broadcloth Cottage Skirt and topped with Magnolia Pearl's black European cotton Korah Overtop with a pretty crochet lace yoke.... and red and yellow beads, of course!

     photo DSCN0041_zpsuxasymns.jpg

    Lots of butterflies... but then we also have dots and stripes and flowers.....

    The black with white polka dots cotton voile Umbrella Slip is one of my summer faves! Here it is layered over a floral print cotton Nikki Skirt with a white tartan cotton stripe Stellah Button-Up Shirt worn as a jacket.....

     photo DSCN0016_zpstj1nvlaj.jpg

    And for stripes we have the black/white linen Cottage Slip over a crisp white cotton Long Underpinning Slip (with the charming layer of sheer organza ruffle at the bottom)..... with a black chain link rope and black swallow necklace.

     photo DSCN0015_zpszqpi2gkx.jpg

    I just love my white Billowy Smock Dress!!!! It is my "go to" jacket/duster for the season (I probably won't be wearing it much in Modesto in the summertime.... you think?!)..... here in white linen (LOVE that great big packet too!!!) over a floral printed cotton Long Tunnel Slip....

     photo DSCN0046_zpsz99uwlmy.jpg

    White is my favorite color..... almost since forever.....and so perfect for summer......

    Here the white patterned silk organza Boleyn Cami is an ethereal layer over a crisp white cotton Long Tunnel Slip (See a theme going here with all of the Tunnel Slips???)..... with ropes of clear crystal.....

    All we need now is pretty sandals and a white sand beach..... and maybe a slightly trashy romance novel.....?

     photo DSCN0031_zpsud352ve9.jpg

    WOW!!! I really adore this one....

    The lilac tartan cotton stripe Short Tunnel Slip over the white cotton Long Underpinning Slip.....

    Geneva Sanjideh brought me more of her big fluffy flower pins last week, and I could not resist pinning this one to the mint crystal rope.....

     photo DSCN0020_zpsg7rvppok.jpg

    The wonderful polka dots come in oat too.... here as the Umbrella Slip over a white cotton Long Tunnel Slip with the white tartan cotton stripe Stellah Button-Up Shirt and ivory swallow necklace.....

     photo DSCN0014_zpszdegtcmz.jpg

    I love to mix the frivolous and fancy with the casual and sporty..... like the patterned silk organza Short Tunnel Slip over the striped cotton broadcloth Long Tunnel Slip.... and then add the small and large carved rose necklaces and the very long bone bead rope!

     photo DSCN0023_zpsa5wcgkez.jpg

    There were just a few new Magnolia Pearl pieces this week too....

    The beautiful hand-embroidery on the European cotton Cecily Dress makes it a very special piece.... one that I would wear as a duster over just about any summer slip.... like the oat striped cotton broadcloth Long Tunnel Slip. I love the mish-mash of the delicate carved rose necklace with the hand pendant and the long bone bead rope.....

    Do you hate auto-correct as much as I do???? I love when it keeps correcting me and says something really, REALLY stupid.....

     photo DSCN0047_zps398lh5om.jpg

    Love, love, LOVE the new cotton jersey Jett T's!!!! They are big and breezy and totally fun..... here in "true" with Himalayan Sea linen Oliana Pants and a polka dot scarf.... and a hand pendant just because.....

     photo DSCN0045_zpsmj8iljyc.jpg

    .....and in "ballet" with Krista's black polka dot rag cotton Long Tunnel Slip and black carved rose necklace and a black chain link rope.

     photo DSCN0043_zpsmrm4f54g.jpg

    These are some of my 600 things..... or at least what seems like that many.....

    I have really enjoyed visiting with so many of you who have come to bid farewell to the San Francisco store..... with promises to come visit us in Modesto soon! Hey.... free parking.... free shopping bags.... and for some of you, an easier drive than fighting the San Francisco traffic!!!!

    Hope to see some of the rest of you..... and hope to update you soon on our latest plans.....

    Remember to call me if you need some new petties....

    Love you all....XOXOXOX

    In the middle of all of the moving stuff, I am getting a lot of new things too. My new things are all the first things for the fall. I know I am moving where it is going to be HOT for a long time, but you have to get it when you see it or miss out.

    The is Kati's favorite outfit of all the ones I have made -

    Moyruru white cotton shirt paint with gray on the collar, front and cuffs.

    Black and white textured Moyuru pants.

    Moyuru short and wide boiled wool vest with cool white pattern in the front.

    Petra Mieren necklace.

     photo DSCN0056_zpsymc9nchf.jpg

    How cool is this coat?

    Moyuru big patterned black and silver coat.

     photo DSCN0054_zpsutikties.jpg

    This is such a great sweater - great color and nice and soft.

    Avivit Yizhar pants.

    Petra Mieren necklace - made in Germany.

     photo DSCN0055_zpsbk7wviwu.jpg

    Ok - this Moyuru dress is really fabulous! It is light boiled wool with textured jersey know artwork that is really special.

    Escape from Paris necklace.

     photo DSCN0053_zpsibt9qqex.jpg

    The Moruru coat is the same kind of really fabulous! It is a heavier boiled wool with more textured jersey artwork, and some rusty hairy yarn embroidery.

    Moire pleated dress and full leg pants.

     photo DSCN0049_zpsmfxbzlvc.jpg

    I thought you might like to see the artwork up close.

     photo DSCN0052_zpsr14b69xx.jpg

    I have a store with even moe stuff than Kati.I hope she is going to helpmeet pack. I think we will be doing it all day Friday!

    Come see me before we go if you have the time. We have been seeing a lot of our customers the last two weeks - lots of hugging going on.

    Call me if you see something you love at 415-362-3436.

    Cheers to everybody!


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