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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    HAPPY SPRING!!!!! I know that it is still snowing somewhere..... but the season is about to change. That probably means that our sunshine here in San Francisco will soon give way to fog, but at least the flowers are all blooming and beautiful......

    We have all heard that "When it rains, it pours"..... well there is no rain around here..... but the new clothes have come pouring in to both Siga's shop and mine - enough so that this newsletter is a two-parter!!!!!

    My collections that come from Israel are always fabulous.... great, easy fabrics and whimsical styles that are easy to wear....

    Alembika's pants do come in solid colors too, but I love the fanciful fabric combinations that match the tops..... I love the gray and black stripes and dots and bubbles with the subtle splash of wine....

     photo 0b22280a-9a66-4757-a524-e354d393f185_zps4lj9isqo.jpg

    The top is subtle.... gray and black with handwriting and tiny stripes.... the skirt is an explosion of big dots and bubbles and handwriting and stripes -and with a cool hanging pocket too. The Alembika pieces are great as outfits, but each piece is something wonderful to mix with something that you already have.....

     photo 8354473c-6b27-403b-8828-46eb726efab7_zpstsatb9ig.jpg

    You know me and my passion for this green..... This oversized flowy top, with stripes of different sizes and shades, is ever so sophisticated..... and then you can fool them all with the whimsy of the stripes and polka dotted pants!!!! Easy pieces to love!

     photo ac4b5e7b-3cdc-4638-9e2c-eb7543f3e54c_zpsz2kihhrf.jpg

    This cool and breezy bat-wind shirt is all about the black and white checks.... until you get to the back and see the polka dot yoke! I happen to love it with either the woven (as shown here) or the knit Avivit Yizhar pants that have the white stitched pleats on the lower leg.

     photo 510dd1de-209d-4d70-a5a2-bc1e88b4280e_zps5ritgknv.jpg

    Tols you that Alembika made solid black pants, and great solid black pants they are.... soft and flowy with great shape! I have then here with the totally fun ruffled top that combines giants red polka dots with subtle stripes and flirty bubbles.

    All jewelry courtesy of Siga Bari.... he has the wonderful Israeli jewelry. The red flower pin is by Irina Staricov.

     photo 8320c13f-528f-4197-93f6-52c8e9d2329f_zpsvn6bktfq.jpg

    I personally am not much (or ANY) of a scarf person, but I do recognize fabulous ones when I see them. These were easy to spot because they were right there with Alembika.....

    It's all about black and white..... nice and big like a shawl, soft and drapey to wear as a scarf.

    The positive/negative black and white big dots and stripes..... shown with Avivit Yizhar's black and white crop top and skirt.

    The solid white with little decorative bundles of thread..... shown with Avivit Yizhar's slim black dress with open shoulder detain and big striped zippered pockets!!!
    The art-filled bubbles in black and white and caramel (KILLER scarf) with Krista Larson's glen plaid Play Dough Slip and black cotton Smashed Shirt over striped taffeta Origami Pants.

     photo 57e2fcf4-141b-490b-95d2-452135ce7220_zps3ltpdjwi.jpg  photo e5366912-4152-4982-a6f2-a244b2c60294_zps7xskkiri.jpg  photo 8af31914-eeff-499d-b31e-5a08e57b9383_zpsneyr2p8z.jpg

    Ok, my turn.

    I am so happy that my spring things are coming in fast. I am always excited to get new things from Transparente. I have already sold out a couple of things!

    This is a beautiful Italian gauze linen plaid vest with a little pocket. I only have this one left. The cool necklace with the squares on rubber is from Transparente too, and the black Italian linen gauze pants.

    Everything is one size and a generous fit.

     photo b8027c4c-268b-4feb-972e-d0684695c031_zpskpjy2vxg.jpg

    The black and white Italian linen gauze print comes in three styles so that there is something for everybody, and there are very different looks.

    First the cropped jacket/top with front pockets.

     photo c331486c-c334-42ed-8614-1a16bd12b5b8_zpsr7zgxkei.jpg

    The medium length one has a round neck and curved wide pockets that close with a skinnier tab.

     photo caf01e16-17d4-4d4a-af38-7b9c1f9d8f9f_zpskirxrsyv.jpg

    The long jacket if full and swingy and looks great as a duster over a dress or pants and tank. It has pockets in the seams.

    I think these are going to be your favorite jackets and dusters to wear in the spring!

     photo 22e36fee-ae1a-44d7-a9c9-53b70b560d2e_zpsueaqus1c.jpg

    Then there is this plaid coat that I think is so fabulous - it has all kinds of great details. It is polyester parachute fabric that looks best crinkled.

    I only have one of these.

     photo 25280fda-9bd0-41a7-8342-eac153f6d915_zpsm3di68o0.jpg

    Now I can surprise you with some color - and I have more COLOR coming next week.

    This is a fun skirt in the same parachute fabric as the coat. The details are fabulous.

     photo bf569393-9e7d-4aaa-b510-b3dd65ed8dd4_zpsbicrkskl.jpg

    The Transparent crinkle shirts now come in a cool new shape with one big pocket on the side. They come in white or black. They are easy to wash and wear and travel with.

     photo ddafd993-814f-440e-9a83-a5e6f112d7dd_zpsezr49zyc.jpg  photo a8978d06-bcd6-4fd7-a12e-c3cfcb344fa8_zpsaib3xwjy.jpg

    I told you that I am getting more color next week. It is from Crea, a very beautiful line from Italy. This is just a preview of the printed duster coat over a crinkled tank and pants.

     photo c3aad0d5-6d14-4c34-99cb-8205ed096e22_zpsaharhjjs.jpg

    OK... I give up. I am trying to find a way to make this change-of-pace minimally shocking but.... Who cares, I guess......it's all good.....

    More new pieces of Magnolia Pearl will be arriving right after this newsletter goes out, so be sure to check my Facebook page on Monday or Tuesday....

    Here is what's new now.....

    One happy Magnolia Pearl girl in New York is already wearing this outfit....The Arcata Forest plaid cotton flannel Josefina Day Dress worn open as a fabulous duster coat over the polka dot Briony Top and the hemp loom linen Mychal Britches with LOTS of hand-sewn patches and mending and a drawstring back (It never ceases to amaze me how these oner-size pants really work for everybody.... pretty much everybody!)

     photo f478fdad-2d7c-4832-a2db-355e8ee3a922_zpsenwpmux0.jpg

    The Mychal Britches.....

     photo 069766a9-7d22-400a-8bed-8e2b32a02e9d_zpsizk4f0en.jpg

    The European cotton Anastasia Tops are so pretty and soft and easy to wear with many things.....

    ....the soft Beulah dot with embroidery around the yoke and the cuff, down the side panel, and on the little pocket on the side....

    ....and the same embroidery details the English mandolin print....

    The Tanie Jane pants in fiddle have hand-stitched patches and mending and a drawstring back.

     photo 92995e3b-c097-41c4-82d8-ad354ee8bcfd_zpsufeqrjud.jpg  photo 78b0a669-01e1-48d9-bd22-7fc5c533ee72_zpsnew8tj7t.jpg

    I ADORE the plaid of the Tanie Jane Pants!!!

     photo 92067ac5-6c19-4c76-832a-c754fabdbe53_zpsyvra5f4k.jpg

    So much to love.... the cotton/silk fabric of the papyrus Katina Dress with the softly ruffled sides trimmed with decorative and cotton lace. I have it here over the cream cotton eyelet Nichole Slip with a big Teresa Goodall necklace.

     photo e5efd2d2-b0de-4ae4-8ac1-2147123a9c63_zpsxnqffwx4.jpg

    The papyrus cotton/silk Katina Dress Magnolia Pearl style.....with the belt to the front over a black tissue silk Tucked Cami and Tribecca check cotton Sid pants with patches and mending and a drawstring waist.

     photo a80df49c-5135-46cf-92b8-ae81d1671c99_zpsitxp4vvq.jpg

    The Tribecca check cotton Sid Pants.

     photo 3fe68a62-e634-4eb4-8dca-aa6ac2735854_zpsqta9qawe.jpg

    The papyrus cotton/silk Vita Dress is trimmed with cotton lace and precious hand embroidered flowers (I know.... I never say "precious", but these flowers really are. My grandmother and Mother taught me how to do these when I was just a little girl!) I have it layered over two pieces that are great on their own with other pieces.... the blueberry jam cotton flannel Ivanna Tank dress with a hand-crochet yoke and hand-sewn patches and mending and the fabulous Avignon stripe Drawers! The sweet little necklaces are by Tina Givens and Teresa Goodall.

     photo 95e13a8a-8104-4eb6-81ce-6644c94e94b8_zpstkbxl2zv.jpg

    I have layered this so many ways, but it really is all about the apron..... the antique Ms. Hana Apron with tons of hand embroidery and lace. It is a show stopper..... with anything from a soft printed dress to au undershirt and jeans!!!!

     photo 64649c2c-9733-48d8-95af-5f85ac673878_zpsgqdylgm2.jpg

    I just can't get enough of the Gillian Bluegrass Dress in the moonshine moth European cotton.... to quote Peggy from the other day...."I just want to dress pretty!!!" And pretty is what Gillian makes us all feel.... here over the cream cotton eyelet Cecily Skirt.

     photo 182c6570-3a87-4d7c-a885-43fb9abfda0e_zpsyzciravi.jpg

    WHEW!!!! End of part one.

    Part two is all about Siga's fabulous new crinkles..... and Krista Larson denim blue.

    You can e-mail us with questions or call us at.... Siga - 415-362-3436 or Kati - 415-362-3437. If Siga doesn't answer, he is probably in my store with me.... we rather like togetherness.... so you can try him here.

    On to part two.

    I bet this got your attention! Aren't the colors fabulous?

    Sometimes I find the best things while Kati is finishing writing her orders. I found this line right next to Krista Larson at the show, and I think it is pretty great. For those of you who like to crinkle things up when you travel and get there looking special, or if you are just going out, these crinkled polyester pieces are perfect!

    These pieces are one size, and most of them look small - like they will fit to a size 10. Kati did try on the little sheer jacket, and it was a perfect fit, so...

    This is a cap sleeve dress with a pleated top and crinkled skirt under a long sleeve duster coat that is really another dress. I borrowed Kati's Love Heals necklace to make this dressy.

     photo e4e50657-413c-48ae-a342-18623b2a3387_zpsupkwkm7u.jpg

    This is the same dress and duster/dress in bright orange. This color looks great on a lot of people - you just can't be shy to try it on. The big orange necklace is by Teresa Goodall. I have a nice collection of her pieces now.

     photo 9b78078c-0423-463f-9307-c70af1dee18e_zpsqigqsk5d.jpg

    This black dress is sleeveless and had two small pockets. The black and white Teresa Goodall necklace is perfect with this dress and the little sheer jacket.

     photo 54f28ad4-69d1-469a-8ffa-5748ff9e321a_zpsx5rcd7vq.jpg

    The cream with black polka dots dress is two layers of sheer with a pleated top and crinkled skirt, and this is the same little jacket in the sheer black.

     photo f2639e2d-4977-4d7e-8521-85a2beadcc84_zpsmzlezyzc.jpg

    This gray dress is the sleeveless style with the two small pockets. The white jacket looks perfect when I put it with the white and natural Teresa Goodall necklace.

     photo 4587262a-9c79-4b2d-a31d-3fc3f1f93faf_zps9zurvfbr.jpg

    This is a scoop neck sleeveless dress in two layers - one layer of white and navy stripes, and one of solid black. The entire dress is softly crinkled. I like it with the white jacket and a couple of my loopy silver necklaces from Israel.

     photo 940cc22f-d915-4402-a5e2-93228fdb4f17_zpsstvg0sm6.jpg

    This is the last dress from my new collection. It is a bright orange sheer layer over a white one. It is scoop neck and sleeveless and perfect with the big Teresa Goodall necklace.

    I can't wait for you to come try these on - I love them!

     photo baec30e2-6cc2-437e-bdbd-cafc2e2b8b77_zpsyymzt7ss.jpg

    These are my latest new things, and I am excited for you to try them.

    You can come visit me - what I like the best.

    You can call me at 415-362-3436, or call Kati at 415-362-3437 if I am out (or maybe in her store?)

    I can also send you things on approval to try.

    I am looking forward to dressing you.


    Ok..... anybody interested in Krista denim blue.....

    Since I cannot decide which outfit should go first, I am just going to do them in the order that appear in my photos.....

    Stellah!!!!! Stellah is a whole new collection of pieces with asymmetric tucking and pleating and woven details on knits. This is the Stellah Cropped Cardigan in 100% cotton yarn with a woven placket. You notice that it is a wonderfully wonky shape. I have it with the herringbone linen Stellah Skirt, which has the same tucking detail, front buttons, raw edges, pockets and is shorter in the front than the back. It has sort of an egg shape, and I love to see it with Krista's patterned jacquard leggings (which I tried to photograph many times, but they always looked too weird.... I think they are just better with legs in them!) Boy... is that enough???? The flower is felted wool/silk by Irina Staricov..... who has finally just returned from her trip to Moldova!!!!

     photo c2f420be-1554-446b-9b4b-23f10c1c71a4_zpsbd1nhuj5.jpg

    This is the denim blue cotton broadcloth Parlor Shirt with pleats and tucks on the collar and the sleeve as well as the body. I have it here with the new Pastry Skirt..... a dropped waist with layers of organza and tulle where the skirt gathers. It is fun to tie up and expose some of the layers.... The purple felted flower is from Irina Staricov.

     photo c01b006a-a876-4bd3-a19e-6186b8cc4491_zpsv4iosgwy.jpg

    I can't tell you how much I love this outfit!!!!

    The Stellah Cropped Cardigan is worn open over the tie-dyed linen gauze Pocket-Full-of-Posies Slip and the cotton broadcloth Underpinning Skirt. I like the way the simple Teresa Goodall pendant mirrors the bubbles of the tie-dye....

     photo 0697a947-4ef4-4ff2-b59e-0779af666c5e_zpsmmyylu8p.jpg

    The plate print silk is one of my favorite fabrics of the season..... here in the dramatic Kite Shirt. I actually love it with my denim chambray Tina Givens Candice Pants!!!!

     photo 51a66777-fbfc-4e85-b5f5-9912a04b801f_zpst6opd5h9.jpg

    The striped linen Smashed Cami has shades of denim and oat and cream..... perfect over the Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and a small check cotton version of the fab Stellah Skirt. The big fluffy pin is a Krista Dandelion Flower.....

     photo a956b335-0bfb-4bcb-9959-34fcde8bb897_zpsvagjbaph.jpg

    The Kite Shirt is amazing in any fabric..... here in polka dot netting over a cotton broadcloth Long Underpinning Slip with the Dandelion Flower Pin.

     photo 3557f42f-ea5c-400c-b610-5623168ba0ab_zpsoazoyvod.jpg

    The denim plate silk Pocket-Full-of-Posies Slip is layered over the Pastry Skirt because I love the skirt to have some volume..... it makes the whimsical hanging pocket ever so much cuter. And the flower???....

     photo 4616e057-e344-4a99-b0ab-bf5ff403310a_zpsmh9nvrft.jpg

    There are those Tina Givens chambray Candice Pants again..... this time under the denim plate silk Pinwheel Shirt. Is it fabulous or what?!?!?

     photo DSCN5320_zpsfpn7qm2t.jpg

    Next we have the new Stellah Button Up Tank in the bubble tie-dye cotton/lycra jersey. It is equally good worn over a tee, but nice this way for warmer weather. I have it with one of our favorite ever pants.... the Spring Pants in cotton broadcloth. It doesn't need the flower really, but.....

     photo 97a46430-6892-4e8a-b4cc-8f03f10f948c_zps7onmklo4.jpg

    I do only have the one of the Stellah Cropped Cardigan, but I love it with so many things!!!! Here it is with the new Athletic Pants in herringbone linen. It looks really rich with the frayed pockets and gathered elastic bottom.....

     photo 0ba7afce-bc6a-4563-b88e-6f0f0da8eb92_zps9w9j7toj.jpg

    While I am not much on matching.... I am so crazy about the herringbone linen that I have now put the Athletic Pants with the new Origami Jacket and used the striped linen Smashed Cami as the contrast piece. It's all about the TEXTURE.... The iris is one of Irina Staricov's many stunning flower pins.

     photo 800ca1dc-6c96-4c07-a9a8-dded839649f0_zpsh8e55m26.jpg

    I know that you have already seen the cotton broadcloth Parlor Shirt..... and NO - I don't like to match things..... but I just couldn't possibly leave out the cotton broadcloth Origami Pants!

     photo DSCN5328_zpsauazeri3.jpg

    This worked well.... I haven't missed anything because I went in order....

    Lastly we have another of Krista's new skirts.... the Satchel Skirt in cotton broadcloth. It is a bubbly sort of skirt with an asymmetric shape and a great big sticky-outey pocket with a smaller pocket going down inside. I have it with the Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and the linen gauze Smashed Cami.... and one of her big Dandelion Flower Pins peeking out of the pocket.

    I love it that Krista Has done so much girlie casual for the season.... she always makes it fun to dress!!!

     photo cf42a272-e9d4-423e-ac8a-1eef85f1709a_zpsdfgxlokr.jpg

    I did it!!!! Siga did it!!!! We actually got our biggest newsletter ever together.

    Isn't it time for you to come visit????? You really should, you know. You would have a great time. Despite what so many of our customers fear, we have not lost a single customer to murder by an angry spouse!!!!!

    You can also visit us every day for something new on Facebook..... Come on, it's easy. If you are shy, just click on the big Facebook icon at the end of this newsletter......


    love you all bunches....x0x0x0x0x


    My window is open as WIDE as possible..... Sunshine is streaming in..... and I am anxiously awaiting the first cool breeze so that I can turn off the fan that is sitting almost on my lap.....

    I know that some of you are out there shoveling snow, and that others are preparing for the next assault.....

    It is

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