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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Kati and I just got back from the Las Vegas clothing show, where we were already looking at Spring 2015. We are really happy to be home and getting excited about FALL.

    Since I get to be first, I am going to start with something I really, REALLY love, my David Galan bags. By now you all know that I love bags, and these are fabulous. The leathers are buttery soft and the styles sophisticated.

    This first bag works two different ways - you can carry it with the double handle, or you can carry it as a shoulder bag. The shoulder strap is detachable - leather threaded through metal links.
    A fashion statement!

     photo 1b4595d7-1110-468c-b6f6-c72af74cea11_zpsc0c0dba5.jpg

    This is a big soft leather tote trimmed at the bottom with suede. It is big enough for your lap-top.

     photo 2974b807-5d36-492f-8e31-9e4ef356bfa9_zpsc55f04af.jpg

    I just got some new knit tops from Xiao with fun felted flower details. This one is trimmed with the perfect green to go with my Teresa Goodall necklace.

     photo d5233eb5-96b7-4a04-bc51-00b2500d06ac_zps09cded84.jpg

    I think this top is pretty cool with red flowers and wavy red stitched edges too.

     photo 27ff8827-8370-4108-991e-984063ba5073_zps00978671.jpg

    The same big tote bag comes also in black leather, this time trimmed with crinkly metallic.

     photo f8082433-f093-43be-8bf2-0cebcde50731_zps6630d10b.jpg

    When we were at market shopping for fall, I thought that Kati was going to grab these sweaters for sure, but I got lucky. These are the SOFTEST organic cotton sweaters that are all hand-dyed. They are made on the East Coast.

    I love this first style because it is great looking, but it is also called "Fiji", which is where I was born and lived the first 30 years of my life! The detail goes all the way around the back too. These sweaters come small, medium, and large.

     photo f854b085-0124-49dd-845e-de740aff303a_zps3351858f.jpg  photo 84efffd2-6872-4a92-9439-53b687cf3149_zps7a78feb4.jpg

    The cropped sweater is just cute and easy - nice to layer. I think the simple necklace from Israel is perfect with it.

     photo 767c8e88-4ab7-426c-a913-636a93800b25_zpsf18deab5.jpg

    The cardigan is long and great with pants - and the three ring rubber and metal necklace from Israel.

     photo 485130d9-33b0-4e8c-b168-07494b273cb6_zps458ce304.jpg

    I have a lot of other great stuff too - with more on the way!

    AND, I am having a sale to make some room for it. I have new sale things and prices you will love, so check my Facebook page - Siga Bari. There will be new things and new sale prices almost every day for the next week. If you see something you want, jump on it early because some of my things go very fast!

    Come in to see me, or give me a call at 415-362-3436 if you want me to send you something.

    Look forward to seeing or hearing from you.


    My cousin from Budapest wrote me after the last newsletter to tell me that "It is still SUMMER!!!" and that she didn't want to look at fall clothes yet. I had to explain that we are already shopping for next spring, but I decided to sneak in a couple of new things that can be summer or go into the early days of fall.....

    Krista Larson has discontinued this little dress that I wear at least once a week, so I am making sure that I always have some in the store. This big polka dot cotton Play Dough Slip is perfect to wear all by itself as a sundress, but then to layer over a mesh tee and cotton Spring Pants when there is a chill in the air..... or lots of air-conditioning in your favorite movie theater.....

    Irina Staricov's red poppies make anything more festive.

     photo 3c472889-6f05-4adf-a454-1625a3ede6f0_zps798ed6ab.jpg

    Two of my favorite things.... BIG polka dots and the Billowy Shirt. How much better can it get? Maybe putting it with the black Italian linen Play Dough Pants????.... and a crazy cherry necklace from Diana Taylor.....

     photo 26cdf7d5-8120-438d-9750-74c4d08bdd15_zps72c82e5c.jpg

    I always love getting new black from Krista! The Long Underpinning Slip is the BEST underlayer I have had in a long time with the beautiful wide ruffle at the bottom. I have layered it simply with a black stretch nylon tulle Double Layer Tee and a laser cut cotton Short Wavy Slip.

    And then I added the jewelry to make simple not so.... a Dress to Kill necklace of river rocks and fresh-water pearls on a crochet wire - a fairy bottle necklace in a sterling chain by At-Choo, and one of Diana Frey's antique tin-type pendants....

     photo dd60cd53-b144-4e38-bcea-6c0421fa5f75_zps48b73333.jpg

    The next incarnation of the "underpinning" is the black silk/cotton Short Underpinning Slip that I have layered between a black silk/cotton Nikki Skirt under a smokey gray crinkled layering skirt from Dress to Kill..... and the black tulle tee and silver striped taffeta Cyclone Cami. I love how the wired fabric ball necklace ties all of the shades together!

     photo c3d6f76f-5885-41c3-b123-67f58181be47_zps1f93bf16.jpg

    .... and then there is the Underpinning Cami, shown here with the same Nikki and crinkled tulle skirts underneath for a whimsical look.....

     photo 969fdd61-8bf5-4170-b8f7-828da654b072_zps413019a2.jpg

    Ok, so Siga got the SOFTEST sweaters, but I have some pretty great sweaters too!!!!

    The beet with chocolate trim on this pullover is really unusual and really pretty. Longer in the back and softly sized, it is an easy sweater to love, especially with this chunky beaded natural necklace....

     photo f085b3f1-979d-4c77-b15d-a0d4506b6f03_zpse67c0a39.jpg

    The same sweater in variegated yarn goes with so many colors.....blue, gray, red, yellow..... or gold like this dark honey Krista Larson linen Origami Pant with other colors running through it as well. The necklace I have with it is part of the Teresa Goodall collection.

     photo 8a0a4507-2feb-4073-9174-ea073b4f255b_zpsce0c7ed7.jpg  photo 8920df80-824b-4a79-9c3f-c29eba965929_zpsf27229a5.jpg

    Those of you who have been here and know me well know how much I love to manipulate things to make them into something else.... well this one is EASY.....The first sweater is black paint over cream, and then you see the inside-out version that is cream with hap-hazard bits of paint! All you have to do is snip out the Skif "happy circle" and viola!..... you have two sweaters for the price of one!!!!

     photo faaed4c7-72e4-4e90-9eb8-828f65daee22_zpsbba7763f.jpg  photo 714b09c3-26e2-4c7a-bf8a-43c53d95c8d7_zpsafdcd230.jpg

    Same thing.... just black paint on olive reversing to olive with paint splotches.

    Love it???

     photo 295a1262-3aed-4fbd-ac2c-1bd4d783e907_zps93d02642.jpg  photo 1cbcea0d-beb9-4eb6-8f1f-f784b70500db_zps0880d42e.jpg

    OK....break time!

    Susan Lewis is constantly adding to her cast of pot holder characters. The newest of these are her Farmers Market vendors.

    I think these are about the best one-of-a-kind works of art to collect or gift to friends. Each piece is hand made in Blue Lake, California. I cannot imagine piecing all of those fabrics, and THEN hand embroidering the lips and eyeshadow..... and Susan makes sure that all living things have eyeshadow, including the chickens and fish!!!

    These are usable and washable.... but do you really want to grab that overflowing mac and cheese out of the oven with something so grand.....

    ....and all for just $35.....

     photo 47969e9e-b3bc-486a-ade6-53acef1aa6e1_zps4ff74d24.jpg

    .... and gardeners....

     photo 0577e7d9-5b4f-4ea6-8e59-3908cd4f7186_zpse1c77b65.jpg

    .... and cooks....

    See the eyeshadow???

     photo a80f3b3a-2ccc-4814-8172-92d3a28cdc32_zps67c0ad1f.jpg

    Many, MANY other cooks, bakers, drinkers, etc. She does special orders too...

    .... and a couple of crazy chickens!

     photo fdf663a1-6cb5-4eda-bc62-4c3cfc0d6335_zpse1a363a8.jpg

    My new collection of fall Avivit Yizhar from Israel has arrived.... YEAH!!!!

    This first outfit is a stunning combination of knit and velvet and jacquard.... all rich looking in good old black. The top and the pants are both one-size.... as are all of the many accessories!

     photo d2e46b7a-90ac-44d9-8407-8ca196ef9279_zpsf0343dca.jpg

    Thought you might like a closer look at the beautiful fabric and details????

     photo 457b042a-33f5-4cc3-9302-ed0568ad6366_zps06975630.jpg  photo 3acc95c4-e5cf-4ec5-8fa8-f2bc5bee13ac_zpscaf4c50a.jpg

    This is a dress fit for the theater, the opera, the ballet..... a stroll through the city on a chilly, chilly night under your favorite warm and romantic coat....

    The dress comes sized 1, 2, and 3.

     photo 59cc7025-c597-4c36-bf73-62f4a6070e71_zps27dd3268.jpg

    I have something for the smaller figure too.... this petite knit top trimmed with velvet and shine comes in sizes 1, 2, and 3. Wear it with your favorite velvet skirt or your best black jeans!

     photo 40a9844e-e74c-4c98-bbbb-4e9e475b0758_zps7e8d29ec.jpg

    There is casual novelty too.... black knit with textured dots for day.... equally good in the back where there is one BIG dot! Wear it with the detailed bottom wide leg pants.... or the ones with the polka dot trim.

    All of these pieces can be nicely mix with one another or other goodies from your own closet....

     photo 7b7d1b20-d233-4c00-957a-899851720e76_zpse5737a54.jpg  photo d3ff3e26-9e6e-414d-a800-c566e99c3a40_zps75a4d1d5.jpg

    Since I am not really certain which is the back and which is the front.....

    LOVE this crop top because there are so many ways to wear it.... with the bright tank or the long flowy black one.

    These pieces are their own accessories!!!!!

     photo 628e6841-3516-4cad-a3b0-204d2f115943_zps9f704494.jpg  photo c1961085-9034-4804-b2ac-7b8a88d1d44d_zpsa9754b26.jpg

    Every year I buy these beautiful linen sweaters from Poland. This year I made sure to have colors that will go with other collections that are coming through the season.

    The bark tunic sweater has beautiful details contrasting the fine gauge knit with the heavier open weave. The necklace of natural fall tones adds bits of contrasting color.

     photo fbff0287-a8e5-4563-9f1c-33c175dec790_zpsdc13aa68.jpg  photo 5253b181-c313-4636-a57b-23c072082f86_zpsf88d7694.jpg

    The same tunic sweater in khaki with a Sarah Cavender metal mesh leaf necklace.

     photo cc4067d3-f1b8-49b5-929b-241ae0304dd6_zpse6e1de63.jpg

    How pretty is the harvest gold pullover with the Krista Larson dark honey cross-dyed linen Origami Pants??? I again love the contrasting yarns and the depth of the detail!

    The necklace is part of a brilliant collection from Kathy Sparkman that lets you create your own necklace from a series of connecting chokers.

     photo 4a1edccc-4f0c-4e4e-927d-e0cb28a43335_zps0f382d3a.jpg  photo f4326faf-2036-4b6f-ae8d-947e13e79f9e_zps5e4ed604.jpg

    I love the colors of Irina Staricov's painted cocoon necklace with the stone version of the same sweater.

    All of the Polish linen sweaters come sized small, medium, large, and extra-large. Something for everybody!

     photo 3b788870-e9b7-433f-b151-fa469302db67_zpsddc98d6f.jpg

    Whew!!!! That is a lot of new stuff.... and there is a lot of other great stuff too. Both Siga and I have made a concentrated effort to bring in collections that can be worn now and through the season. We like to look like fall in September, but nature is not always kind... which is one reason we live here instead of Las Vegas or Texas or Florida. I feel great as long as it is 70-degrees or cooler....42 works for me!

    Hope to get to see you guys when you are back from vacation.... or coming here on your vacation. We love sending packages of goodies to try, but we love seeing you even more!!! I am actually dying to meet some of you who have become friends I have never seen....

    415-362-3437 get you here.....

    Love and x0x0x0x....


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