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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Yes, Kati and I are getting more and more great new stuff before we move at the end of July.

    We are excited to hear that a lot of you are going to come visit us in our new Modesto store!

    I have new jewelry and new clothes this week.

    This NRK jewelry is made of flat steel wires in New York. The necklaces and earring are little pieces of art.

     photo DSCN9862_zpsh1acb3kb.jpg

    I love this NRK necklace with crazy balls of wire.

     photo DSCN9863_zpsbq3z3bvt.jpg

    And these are the really cool earrings. They are steel with silver posts.

     photo DSCN9864_zpswzyqdpod.jpg

    My other new line is Petra Mieren from Germany. This choker is stainless steel wires with black squares.

     photo DSCN9861_zpsx6dp3i6z.jpg

    The lucite on wire necklaces are really sophisticated and arty. This is the oblong shape on a long wire.

     photo DSCN9850_zpsvxhlnku7.jpg

    The oblong shape is bigger on the shirt length. It is hard to see here, but it is fabulous!

     photo DSCN9855_zpsfo1bbhtc.jpg

    This is the long cord with the frosted circle.

     photo DSCN9851_zpsl2oae7xx.jpg

    And this is the circle on a short cord. I think you will love this jewelry!

     photo DSCN9853_zpsruihj6uw.jpg

    My other new line is Beluva, and I bought it because it is made in San Francisco and comes in sizes that will work for my small customers too!

    This is the turquoise crinkled shirt (It is more green in person.) All of the shirts have black buttons and black stitching.

     photo DSCN9807_zpstgmmeoxy.jpg

    The Beluva crinkled shirts also come in red and white and periwinkle.

    I hope that we are going to get to see you soon. I have even more new things coming next week, so I can guarantee that you will have fun in my store (and get in trouble too!)

    You can call me at 415-362-3436.

     photo DSCN9810_zpsrjyugxay.jpg  photo DSCN9809_zps9990uu1y.jpg  photo DSCN9813_zpsk5hs6ehl.jpg

    My Krista Larson and Magnolia Pearl stocks are better and better every week!!! It is really exciting to see it come and see it go, and especially to see the creativity that so many of you bring into the shop..... I LOVE getting new ideas!!!!!

    I have a really nice selection of daffodil and lilac and oat and white and now black too!!!!

    Let's start with this lilac and white confection.....The white patterned silk organza Boleyn Cami over the lilac Short Pastry Slip that has a skirt involving layers of tiny striped cotton, tulle and silk organza. Underneath peeks out a lace edged Bloomer! Caramia from Hot Cakes made the special lilac crystal rope.

     photo DSCN9840_zpsyn1bug68.jpg

    I have lots and lots and LOTS of different fabrics and colors in the fabulous Cabbage so Pants.....

    I love this wide stripe linen one with a tiny stripe cotton Armadillo Tank! The little pooch necklace on a gemstone strand is by colorado artist Kristie Lea Payne...

     photo DSCN9820_zpsdjrvv6h4.jpg

    Here the wide stripe linen becomes the Cabbage Rose Tank..... over tried cotton Broadcloth Cabbage Rose Pants..... with a graduated bone bead rope.

     photo DSCN9874_zpsnutmspcc.jpg

    On to the always perfect black and white.... and maybe a splash of color?

    Here the black linen gauze Stellah Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirt works as a jacket over the butterfly print cotton voile Short Tunnel Slip.... all over my personal favorite skirt, the Pastry Skirt, in cotton with overlayers of tulle and organza. I don't think I ever leave the house (or Motel 6 at this moment in time!) not wearing one.... it is the BEST ever layering skirt!!!! Butterflies love flowers, so the big black rose necklace and a long onyx rope finish it all.

     photo DSCN9879_zpslwkseuzf.jpg

    Maybe a professional photographer could do justice to this spectacular piece?!?!? When it came in from production, Nikki, Krista's assistant, told me to just wait until I saw the black tie-dyed velvet Boleyn Cami with the gorgeous black buttons. Of course, I waited for six weeks until it was time to ship the black..... Well..... this is one of the most beautiful Krista pieces ever, and I just can't make it look any better!!!!! I would wear this over just about anything.....

    Here with the black cotton eyelet Umbrella Slip and lace trimmed cotton Bloomers. The pale green carved Mexican rose necklace with the onyx beads is perfect with the tie-dye tones.....

     photo DSCN9872_zpsz6ymwkv0.jpg

    This white patterned silk organza Boleyn Cami works with so many things.... here worn unbuttoned to show off the black with white striped patterned silk jacquard Cottage Slip and cranberry bead ropes.....

     photo DSCN9868_zpsqbp1aqat.jpg

    Here the striped silk jacquard Cottage Slip and cranberry bead ropes look so different worn with a striped ramie/cotton blend buttoned up Boleyn Cami!

     photo DSCN9869_zpsexfzue9k.jpg

    Hw about some whimsical pattern and texture mixing??? The polka dot cotton voile Pinwheel Shirt..... over a striped ramie/cotton blend Short Pinwheel Slip.... both over black cotton broadcloth Spring Pants...... with a big black rose necklace and long onyx rope.

     photo DSCN9878_zpsph1solqr.jpg

    LOVE the tie-dye (once thought of as SO un-Krista like...?!).....

    Here the tie-dyed cotton/silk satin (shiny side in!) Stella Button-Up Tank over the sheer cotton/silk check Short Tunnel Slip over dramatic white linen Cabbage Rose Pants. There is a clear butterfly necklace there somewhere too.....

     photo DSCN9838_zpssjw7u8oh.jpg

    I love the cotton tulle.... and keep wishing and hoping that someday Krista will make some tee shirts out of it for all of us..... hmmmm..... maybe she is reading this???....

    Here the black cotton tulle is double layered as a Billowy Shirt over a black/cream striped linen Umbrella Slip and lace trimmed cotton Bloomers. The ivory bird from Hot Cakes is new.... isn't it grand?....

     photo DSCN9871_zpsj73xmbja.jpg

    Don't even have to think about putting this together..... the butterfly print cotton voile Billowy Shirt and black linen Origami Pants..... and a black rose necklace and onyx rope.....

     photo DSCN9794_zps9hvbtkm4.jpg

    This time the Billowy Shirt is white linen gauze.... over a striped linen Cottage Slip and white linen Armadillo Pants (The pants have a really cute lace trimmed pocket on the side of one leg.... just in case you want to wear it with a short top.... and there are the regular in-seam pockets too!) This black rose necklace has brass accented beads too!

     photo DSCN9839_zpsvrtkaido.jpg

    I could not resist funking up this beautiful Krista Larson Pastry skirt that is black cotton with tulle and this fabulous patterned silk organza overlay..... with a Magnolia Pearl grey chalk cotton EverT and Krista's luxurious oat velvet Stellah Button-Up Tank...... and the beaded large carved rose necklace.....

    So much for Krista for this week.... I can probably make at least a hundred more outfits.... and you can too.....

    Remember that the most fun is being here (Then I get to play too!), but I am happy to send you things to try....

     photo DSCN9835_zpsghckosps.jpg

    There are those days when I have way too many things to do..... so what I do on those occasions is just goof around.

    In my case, goofing around consists of seeing what amusing things I can do with the store. Well, this day, I had gotten a few pieces of Magnolia Pearl (most of which I sold and had to re-order for this newsletter!.....) and I decided to try to do something different.....

    This Magnolia Pearl antique white linen/ramie Helaine Blouse with its beautiful cotton lace also comes in a beautiful shade of rose.... here with Krista Larson's oat striped cotton Cabbage Rose Pants and a small Hot Cakes carved rose necklace....

     photo DSCN9812 1_zpsrkotmpgi.jpg

    Krista Larson's black/cream striped cotton Cottage Skirt need something outrageous, so what better than to layer it over Magnolia Pearl's chalk Whistlestop Underjohns and then add the glorious antique white lace Marburger Blouse with French cotton lining.... and a black bird and bone hand necklaces.....

     photo DSCN9823_zps6rsrqxsy.jpg

    I just adore this Magnolia Pearl ivory light weight European cotton canvas Nell Dress with patches and lace and Civil War buttons!!!!! I have it layered over Krista Larson's hand-painted cotton Shirt Pinwheel Slip and oat striped cotton Armadillo Pants with a caramel colored carved bird necklace. It is so hard not to take this home, but we have limited space for beautiful things in our funny little room!

     photo DSCN9815_zpsgdh0bq9j.jpg

    I have had this beautiful Caude Monet printed silk Adelina Dress on Facebook, and the phone has been off the hook.... hope they have a few more!!! Such a special piece to own..... here with a Krista Larson oat wide striped silk taffeta Nikki Skirt and a big beaded carved rose necklace.

     photo DSCN9821_zpszrdzpsae.jpg

    .... and don't you love the casual mink Ever T with the wide stripe silk taffeta Nikki Skirt!? With fun shoes???

     photo DSCN9816_zpseqfuy5jh.jpg

    The Abbey Road Cosmo Jacket,,,, striped cotton on one side that can be turned inside-out to show off the tiny star pattern..... with wonderful patches and mending and eclectic selection of buttons..... over the grey chalk Ever T and Krista's black linen Athletic Pants..... and a feather necklace! FUN????

     photo DSCN9822_zpsjowvzzle.jpg

    This one would make my Display Fairy proud..... The Quanah polka dot Cosmo Jacket over the Krista Larson oat velvet Stellah Button-Up Tank and the fancy Pastry Skirt with the incredible pattered silk organza outer layer..... and why not add the Dandelion Flower Pin just because....

     photo DSCN9801_zps6iq8ouno.jpg

    This one is a close up because you just have to see all of the details! (....and, truth be told, I sold the pants!) The grey chalk French cotton Helaine Dress says "duster" to me! The fabric is soft and has beautiful patterns and mending..... with the Fair cotton/silk Abella Under-Over Victorian Lounge Top layered over Krista Larson's oat patterned silk organza Short Tunnel Slip..... lwith ong pyrite and onyx ropes of course to look totally FABULOUS!!!!!

     photo DSCN9800_zpsahnu2ml6.jpg

    This is simple.... you just have to love the white French cotton poplin Classic shirt with its long back and cross-stitched MP on the tab..... wear it with anything (or nothing).... here with Krista's black lace trimmed cotton bloomers.

     photo DSCN9842_zpswl8svrwr.jpg

    So there you have it.... and there is so much MORE!!!!

    Siga and I both hope to see you.... it is so nice to see many of you come to visit us before we move!!!!! It will be nice to see more of you too....

    415-362-3437..... call me!

    Love to you all..... and xoxoxoxox

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