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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at


    I have never seen Kati so excited!

    I was pretty excited to get my new European collection, Clemente from Germany, but I couldn't believe that Kati was even more excited than I was. I have also never seen her try everything the minute it came out of the box.

    That's why I get to go first in this newsletter.

    This first piece is a very dramatic and sophisticated coat. It is polka dot textured polyester - short in the front, swingy on the sides, and long in the back

     photo DSCN7185_zpsl9ibxulc.jpg

    This is the front of the fabulous coat.

     photo DSCN7180_zpsgi7w7ak2.jpg

    And this is the back.

     photo DSCN7182_zpszo0lfknj.jpg

    This coat also comes in a double sided fabric. This one is black with silver polka dots. When you turn up the cuffs, the fabric becomes silver with black polka dots!

     photo DSCN7167_zpsyql79slb.jpg

    And the back too.

     photo DSCN7173_zpsf0dcsobd.jpg

    You can tell that we love polka dots because here comes the same fabric as jackets and skirts! Kati is wearing the black short jacket with the curved asymmetric closing and pockets at the hem. She is wearing it with a beautiful skirt. The skirts are the opposite of the coats - they are silver with black dots.

     photo DSCN7188_zpspdhm1uek.jpg

    I knew you would like to see the skirt by itself. It is a really pretty fit with a soft knit band and a zipper in the back. The waist is perfect to wear with something you can tuck in. There are also pockets in the side seams, and I hear that you all love pockets.

     photo DSCN7217_zpslad5msnv.jpg

    And the polka dot jacket.

     photo DSCN7219 1_zpsvn5esj4v.jpg

    And the black skirt.

    You better let me know right away if you are interested in these dot pieces because I have a feeling that SOMEBODY is going to be taking some of them home.

     photo DSCN7218_zps8otma1vs.jpg

    You know how coo these pieces are when my model is willing to try coats on when it is so HOT!

    This long gray coat has a fabulous shape and easy to wear with anything all the way to next spring! It is light weight and perfect for travel.

     photo DSCN7194_zps7ushytny.jpg

    And the back of the long coat.

     photo DSCN7196_zpshkjvqbob.jpg

    The gray polyester is also pretty great as a tiered skirt with small double bands of tulle sewn into the layers. This is girls and sophisticated at the same time.

     photo DSCN7211_zpscudfzhra.jpg

    It is really, REALLY hard for me not to by every fabulous skirt that I see. I had to make hard decisions, but this asymmetric black one was too good to pass over. It is the perfect skin to wear with boots in the fall. It has a slightly bubbled hem and gathered stitch details in the front.

     photo DSCN7213_zps6kworjfh.jpg

    This is a seriously beautiful coat that is great if you are tall and thin. It is a gray and black stripe cotton/wool/elastane fabric that has just a bit of stretch. It is a long fitted body with a flared bottom.

    Now do you see what I am so excited about?

    Come see me or have me send you something to try.

    Siga at 415-362-3436 - or try me at 415-362-3437 in case I am up in our other store.

    You can also e-mail me.

    I LOVE the beginning of fall.

    I LOVE seeing you!


     photo DSCN7215_zpsyvtklmod.jpg  photo DSCN7216_zpse0dbeick.jpg

    Ok.... so I am totally jealous of this whole new collection of Siga's, and I am being extra NICE so that just maybe...... (I do think that I am going to be successful.....)

    Being nice really does matter..... I see so much of it every day. Whether it is in the three blocks that I walk to the parking garage or the occasional solo ride I take on BART, I am finding that many, many people are so totally nice..... we just have to notice them! It is sad that we only seem to notice the ugly and the rude behavior that we see or experience when there are so many positive things to appreciate.

    Young people open doors, give you their seat, take your shopping cart back to the store, tell you how NICE you look (That's an extra good one!) Homeless people give you directions, help you find things in the 7-Eleven (like the extra big drink tops!), or ask if they can help you carry something. Can we maybe notice and acknowledge these little things??? Everyone likes to be appreciated.

    Can we maybe try to personalize a very impersonal world?

     photo DSCN7230_zpsrctiizaq.jpg

    Ok.... off of my soap-box and onto the CLOTHES!!!!!

    You all know by now that I have a little Magnolia Pearl shop, and in the shop, with all of the pretty clothes, I also have some great big Magnolia Pearl posters..... I thought it would be nice for all of you to "meet" Robin Brown, the creative force behind it all.....

    And you can see some of my wear-now pales and naturals......

     photo DSCN7220_zpsmsu4jk1c.jpg

    I think that Robin has designed brilliantly for the hottest years that the planet is going to see by creating many, many visions in white (either that, of it is just always summer in Texas?!?!?!?)

    This European cotton Cecilia Dress has lots and lots and LOTS of the prettiest lace - from the bib to the hem. This one was barely out of the box when it was on yours truly..... and wasn't it handy that Siga was here with the camera???.....

     photo DSCN7012_zpsabhbumd6.jpg

    .... and the back is not to shabby either. I am getting to like the Magnolia Pearl colored undies look.....

     photo DSCN7016 1_zpsfuwyggs4.jpg

    The European cotton and fine French tulle Braesha Dress is something to behold! It has so much exquisite detail that I can hardly believe that it is all one dress!!!!!

    I notice that when I walk around the city in these clothes, people just come up and talk to me. I love that people are so fascinated......

     photo DSCN7223_zpsk8mwui0i.jpg

    This organic European thin cotton poplin Jonna Dress is simple and beautiful. It reminds me of a dress that I bough in Paris some decades ago. Back then, I was a buyer for a group of department stores based in Sacramento, and people would approach me on the street and say "What is that thing you are wearing!?!?!" Thank goodness that times have changed!!!!!

    I love the little magnetic antique tart pans.....

     photo DSCN7226_zpsd6iqrjam.jpg

    The European cotton Mishaa Dress has details that you just have to see close up.....lots of tiny pleats, gorgeous lace, and ruffles, of course. There is a drawstring in the back if you want to wear it fitted, but I just love it soft and loose......

     photo DSCN7224_zpsmjovo8l7.jpg  photo DSCN7225_zpsvc5etgrd.jpg

    There is no shortage of lace on the European cotton Monarch Blouse, which is certainly suited for one.... or any one of us.....

     photo DSCN7047 1_zpsgfiddvlz.jpg

    Then we have the whimsical and sporty side of MP.... The James Dean cotton tee is a SMALL piece, but I love it with all of its holes and patches and mending. It is perfect under the cotton Kagen Cropped Jacket with its pleated sleeves and front. This polka dot jacket is particularly interesting because it is the inner lining that buttons up the front. I have this with a pair of oat cotton Broadcloth Krista Larson Spring Pants and a leather pouch necklace by Christy Lea Payne.

     photo DSCN7081 3_zpsussmshuq.jpg

    The "Harley" cotton/silk Tilly Dress is a soft, easy shape with beautiful hand-embroidered details and rows of cotton lace. I have it layered over the "Sasha" Idella Skirt to bring out the subtle colors of the embroidered flowers and the lace....

    The necklaces are an antique tin-type pendant with a hanging crystal by Diana Frey, and a delicate beaded chain with a stone drop and silk tie by Tina Givens.

    This is a TINY bit of the selection of Magnolia Pearl that I have in the exploding little shop..... with even more arriving next week. Check it out on my Facebook page!

     photo DSCN7077 1_zpswyjb1mii.jpg

    The roses that Siga brought me before he left for Fiji are drying nicely, don't you think?

     photo DSCN7097_zpsox1zqgxc.jpg

    There will be more Krista Larson coming soon.... more of this nickel collection. All I need is some ROOM!!!!!

    The silk taffeta Spring Pants are a style that can be casual or really dressy, depending on how you choose to wear it. I went casual here pairing it with the cotton/linen striped Cropped Cardigan that has her signature hand-forged curly sterling silver pin wrapped in suede.

    The necklace is one of many by Teresa Goodall. Siga and I both love her work, so it is in both of our shops!

     photo DSCN7222_zpswlsxxryk.jpg

    I had WAY too much fun putting this one together!!!!

    I have had this LAST Play Dough Slip since last fall, why I do not know. It is this wonderful glen plaid fabric that just seemed to be perfect when I was looking for something to put with the graffiti printed cotton voile Short Pinwheel Slip. Of course, I had to add some black, hence the linen Origami Pants and the Super-Cropped Stellah Cardigan....

     photo DSCN7227_zpsjtakwzsl.jpg

    The butterflies are back!!!! The butterflies are back!!!!

    A friend of mine was literally standing on a street corner in Carmel writing my address on scraps of paper for people who were stopping her on the street in the fabulous silk organza Billowy Shirt. (Maybe I need to print some more business cards....just maybe???) It is the star over a black tank and linen Spring Pants!

     photo DSCN7228_zpsumasjczo.jpg

    I have heard a rumor, from Tina Givens herself, that I am going to be getting some new pieces from her in the next couple of weeks. Do not ask me what.... It;s sort of like Magnolia Pearl.... a surprise!!!

    This is her charcoal linen Peplone Jacket over her Rachel Pants..... nice and easy..... with a cream Magnolia Pearl Loren Tank and a Teresa Goodall necklace.....

    When it comes, it will be on Facebook. If you have never checked out our Facebook pages, be BOLD, be ADVENTUROUS..... click on the big blue button with the "f" at the end of this letter....

     photo DSCN7221_zpsrnsys8ct.jpg

    I really am ready for fall.....

    ..... with a wonderful collection of tops and pants and tees and cardigans..... and this flirty dress..... from Alembika. These pieces are reasonable and easy to wear.... to say nothing of distinctive and FUN!!!!

     photo DSCN7020_zpsexv4hb4k.jpg

    Also from Israel, I have things for everybody from Avivit Yizhar! This top is so cute that I have it in FIVE different combinations with black!!!! It comes in sizes, so there are pieces for smaller customers too. There are other tops and pants and a rather fabulous jacket.... all in four to five novelty fabric choices!!!!

     photo DSCN7229_zpsup2v9jvi.jpg

    So..... when are you coming to see us????

    Or you can e-mail or call to try what strikes your fancy.... 415-362-3437....

    We have something for just about any day except a snowy cold one!!!!

    I am leaving you with my major giggle for the day..... bar stools made from re-purposed mannequin legs. I spent my early life in Catholic school, so I like to think that this really is a bar because those poor nuns could probably use a drink!!!!

    Love you guys....


     photo IMG_0317_zpsxlmbq0vr.jpg

    Come on, click on the big square and see what you've been missing!

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