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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Happy middle of summer to you all!!! Hope you are enjoying the season, which flies by all too quickly ....Siga and I ran away from home over the Fourth of July holiday weekend and played tourist in our old home town. What fun to catch up on all of the changes and experience the energy of the city teaming with tourists from the far flung corners of the world. Now we are back and all ready to play store again....
    What a whirlwind the last week has been..... Siga and I have both gotten lots of great new stuff and have been borrowing hangers back and forth just to get it all out!!! .... and my store looked like a BIG whirlwind blew through it for a day and a half while I figured out what to do with it all.... Now we have two very fresh and pretty stores ready for you to visit....
    I have new sweaters from Skif.... all pretty pieces hand-loomed in St. Louis, Missouri. This series is all painted over the knit... a look that I really love.
    The gray pullover with the big white dots is the perfect backdrop for the newest from Irina Staricov..... the silk cocoon necklace shot with a gazillion tiny beads. This one can be casual like with this sweater.... or go quite dressy too...

     photo 181b078c-b20b-49c2-827e-c8ac4b16ea83_zps8efa21df.jpg

    This cowl sweater is actually a cream sweater painted over with black..... and how perfect with the black version of Irina's beaded cocoon necklace!

     photo e7b0e3de-0c62-4555-ae77-f64822a7edb6_zps7500652a.jpg

    For those of us who love drama.... the black pullover with the charcoal dots. And maybe you can tell who paid me a visit this week????.... another of Irina's new creations,the painted artwork cocoon necklace. I have a collection of nine new pieces.... each a one-of-a-kind.... each a stunner!

     photo 5759068b-e854-4cf9-9ce4-874962dbcb19_zps6e0da3ac.jpg

    On the subject of sweaters, this is a perfect cotton one for summer.... and air-conditioned too! It is Krista Larson's Cropped Holey Cardigan. The loopy silver closure is a hand-forged sterling pin. I have it teamed up for summer with Elm tiny black/white check linen pants and a black tank (so you can see the holes, of course...) Black and white painted silk cocoon necklace from my friend Irina.

     photo 97cb7465-821a-4ea5-8a6b-f849542a431d_zpsceaa7181.jpg

    I am going to let Siga go next because I have a Prisa collection that is VERY BIG!!!!
    All yours.....
    Hi, everybody!
    I just got my new Transparente pieces from Germany. They come in sizes now, so there is something for everybody.
    This is a very dramatic black and white jersey piece that is great with a big dramatic necklace like this one from Israel.

     photo 505ae2b8-c86c-474f-b297-f79e95a9d64f_zps5c373258.jpg

    All of my Transparente pieces are pretty bold.
    This stripe knit is easy to wear and loves the big gold square necklace to go with it.

     photo ad1445bb-36c8-4c9b-8433-615c164cc7ba_zps4d1ccfa4.jpg

    This long tunic is big and dramatic at the top and skinnier on the bottom. It looks great with leggings. The necklace is from my collection from Israel, a nice combination of wrapping and chain.
    The PANTS are fabulous. Kati and I have been selling the jersey "harem" pant for years and know that some of you are waiting for another pair. It is a very flattering style on everybody.

     photo b0346d22-6d2f-4b99-b629-a5f90f985c96_zpsabb6aea1.jpg

    This jersey style is called "stained glass". Nice to have a little color. The necklace is fabric "cherries" on a big silver chain.

     photo 7bc74a5d-fd23-49e1-a262-02bb56622cf8_zpsd5145893.jpg

    This "stained glass" top is all you need!

     photo 8b9f727f-42d4-4cc0-9882-3f8032eaab35_zpsde19ba5c.jpg

    This is a light-weight jersey knit. Black with gray is perfect all year long. Another one of my Israeli necklaces with big black and silver loops.

     photo f80e7cf9-31c5-418d-9b39-b6dad39dd2d0_zpsfdfec11a.jpg

    How cool is this long tunic that is stitched on the outside into a wonderful patchwork? So much of my best jewelry is from Israel!

     photo bcc75816-4cef-43ea-8cfd-8e4e2fd71ecd_zpsc899f3b8.jpg

    I fell in love with this fun cotton print - hats and masks and sunglasses.
    This cropped style can also be used as a jacket.

     photo efb1b927-099a-4e7a-9209-73f11bb3478b_zpsaaa933c7.jpg

    And this is the long cotton print shirt.

     photo 2bc5e2c5-ee68-4a94-9ed4-d4723c36aa1e_zps6321a830.jpg

    This is it for me for now. I have a shop full of things that are fun to play with and put together. I have great sale stuff too.
    I can send you things to try if you can't come see me. You can call me at 415-362-3436.
    But I really like it when I get to see you!
    Happy summer,

    Before I get into my massive (and fabulous!!!) Prisa collection.... how about a little fun???
    Fun meaning my new French socks!!!! I have been down to one last pair for months.....
    The new "socks" with the fun scalloped tops to fold down or not....

     photo a4cfc359-4900-40cf-8348-6543c68c65da_zps7e5f3812.jpg

    And the knee-his really are this time!

     photo 5e98042b-4a72-413e-85a5-342989caf073_zps2d6038f4.jpg

    The "uni sex" socks for all of us and guys who dare!

     photo fa204f65-3234-488c-bab8-cb04e807c2ba_zps7cf9788b.jpg

    OK.... new item that I think is pretty much fun..... arm warmers!!!!

     photo 962f2e83-a94f-43f1-b582-81cea187dada_zps3ab21f45.jpg

    I loved the new Prisa collection so much that I bought a lot of it in two color-ways!!!! This is a lot harder than it seems because you get to look at the sample of each style, and THEN you get to choose from about a million fabric swatches what you would like it to be made in..... tricky on the garments that have three different fabrics and you get to choose each piece!!!!!
    I love the gathered collar and tie pockets on this soft cotton/elastane jacket in black with subtle khaki stripes.... The ribbon flower is a nice little bit of color.
    The khaki pants with the pleated bottom are linen (an nicely wrinkled, I know!)

     photo dbaa15dd-d4d1-4216-8262-8c11f0800e06_zpsb690fe85.jpg

    .... and the same jacket in tiny black/white check viscose/poly.
    All of these fabrics are light and easy and perfect to wear from now until those scorching days of early fall!!!!!

     photo 17ec2e2c-a947-456d-80dc-f47d8733aac8_zps76436499.jpg

    A very popular style.... the "swirl" vest is longer in the back than the front. The front is a dramatic combo of the black/khaki stripe with the khaki linen - and some great buttons too!

     photo b2673d81-d8ee-4299-9c01-46b91e4cfc0f_zpsf15061c8.jpg

    .... and the "swirl" vest in crinkly black viscose/poly with the tiny black/white checks. I love this for summer with a white mesh tee.... for fall with black or a super color....

     photo cd6d221b-afc7-40a6-b610-1ffd0725e7b9_zps51bab14c.jpg

    You mention the word "hood" to me, and I usually run away screaming! Except.... there is something that Prisa does with hoods that just WORKS.
    The long hooded tunic is a combination of three fabrics (See what I mean.... and didn't it come out nice???)....black linen, black/khaki stripe, and khaki linen. The buttons that you see on the front are on the three pockets...
    Love it with the chunky choker of naturals!

     photo f8449709-c16b-49eb-8d6a-bc195d51d4ce_zps38edd20f.jpg

    The black and white version of the hooded tunic has some really cool swirly fabric for the most part, accented with the tiny checks and black linen.
    Amazing color combo the Irina Staricov cocoon necklace!

     photo 32a93e20-4cc5-48d5-85a5-b69abb2d1aa2_zps01941aac.jpg

    This simple linen top is a pretty mix of color..... with a pocket that I certainly hope everyone keep as decorative only! The all naturals necklace is from Teresa Goodall.

     photo a4cade61-14ac-4396-a7b3-10d36b33dbaa_zpsaf1bd45e.jpg

    .... and the same simple top in softer than soft crinkle viscose/poly.... with another Teresa Goodall necklace.

     photo 8f5d78de-7151-4bdd-b450-c58f9a3e12bf_zpsdee68eb3.jpg

    Makes you want to play tic-tac-toe???? This subtle combination of striped with textured viscose/elastane closes asymmetrically with big "prisa" buttons.

     photo 89ad7485-f7de-4dc0-9db2-bd64b0417b4f_zps238f9866.jpg

    .... and the same jacket in tiny checks trimmed with black linen and closing with big ridged buttons.

     photo d6fe9d69-7c3d-44a4-8e20-c1fd0b1e2df5_zpsc23f17c3.jpg

    This style is a repeat of last year's model in new fabrics.... black with khaki stripes, khaki linen, and then some more of the textured fabric. Big shiny "prisa" buttons!!

     photo dc7ca94f-fe92-4bf3-b767-2cedfa6a187d_zpsfc09a73c.jpg

    .... and I am down to just one of the same jacket in a gorgeous combination of textured black fabrics (This is why checking Facebook is a good thing!)
    The red poppy pin is another of Irina's creations.....

     photo 6df79e0a-5f21-46d2-adc6-c15bc5167354_zpsf787f611.jpg

    Whew!!!! That does the two color-way collection, so now....
    I have a couple of other one-and-onlys.....
    The all black textured coat dress with the tie cuffs that also makes a divine duster coat. The subtlety of this Irina painted cocoon necklace is perfect!

     photo a5d4f2ee-c72c-4086-8f81-656ea292473a_zps666cbc00.jpg

    Ok.... so I lied.... this may be the same coat dress, but it is also a one-and-only!!!! It is made of the soft crinkly black and tiny check fabric that is so beautiful to wear. I love it with long necklaces like these by Kathy Sparkman and My Sister's Art.

     photo 9240298b-6c4e-4b50-b768-5af7699c896c_zps40def506.jpg

    Siga thinks this would be the perfect dress for me to wear to Las Vegas (cringe) in August!!!! We are going to the clothing market there for the first time....???
    This easy balloon shape has great details.... pieces from black and khaki linen, it has inset "teardrops" of black and khaki linen and black/khaki stripes.
    Is Irina's necklace just perfect???

     photo a118069c-266d-41c4-acb5-32507b341cd2_zpscac3c27f.jpg

    The big easy jacket in black texture and tiny checks closes with the cool ridged buttons.... Perfect with the rumply black pants!

     photo 8ad7887f-6fd5-4bed-9749-74a1953be6c4_zps8a9e9cc5.jpg

    A cool and easy top for summer (and hot fall days!) in black and subtle stripes.... with a pin from Mama's Little Babies....

     photo 044f6198-94ac-4b23-baf4-6b23b33d6495_zps11911aaf.jpg

    What a whimsical work of art.... rumply black and tiny checks with panels and flaps and nothing but fun! Irina's....

     photo 256486b4-297a-4c4a-a3b4-e23ebcb2cfc1_zpsfd256fc1.jpg

    By now are you sure that I have lost my mind?????
    Adore this all knit top in rumply black and textured stripe jersey.... FABULOUS!!!! .... and perfect with the black rumpled pants.
    I do have other black pants in the collection.... and every one of them is pretty great.... ask me!
    The necklace is by Kathy Sparkman..... her designs involve you putting chokers together to make your own special piece..... this is three of the with a gorgeous pendant!
    OK... that's IT....

     photo 8947ac0d-502f-461a-a329-ece2ba67ad80_zps053a95c4.jpg

    .... and there are pretty things from Krista Larson and Magnolia Pearl and Tina Givens and Dress to Kill and Avivit Yizhar and Elm Designs.... and that's not even thinking about accessories......
    That's why it's fun to come play with us!!!!
    If you can't, I am always happy to send you things to try.... just call me at 415-362-3437 or e-mail me. It's easy and fun....
    Hope you are well and happy.... and be sure to see "Chef"....
    Big hugs....
    Cynthia Hipkiss..... the perfect summer sculpture..... and why some of us don't wear bathing suits!

     photo 4fc9170a-957c-41ae-ba47-d8c856037893_zpsc7e24952.jpg

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