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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    I cannot believe that it is already May.....WHEN is spring finally going to come so that we can start wearing all of our pretty things??? It was spring here in San Francisco earlier in the year..... now it is cold and windy and damp..... must mean that summer is coming..... all of the sweet elderly ladies in North Beach will be bringing out their black winter coats.....

    Let's celebrate spring anyway.....

    I am thrilled to finally have COLORS and prints and pretty textures.... so much fun to put together and photograph....

    Starting with the first part of Krista Larson's rhubarb collection - a truly gorgeous shade....

    Cinco de Mayo is always a big holiday in our city, so I put together a festive and frivolous outfit for my Facebook page...... The wide stripe silk taffeta Flower Vest (Notice how they made the flowers rhubarb with cream centers.... quite extraordinary!) over the cotton voile Short Pastry Slip with its skirt layered with tulle and then tucked silk organza, with the bubble tie-dyed silk organza Underpinning Skirt under it all. Each of these pieces is outstanding on its own, and I love the idea of casualing it down with some very spare pieces.....

     photo 9631a7d2-fe23-4f22-8064-9edd30518127_zpsidunp9s7.jpg

    The Flower Vest is also very pretty in the solid rhubarb linen, here over the fabulous wide stripe silk taffeta Umbrella Slip and the cotton/silk Stormy Pants.

     photo 4d428a1f-b5b0-4bff-a573-8d08efdf5455_zps9fkbucwx.jpg

    The Short Pastry Slip and Underpinning Skirt from the first outfit also make wonderful under layers for the cotton broadcloth Antoinette Cami. Antoinette is being retired after the summer, so be sure to get yours before they become collector's items!!!!!

     photo DSCN5736_zpsv5gxbpiy.jpg

    The rhubarb collection also has some very nice casual styles in special fabrics..... like the square patterned silk organza Kite Shirt that I have layered over a bubble dot tulle Single Layer Tee with linen Origami Pants. The big fluffy Dandelion Flower Pins go anywhere!!!!!

     photo DSCN5731_zpsb4cjmtod.jpg

    I LOVE Krista's new Athletic Pants with the outside seams, side patch pockets, and gathered elastic balloony legs!!!!.... here in linen and so perfect with the linen gauze Billowy Shirt.

     photo DSCN5732_zpsh34zsowx.jpg

    And then there is the Pinwheel Shirt that so many of you collect!!!! This one is done in a wonderfully texturey cotton/ramie lawn in cream with a rhubarb stripe..... and the linen Athletic Pants look pretty great with it too!

     photo DSCN5733_zpsboygpiua.jpg

    I know that you are all used to seeing the Smashed Cami as a finishing piece..... well, today I am using it as the under layer with the all cotton Super Cropped Stellah Cardigan and the linen Athletic Pants.... pretty cute, no???

     photo DSCN5734_zps45uqp2gi.jpg

    And finally we have the cotton broadcloth Parlor Shirt, with lots of pleats and waves and ruffles, shown as a jacket over the striped Smashed Cami and linen Athletic Pants.....

     photo DSCN5735_zpshng0cpc7.jpg

    .... and then there is more denim blue..... The denim/cream plaid silk taffeta Weekender Shirt over the denim/oat/cream stripe cotton/linen Smashed Cami and herringbone linen (GORGEOUS fabric!!!) Athletic Pants..... Great pieces each!!!!

     photo DSCN5737_zps9cbrdyql.jpg

    Casual.... but not so.....

    The bubble tie-dye linen gauze Pocket-Full-of-Posies Slip stars with a Pastry Skirt layered with tulle and tucked silk organza and a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee. I love to tuck the "posy" in the pocket....

     photo DSCN5739_zps5u7qdh5t.jpg

    Tina Givens always has special little surprises in unexpected places on her beautiful and simple shapes. The charcoal linen Fai Dress has a raw edge ruffle down one side, printed accents on the side and back, and little bits of organza at the hem. I have it here with white linen tie pants from Bodil and a new necklace from the Teresa Goodall spring collection.

     photo e2c5163a-86fb-4fbe-a149-0da1a570d856_zpsv8suw9dn.jpg

    This Tina Givens dress has just arrived, and I have already had to order more twice!!!! This natural mixed linen Selena Strap Dress has some special little surprises in the ruffled hem. Each dress is a little bit different..... with some bits of ruffle made out of vintage embroidered sequined eyelet!!!! The dress is a dream! I have it here with a Bodil white linen cropped jacket and Love Heals pearls.....

     photo 598fb03d-3f4c-45d6-823e-cd926958a125_zpskmn5ogx8.jpg

    The Selena Strap Dress show off Love Heals champagne pearls and an Alicia Van Fleteren silver chain with zircons and a baroque pearl......

     photo DSCN5672_zpss1n1lxrb.jpg

    Love Heals has planted over a million trees in developing countries, and they continue to plant ten trees for each piece of their jewelry sold.... I love that!!!!

    This rope is a beautiful blend of amethyst and fluorite gemstones, champagne pearls, and hand carved yellow bronze charms..... I love it layered with Alicia Van Fleteren's silver chain with delicate zircons and a big baroque pearl.....

     photo DSCN5680_zpsxktv8yfu.jpg  photo 363aa46a-c6d3-4e47-a394-e2fb502d5eba_zpsmpm9ejml.jpg

    How elegant are the Love Heals simple ropes of white or champagne or peacock braided freshwater pearls....?

     photo DSCN5690_zpssezqv3xx.jpg

    The Love Heals white braided freshwater pearls with Alicia Van Fleteren's silver and pearl and quartz necklace.....

     photo 0aa064c9-0c26-459c-8bde-d50819f800c3_zpshz89slfh.jpg

    .... and then there is the ethnic combo.....

    Love HealsLove Heals white alpaca chain features a hand carved white bronze charm, old African trade bead, and a Tibetan bone horn.... how perfect to pair with Alicia's silver chain with labradorite stones and a boar's claw..... Each necklace is pretty special on its own too!

     photo 2d4246c4-1421-41d1-9889-b38168fbe030_zpssenfviaq.jpg

    This Love Heals necklace has its own "layer".... faceted amethyst stones go all around, and then there is the layer of amethyst pearls..... both with double sided silver charms. The closure in the back is done with a charm too, so that the necklace can easily be doubled for a very pretty short piece!!!!

     photo 79d371b5-370b-4a35-b216-88623f4d131e_zpsljuatxa5.jpg

    This week I got to take a magical trip down memory lane and got more of some of my favorite Magnolia Pearl pieces..... and some new ones too.

    I know that it is hard to think about spring when we are freezing cold or buried in snow, so I thought that another round of fabulous might be a good thing.....
    The Athena Grace Dress has got to be my all time favorite, and the dress that I have kept ordering and ordering. It looks great on a size 8 and great on 16-18!!!! It is made of light weight linen and has lots and lots of fabulous detail both front and back..... distressed and patched eyelet in different patterns..... just YUMMY!!!!!
    One of these beauties is winging its way to South Wales as I write this, and another one is on its way to the Mid West. There is one more available before it disappears forever!!!.......

     photo 4a2b3fc1-7a7a-47db-9f73-9da1df43a859_zpsu8peic0v.jpg

    The French Farm Dress is another love!!!!! More of them are on the way to me because my Facebook customers are FAST!!!!!

    This is the dress I love to wear places like the Alameda Antique Flea Market because I can stash all of my necessities in the great big pocket and leave my hands free for delicious treats and unexpected treasures. This dress also makes you a lot of friends because many, many people want to talk about it..... some of the more astute ones just sigh and say "Is that Magnolia Pearl?!....."

    It is trimmed with eyelet and lace and can be worn SO MANY different ways....

    I will feature them again on my Facebook page when they arrive.....

     photo DSCN5701_zpsmdpp7he5.jpg

    The linen Nadja Tank Dress has a wonderful big pocket and amusing little patches.... and adjustable straps. What a cutie....

     photo DSCN5702_zpsgfhwic2r.jpg

    Layered is a nice way to wear the linen Nadja Tank Dress too..... here with Krista Larson's black cotton broadcloth Origami Pants.....

     photo DSCN5703_zpsdlo4n5jk.jpg

    .... continuing to play with pockets..... how fabulous is the European cotton flannel Murron Apron in the Nirvana plaid???? And it is perfect with the dark gray heather cotton knit Henley Top.....

     photo DSCN5705_zpsahcpgse8.jpg

    I ADORE the linen Adalina Top with patches of linen and thin cashmere!!!! I have layered it just because it's fun with the papyrus cotton/silk Vita Dress with lace and hand embroidered flowers..... and then the rough hewn patched linen Emmerson Work Pants. The necklace is another of Teresa Goodall's new creations.....

     photo DSCN5718_zpsbhcar0g3.jpg

    The organic cotton Wren Jacket is calling my name..... if one of you doesn't grab it fast it may be living in my closet.... or on my back. It is short and asymmetrical and has.... guess what?.... a great back pocket!!! It is the perfect mate for the polka dot patched linen Emmerson Work Pants.

     photo DSCN5692_zpsqn20gwul.jpg

    The Tina Givens chambray Candice Pant is making a guest appearance here because it is so perfect with the Magnolia Pearl European cotton LOVE Dress..... pretty patterns in patches of blue with hand crochet trim yoke and cuffs.....  photo DSCN5724_zps7lsgs1dk.jpg

    My love affair continues with the Wilberta Potting Shed Jacket.... in ANY fabric, but especially pretty here in the blueberry jam French flour sac cotton.... with the chambray Candice Pants. This Jacket can be worn as a big shirt. My favorite part is all of the simple hand stitching that makes it so very special!

     photo e1ed56e2-cda1-4276-9e3f-3f7b1df9b101_zpseoikwxs6.jpg

    I am loving spring as more and more special things keep rolling in....

    More Magnolia Pearl, Tina Givens, Krista Larson, and Skif coming soon!

    Look forward to seeing or hearing from you!
    Love you guys the best!....xoxoxox

    I am ending this with one of my very favorite Edward Gorey things.....
    If you can't read it, ask me.... it's priceless!

     photo DSCN5664_zpsqd3mx1y9.jpg

    Come on, click on the big square and see what you've been missing!

    My window is open as WIDE as possible..... Sunshine is streaming in..... and I am anxiously awaiting the first cool breeze so that I can turn off the fan that is sitting almost on my lap.....

    I know that some of you are out there shoveling snow, and that others are preparing for the next assault.....

    It is

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