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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    We just love the holidays..... what a wonderful time to catch up with all of those we know and love! It has been really nice for us to see our favorite visitors from England and Australia and Canada.... and all of you from our own back yard.....

    Siga and I are ready for the holidays, and the clothes and accessories that we have are perfect for all of the year as well as for the upcoming festivities. I love to layer it up most of the time, but the best thing about all of those layers is that each of the separate pieces explodes your wardrobe possibilities....

    This three-piece Krista Larson silk outfit is a perfect example of versatile pieces.... the fabulous army silk taffeta Origami Pants and Smashed Shirt with the graphic square silk Billowy Vest. The pieces are smart, sophisticated and EASY....

     photo cec78f4f-297e-4ecd-91e4-16599acdc32f_zps6789d89d.jpg

    And then there is the dramatic Kite Shirt in the same graphic square silk with the Origami Pants.... The chunky beaded necklace is one of my new pieces from Teresa Goodall.

     photo 6322c932-964f-4181-b199-a007877dbc0d_zpsd77cdf46.jpg

    The Origami Pants are also great looking with something shorter.... like this v-neck Skif sweater in wonderful shades of variegated yarn with just a touch of sparkle.... and another Teresa Goodall necklace.

     photo 5aaa418a-5da0-4df9-b874-6484edc6f517_zps4e1e0bd2.jpg

    This fall has brought us so many wonderful shades of green! This Skif cardigan has a fabulous shape! It is olive green that has been painted black, and is perfect with either the silk Origami Pants or the olive velvet Demi Pants from Tina Givens.

     photo 819a0abf-bc44-46e2-9884-03737d99d90b_zps4783880b.jpg

    The fabric appliqued Skif sweater is longer in the back than the front, and is just the perfect top for the fabric layered bottom Prisa pants. I love the whimsy of the antique tart pan magnetic pins as accessories....

     photo 8a9de71d-d758-44c5-80bf-8d82bafff452_zps38ae3b7f.jpg

    Hi - Siga here - I have gotten in fabulous new pieces from Moyuru. You know that I just love the Japanese designs, and it is hard for me to not buy everything they make!

    This is a really cool tunic that I think will look great with boots and jeans.

     photo 7355b0a5-bcc0-488f-af6c-d1fa76ece6ee_zps167ccb77.jpg

    This is a simple and easy dress made out of wonderful fabric. One of Kati's friends made a really super jumper out of it!

     photo 7b8d5912-8616-4bdf-8e38-fffe5e95b9c8_zps05764791.jpg

    And then I have the slim and beautiful black knit dress. It has great details that are hard to see unless you see it in person.

     photo 68ee70d2-ae9d-4aea-b1df-9984fd5f561c_zpsbeebb655.jpg

    This is another soft knit dress that is perfect for the holidays, and it also makes a nice jumper over a tee.

     photo 2cdaaffc-5191-42b6-9573-8113cfeb1192_zpsb18ed88a.jpg

    I have a hard time deciding which is my favorite Moyuru style - you can see why.

    This is a jumper you can do a lot with.

     photo 5b104bef-6487-4498-8e90-0f53069b4bfb_zpsaff60478.jpg

    The Moyuru shirts are different and dramatic. Kati and some of her friends like to "crazy button" their shirts. This shirt is already like this!

     photo e09f8814-4eb2-4949-9c79-3c6b43284c80_zps499ce04d.jpg

    A great big shirt with cool painted detail!

     photo 69b2ab6b-d717-43a1-95da-e75f00efef34_zps995dd435.jpg

    This is an amazing shirt - a real show-stopper!

     photo d2ba9910-6bae-4419-83a3-fc45398bc986_zps62932bec.jpg

    You loved my first Moyuru coats - now I have more.

     photo ea0f12e1-2ce8-417d-b91b-4c72cdf472eb_zpsb20c1f47.jpg

    This oversized coat has a great shape and cool asymmetric pockets.

     photo 444d596d-627b-41a6-aae2-31daba841f66_zpsee54bf82.jpg

    I enjoy having my own shop because I can buy the things I love and be a different kind of creative.

    Beautiful leather is one of my favorite things. This Rebel bag is the nicest, softest leather. It is hand-made in New York. The zipper goes all the way around and the nail-heads are a sophisticated look.

     photo 0f8314f8-dec6-49e0-acd6-00b52ea95eae_zpsd1e32161.jpg

    Kati and I both fell in love with Rebel when we saw it at the Las Vegas show. We decided that we could both have it because she loved the bracelets with the sparkles, and I liked the leather with metal. I like these because they are uni-sex. You know that means I have a couple.

    I have a shop full of wonderful things - more Moyuru, MSquare. ItemZ, Ron Browning, Xiao, LS, AMB, beautiful bags, cozy hand-warmers, and cool jewelry. I also have new things on my sale rack.

    I am hoping to see you before the holidays - it is the most fun to come in person. My customers have been having a great time when they come.

    You can also call me with questions or to order something at 415-362-3436.

    Look forward - Cheers!


     photo f99ab4d0-5e4a-48f7-995f-4924afda6499_zps0e1bf58f.jpg  photo 55944c39-269b-46f0-9297-95bab3e5b1d5_zpscdcc818e.jpg

    I do have a lot more to show you in clothing, but accessories are fun too. These sare great gifts for your friends..... or for you!

     photo e2fd4348-ccba-4e66-9d6b-d3883e33640a_zpsb9d74774.jpg

    My Dress to Kill polka dot Funky Hats are too much fun. I have a pretty nice selection of different dots, and I love that customers try on each one before deciding.....

     photo 07f31f45-3a04-4086-9090-0c739abe1410_zpsf147b3e5.jpg  photo 9e82e4ba-8977-42b6-a0ef-4a554df4d34d_zpsad4a1617.jpg

    My new Sox Trot socks have finally arrived.....

     photo b32fe0fb-b2d3-4259-aa3e-dca0a0e755b2_zps1496351a.jpg

    These French sock are uni-sex, so anybody can wear them!!!!!!

     photo a754dc4a-181e-4423-bbef-757c20426e17_zps7e85d6dc.jpg

    The scalloped cuffs make these knee-his extra special.

    If you like to be frivolous..... I ADORE these socks inside out with the "hairy" side showing. You can also do it with the arm-warmers and fingerless gloves...... I had a customer last week who loved the look so much that she wore hers out that way!!!!!!!

     photo 462d8cc7-81b6-45c0-aee6-7bdab998e9b4_zpseef2ebfc.jpg

    And then there are the arm-warmers and fingerless gloves......

    Siga has really beautiful cashmere ones.....

     photo b6e313af-d2ca-4e82-9fce-fcf7cdf31282_zpsf9406924.jpg  photo 8b518593-36a3-47e2-ba52-c3286f8adba4_zps4212564f.jpg

    I have beautiful felted "scarves" from Irina Staricov.... red tulips and white tulips..... and the new white lilies.....

    These are pieces that you are not going to see anywhere.... and everywhere that you wear them, you will get compliments galore!!!!!

     photo 94dd00cd-1af4-45c2-838c-abd7e897418c_zps5be47fc0.jpg

    This was a wonderful week for me.... new Krista Larson and Tina Givens and Magnolia Pearl..... it doesn't get any more exciting than that!!!!!

    The charcoal graphic square silk Umbrella Slip is stunning.... here simply put with a Single Layer Stretch Tulle tee and a crinkly tulle skirt by Dress to Kill.... and a special simple pendant from Teresa Goodall.

     photo 02629113-e546-4c05-a729-1de20b807208_zps7f0a480c.jpg

    Krista's Antoinette Cami is always a gorgeous piece.... and even more so here in the silver/black stripe sequin taffeta.... truly fit for a princess (or any one of us!) I have it layered with a Tina Givens black organza Angel Slip and Krista's cotton voile Long Underpinning Slip. I love how the stones in the center of Irina's silk flower mimic the shades of the cami.....

     photo a7d8bb5c-e9fc-4ac1-b763-bbf1eb58fa65_zps2ce9635a.jpg  photo ae790461-d330-4786-b79c-5446b2b94cb5_zpsd40c9644.jpg

    The silver/black stripe taffeta Play Dough Slip is fun to wear any-which way!!!! Here over the Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and Dress to Kill crinkle tulle skirt.... and with the silver stripe taffeta Cyclone layered over.....

     photo 04b67d8e-a820-44c0-bc85-d77819504a23_zpsf102b763.jpg

    Another magnificent piece... the medallion silk organza Short Wavy Slip. It is part of the charcoal collection, but it is more copper on black. I have it layered with Tina Givens black velvet Demi Pants and organza Angel Slip and a simple black tee. And how perfect is Irina's painted cocoon necklace???.....

     photo 62818dd4-a3f7-446d-89a2-ca98fc6b8964_zps82433e5d.jpg

    The Tina Givens black douppioni Betty Petticoat Skirt is the perfect "under" for the black velvet Jasmine Tunic that Tina just made for us!!!! It has a whimsical silk patch on the front that shows of the "fairy bottle" necklace.....

     photo 5ecf5008-ef66-42d4-a2b8-e8bb5b942396_zpsb178660f.jpg

    .... and then there is the re-order of the olive velvet London Dress and the Demi Pant.... I like to layer on the necklaces!!!!!

     photo 42fb1fc8-e25a-484c-8afd-22303be3b5e2_zps6026c983.jpg

    And then there is Magnolia Pearl.....

    I love all of the creativity that Magnolia Pearl inspires..... I love this combination of the blueberry jam Kerisa Top with the outrageously wonderful European striped cotton "Drawers".

    But.... this time I want you to see the individual pieces so that you can appreciate all of the amazing detail work......

     photo 485ae0b4-d2ee-4ef9-9b95-d6447d30d8ce_zps97c265bc.jpg

    And here you get to see all of the details.....

     photo a5469e22-1137-4230-92fa-d172e381400d_zps523f3ae9.jpg  photo 2243f17b-81c0-44a6-8015-7d6034ee56a7_zps47006f1f.jpg

    The lavender jam European cotton Nina Dress.

     photo d7d1e3dc-ffab-47e0-8aa4-351726835aa9_zps7a4fd3aa.jpg

    The "freckle" polka dot Annie Smock.

     photo 8f93ed21-747c-4558-a64c-469ce82491da_zpsca31c87b.jpg

    The ivory European cotton Annie Smock.

     photo 1d57dad2-4c0c-4473-a24a-882afea87e63_zps7ceab92d.jpg

    The hand-woven European linen Browen Potters Jacket in natural or white.

     photo a029cbf5-271e-4baf-9f07-4f7d53db42f6_zpse9ec72ca.jpg  photo 9369cc79-167a-43a6-9c6a-8331c7b6ff00_zpsb514ac01.jpg

    The "Lovie" European cotton print Clover O'Grady Dress.

     photo 18c752af-c9db-4186-81a9-66e1c2c319cd_zps2a0a055c.jpg

    The antique white linen Virginia Woolf Top.

     photo 51186ab2-56ac-46d4-b84b-fdb009a5857a_zpsbec19e9e.jpg

    And the incredibly girlie Himalayan Sea linen Nanny McPhee Jacket with lots of pretty stitching and eyelet details.

    Magnolia Pearl is constantly changing with limited editions of their styles. If you love it get it now.... before they are on the something else.....

     photo b547b6c6-857c-4d51-abd1-19a4d47c0619_zpsb23671f7.jpg

    So... can you believe the new???? Siga and I are feeling incredibly enthusiastic about all of the cool things in both of our shops.... sometimes I even go shopping in his store because he has so many things that I adore.

    We do have great gift stuff to for the holidays.....

    We both look forward to seeing you! We are also happy to send you things to try....

    You can e-mail me at katikoos@ymail.com or kati.koos@aol.com, or you can call me at 415-362-3437. You should also check me out at katikoosthestoreonfacebook!!!!!

    Siga's Facebook address is sigabarionfacebook.

    Love and big hugs to you all!!!!


     photo 26d36cf2-408f-4204-84cc-74dea0c03084_zps6e812c20.jpg  photo 203edf45-fff5-4734-8f86-536e16d3eb2c_zpsdc35f0a6.jpg


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