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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    It is finally starting to feel a little bit like spring because the almond trees are starting to blossom here in the valley. They are so pretty!

    Kati and I are getting new spring merchandise every week now, and sometimes several times a week. It is really exciting.I am really excited to go first this time because I have a new line that is so fabulous that Kati insists on paying me retail for the pieces she takes!

    This is Rundholtz Black Label, a collection that I have wanted to have for years, and now here it is. All of the pieces are made of really beautiful cotton with a distressed look.

    This is either a fabulous big long shirt or sort of a cool duster. It is big and roomy and looks good on just about everyone.

    This is the gray one.

     photo IMG_4071_zpstzcc9cuy.jpg

    The same great big shirt in the dark.

     photo IMG_4072_zpsnaiyy2im.jpg

    This jumper/tunic is amazing. There is an asymmetric zipper in the front, and another one in the back that completely changes the size. You can wear it if you are really tiny.... or not so tiny.

    The front all zipped up.

     photo IMG_4073_zpsew6gbiwd.jpg

    And the back all zipped up.

     photo IMG_4074_zpsvt2pqmys.jpg

    This is the front of the same style with the zipper undone in the back. This is the dark.

     photo IMG_4075_zpsibophdu5.jpg

    And this is the back. See..... it fits everybody.

     photo IMG_4076_zpshx0aqabd.jpg

    I really, really like this collection so much that I bought some of the styles in 3 colors.

    This is the white in the same style.

     photo IMG_4077_zpsdcrqpwrt.jpg

    This knit trimmed style is great for slim figures. It has a hidden button front and big side pockets.

    The dark one.

     photo IMG_4068_zpsw9va1ol0.jpg

    The white one.

     photo IMG_4069_zpsu7mjis99.jpg

    And the natural one.

     photo IMG_4070_zps1lhg58hs.jpg

    The last style has an asymmetric zip front and center pockets. It comes in three colors too.

    The light one.

     photo IMG_4079_zpseufq24rk.jpg

    The dark one.

     photo IMG_4080_zpswpzalxsc.jpg

    And the white one.

    My customers who have already purchased these new pieces love them!

     photo IMG_4081_zpsjvlv6z1g.jpg

    The other new pieces I have come from IC.

    This is a really cool black and white print top with black tulle trim. It looks great with any black pants, but I have one pair left of these fabulous Avivit Yizhar pants that look perfect with it too.

    My "firecracker" necklace looks good with it too.

     photo IMG_4083_zpszy36iqqq.jpg

    My white and black fishnet jackets are back by popular demand. I was having to special order them one at a time, so I just decided to get more this time.

    The white one is over a black and white tie-dyed tulle tee. Cool?

     photo IMG_4087_zpsm6rrkmkg.jpg

    And the black one.

     photo IMG_4089_zps9aohurdf.jpg

    I am loving these bright colors for spring in a pretty new style. The black buttons make it perfect to go with slim black pants or a black skirt.

    The fuchsia one.

     photo IMG_4085_zpsxdsrf1gz.jpg

    The acid green one.

     photo IMG_4086_zps5wjj93e1.jpg

    These are my newest things for spring, but there is a LOT more in my shop already.

    Come by to see us, or else I can also send you a package of goodies to try. You can e-mail or call me here at 209-284-0873.

    We are open from Tuesday through Saturday from around 9:30 to at least 5:30. We are sometimes late in the morning, but we never go home early!

    Cheers! siga

    Ok, so those fabulous Rundholtz things of Siga's are a hard act to follow, but I shall do my best.....

    Besides both of us getting a lot of new spring merchandise, it is in to see how many of our friends are coming down to see us as the seasons change.....

    Michelle and Alan and their adorable Posey from Sonoma.....

    Sheira and Candy and Nick from San Jose.....

    Marie from Moraga.....

    ..... and kudos to those of you who drove down during the dreadful storms to brighten our days!!!!!

     photo IMG_4091_zpsmvdlddio.jpg

    Magnolia Pearl always feels fresh and springy!!!!

     photo IMG_4090_zpsa3ht47ji.jpg

    Magnolia Pearl's photographs are always so amazing that I want mine to look as great...... however, I am always searching for PANTS to put her outfits together.....

    MP's dove blue Ines French embroidered silk Classic Shirt with the cotton/silk polka dot Abella Under/Over Victorian Lounge Top peeking out at the neck now has a "friend" in the Tina Givens dark denim Baggy Jean with pretty fabric patch detail......

     photo IMG_4044_zps1kelhhpa.jpg

    I love having a few new pieces of Tina Givens back in the shop..... and I am holding my breath and crossing my fingers that there will be more coming for the season.....

    We all need a perfect duster coat for spring.....

     photo IMG_4050_zpsom5d860g.jpg

    Tina Givens' Googie coat is charcoal cotton with tiny woven square polka dots in shades of caramel and sage and blue and lavender and rust......It will go so perfectly with many colors you are wearing now and into the spring! I have it here with the Magnolia Pearl Water Boys Tee and Tina's denim Baggy Jeans.....

     photo IMG_4045_zps7mtwdbme.jpg

    I am guiltily sitting here in my Tina Givens velvet trimmed fleece Lily Tunic. It is gorgeous outside today, but it is also COLD, so it is perfect..... This jumper has a wonderfully cute balloon shape with fun details and velvet patches in the back...... and the velvet piece in the front is the flap that covers a pocket!!!!

    I have only a size small left (six 8 - 10), but there will be more arriving in about ten days, so if you want one of those..... let me know NOW.....

    I borrowed on of Siga's great white shirts to show with it, but I am wearing a tee under mine.....

     photo IMG_4048_zpsn4xdr2dr.jpg

    ..... and fresh for spring..... the cafe au lait linen Lucy Dress with drawstrings both in the front and the back to pull up or down as the mood strikes you..... over natural linen Rachel Pants with tucking detail at the hem....

    The flat rose necklace and graduated bone beads are from Hot Cakes.

     photo IMG_4056_zpseiuhi7ww.jpg

    Wonderful separates from Kiyo come in sizes from extra-small to extra-large..... something for everyone! The styles are so cute that it is impossible to buy just one!

     photo IMG_4092_zpsoalnpq6p.jpg

    This hand made card from Olivia Thomas expresses just how I feel about Krista Larson's new oat collection....

     photo IMG_4095_zps0yeeggut.jpg

    Krista does some incredible special fabrics in each one of her collections, and the embroidered linen of this Billowy Smock Dress is one of them! I love to add to the texture with a couple of her small fabric flower pins.

    Underneath is probably the most incredible skirt she has ever made..... the Bakery Skirt with lots of pretty pleating and dimensional flower details!!! And, would you believe, this is cotton?????

     photo IMG_4012_zpsdhdi4iqt.jpg

    I know it is a bit sinful to put gorgeous and incredible with even more gorgeous and incredible, but I do love the embroidered silk taffeta Boleyn Cami with the cotton Bakery Slip!!!!! All it needs is the Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee underneath..... and then the mixed media Tina Givens necklace and Caramia's flat rose......

     photo IMG_4020_zpsjxp5j0cc.jpg

    The Boleyn Cami is pretty awfully cute in polka dot cotton lawn too...... over the Bakery Skirt and Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee.... with a festive little lower pin.....

     photo IMG_4014_zpsvxbnlbxb.jpg

    The Bronte Dress is a dream in that it is a very pretty dress (that can be fitted with the inside drawstring in the back)..... or a very pretty duster!!!! I have it here, in the textured stripe silk taffeta decorated with a couple of small flower pins, over a cotton jersey Armadillo Slip and polka dot cotton Bloomers with beautiful lace trim at the bottom.....

     photo IMG_4058_zpsag6vbru6.jpg

    Pinwheels both!!!! The eyelet cotton Pinwheel Shirt over the polka dot cotton lawn Long Pinwheel Slip..... with a tie-dyed Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee showing at the top, and linen Spring Pant at the bottom. More flowers...... after all.... it is getting to be spring!

     photo IMG_4065_zpsalbgasyt.jpg

    Love, love, LOVE that Long Tunnel Slip...... here in dark oat stripe seersucker cotton over light stripe cotton lace trimmed Bloomers..... with a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee....and a Tina Givens rope necklace and Caramia's flat rose one....

     photo IMG_4010_zpspkqwiqfz.jpg

    Yes!!!! It was way too much fun layering this one up.....

    The polka dot cotton lawn Stellah Shirt.... over the lace linen Umbrella Slip....over the striped seersucker Long Tunnel Slip.... over the striped cotton broadcloth Cabbage Rose Pants.... with a tie-dyed Singe Layer Stretch Tulle Tee. I love to put flowers in unexpected places.....

     photo IMG_4067_zpsvn8hlbul.jpg

    I can do simple and sophisticated if I really have to.... but this one I like.....

    The tie-dyed linen gauze Kite Shirt over a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee with linen Armadillo Pants.....with a LONG pyrite necklace and bronze swan pendant.

     photo IMG_4022_zpssbvigqe9.jpg

    Then there is casual and EASY..... the cotton jersey Armadillo Slip over a tie-dyed Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee with lace trimmed polka dot Bloomers...... and a swallow necklace from Hot Cakes.....

     photo IMG_4063_zpszupuk9sa.jpg

    More casual and easy.... the cotton Cropped Market Cardigan with a loopy suede wrapped silver pin..... with striped cotton Cabbage Rose Pants.

     photo IMG_4052_zps75wddl1l.jpg

    The Cropped Market Cardigan comes in jade too.....

    This is a heavy cotton sweater...... great looking, but not if you live in Florida!!!!!

     photo IMG_4054_zps02xa3hra.jpg

    The cobalt Cropped Market Vest is merino wool/alpaca.... a nice cool weather combo. LOVE it here with Tina Givens dark denim Baggy Jeans!!!!

     photo IMG_4042_zps9wootnvx.jpg

    This is a tad bit of the beauties that are in the shop right now.... it goes and more comes. With Krista Larson, most of the items are one time things because there are so many choices.....

    And speaking of choices....WE WILL BE CLOSED ON TUESDAY, MARCH 14...... we will be in Los Angeles doing our buying for the fall....Yes! ALREADY. We are taking an extra day because there are just too many opportunities to explore and choices to make for the fall and winter. And just writing Krista orders takes almost 8 hours!!!

    We look forward to seeing you sometime soon..... and to sending you boxes of goodies to try until we do.

    My phone number is 209-284-0326...... or just e-mail me here because it is easy!!!!

    Olivia Thomas, who made the wonderful card you saw earlier, and who makes all of my folk art dolls (more coming!!!) is making a series of velvet or velveteen hearts on crinkly ribbons. The pendants are hand sewn with special little beads and charms.The first one is here..... perfect companion to Caramia's champagne and sage crystal ropes on Magnolia Pearl's white European cotton Evelien Dress.......

    Happy almost spring to us all!!!!

    Love you....


     photo IMG_4098_zpsveumav3m.jpg

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