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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    It's that time of year when we all get together with our loved ones to be thankful.......

    Siga and I are thankful each and every day for all of our blessings, and we make an extra effort whenever we can to be grateful for the things that we so take for granted in our lives. We look at all of the ease and comfort we enjoy that is provided to us by those we sometimes don't even notice.... and we appreciate the contribution that every person gives to our quality of life. Last year I was especially moved by the difficult life of the farm workers who harvest our crops.... this year I am amazed by the all of the people who offer us the services that make life civil, and how they do it while remaining somewhat invisible....

    Siga and I are also grateful for all of you!!!! You are the ones who have enabled us to do what we love for what will be 22 years on the day after Thanksgiving.... THANK YOU all for encouraging us and being our loyal supporters....

    Siga and I have had a steady stream of new clothing and accessories flowing for the last few weeks, and we LIKE it!!!!

    We are going to share this newsletter back and forth.....

    kati.... It is finally getting to be COLD for some of you.... I know my friend Kaye in Colorado is cooking up homey and delicious soups and stews as the weather dropped 50-degrees! For those of you cold and lucky ones, I have the Awesome Coat from Dress to Kill. One look at this delicious black wool number and you will know why Jane named it that.,,,, a great balloon shape with big bold buttons and pockets in the front. It is a stunner! You can be using some of Irina Staricov's accessories..... the little felted bag with poppies comes with the pin that I have decided to put on the shawl collar of the coat....

     photo 69216a2f-4a89-4b34-bab5-b70db9107164_zpse9965e37.jpg

    kati.... I always say that I don't sell hats, but I cannot seem to keep the Dress to Kill Funky Hat in stock!!!! Scrunchy with a whimsical flower, these fleece hats are not only fun, but they seem to fit everyone.....

     photo 9e1f3b66-77b5-4f99-a89a-e4a2ae563e64_zps41d391ba.jpg

    kati.... The Funky Hat comes with little nubby red polka dots too!

     photo 6919fa00-62fd-4c89-93b2-e31fb82b564d_zps2b01bc2a.jpg

    siga.... I just got a great new group of knits from ItemZ. The knit is a textured wiggly stripe that comes in black/red or black/charcoal. All of the styles are one-size-fits-most, and easy because they are perfect with your favorite black pants or skirts.

    This Cropped Jacket can also be worn as a top.

     photo 876fa4bb-b192-4491-bb87-12dca23769ef_zps9127acc8.jpg

    siga.... The Cropped Jacket in the black/charcoal combination with some nice knit Moyuru pants.

     photo 89ccbd72-5c2f-4b05-a885-b36b6f353de3_zpsc39d5ce6.jpg

    siga.... The Cowl Jacket in the textured stripe is a great piece. It can be worn with the collar up or unbuttoned, and it can give you the look of a short duster.

     photo 5ad56c7c-ed2c-4f63-a5b6-c0d8403514f4_zps165aa5c4.jpg

    siga.... The Cowl Jacket in the black/charcoal stripe is very smart looking!

     photo de0a83f7-33b4-4e40-9005-81d95aa2fbbc_zpsee4e907c.jpg

    siga.... Now, this is a piece that really is one-size-fits-all! The Open-Side Vest is long and dramatic and easy to wear. I have put it with my Moyuru black knit top and pants and one of my gold ring necklaces from Israel.

     photo 1f807a70-d008-4561-aa37-81d3b7d52722_zps57479727.jpg

    siga.... I love the Israeli necklace with the layers of silver circles to go with the long vest in the black/charcoal combination.

     photo bfc66fd9-dfda-4359-a55b-d43dbf8e8740_zps62fdcc53.jpg

    kati.... This is only the most GORGEOUS Susan Riedweg bag that ever lived!!!!! First of all, the distressed glazed gray leather is glorious, and then you have all of the special details.... knotted cord straps are adorned with conduit and leather.... the long side pocket closes with a pounded metal button like those at the end of the zipper-pulls.... the inside is lined with charcoal suede and has two zippered pockets....and....and....and....

     photo 64c804f4-90a6-4629-ac51-a3fb75ed6856_zpsf4ca08f8.jpg  photo e06bb22f-85e3-4fe5-9cb6-e2c0eb76b0a3_zps4c49610b.jpg

    kati.... It felt like a holiday this week when my two fabulous boxes of Tina Givens arrived!!!!

    This is the Clara Coat.... it is big and cozy and wonderfully fun.... black sweatshirt fleece with beautiful brown leather ties and trim around the pocket AND more leather and fabric patches in special places. It is plenty roomy for a sweater underneath!

     photo f65be966-21ad-4e05-b34e-c7a909844c54_zps0277f88b.jpg  photo f19baf1b-3964-450b-b5aa-093caa4e6cc9_zpsd8579f54.jpg

    kati.... Tina's olive velvet is to-die-for. Trimmed in black, the London Dress and the Demi Pant are going to be THE outfit for the holidays.... and all the time before and after. REMEMBER.... Velvet is NOT just a dressy fabric.... wear it with your jeans and boots. It LOVES to be worn. I wear it all through the fall and winter and into early spring.... and I know a lot of you now do it too!!!!

     photo 4fff867f-7891-487a-9093-be078cf52b88_zpseac3554c.jpg

    kati.... You can dress it up with some of my beautiful rope or necklaces from Love Heals......

     photo e20da54c-6b6f-41a2-a21e-fb58f1331503_zps41156de5.jpg

    kati.... or make it more casual with the fleece Peyton Crop.... trimmed in olive velvet!

     photo d88474c4-4abe-41ac-919c-292f16d6f75a_zpse04fb535.jpg

    kati.... The Simplicity Dress Straps is a simple and easy piece in black velvet with a nice scoopy neck and subtle details at the sides of the hem.... and it has POCKETS in the sides. Simplicity is the go-to live-in piece that you will wear and wear..... I have it layered over the Betty Petticoat, which is a skirt. It is black silk douppioni trimmed with bits of white at the sides. It is LONG and FULL.... really a PETTICOAT!!!!!

     photo ca8def30-727d-4eef-bab1-dba563038e1f_zpsd817236c.jpg

    kati.... I adore the Angel Slip.... an ethereal ruffled black silk organza piece with just a touch of velvet ruffle on one side. I have layered it over a simple black tank and the Betty Petticoat.

     photo b92624f6-7f29-4bd3-885c-954768b511e6_zpscb134802.jpg

    kati....I thought you might like to see the Angel Slip all on its own to see the lovely details!

     photo 25cbfd01-09e1-4bab-8896-8c8848b6f9c4_zpsee47dffb.jpg

    siga.... Kati is already wearing her MSquare Balloon Pants like these. She is getting lots of compliments. The pants are soft knit at the top, with pockets, and then the pant legs are made out of squares of taffeta embroidered with polka dots and circles. They are too cool!

     photo eab471eb-8979-4c0f-95dc-72da855ed0af_zps12f87571.jpg

    siga.... Here is a close-up picture of the embroidered taffeta.

     photo 0d768bba-cfad-43a7-895a-fe4265ca4ff5_zpse0e78f5a.jpg

    siga.... I am really happy to have more of my AMB tees. These tees are all one size (tiny), and they stretch to fit up to a size 14. They fit TIGHT, so they are perfect to layer. They make wonderful "sleeves".

    I have "Paris" in red, white, blue, orange, and acid yellow/green.

     photo 2df81b23-22be-4f13-8ef3-d9809ac05c50_zps72657387.jpg  photo fd60ee7f-8d17-44c4-b4e9-caa6cceb646b_zps8a83f4ca.jpg

    siga...."Stripes and Flowers" in red or orange.

     photo 383a6e56-9bcc-49fa-aab7-e69c8a8b85b0_zpsd4056fcb.jpg

    siga.... "Mom Stuff" in yellow or blue.

     photo 466b3ade-bf8a-44b4-96e4-7d3e78068bfd_zps8d6efefa.jpg

    siga...."Psychedelic Roses" in blue or green.

     photo 92ccbdd3-8409-419e-bba3-ec46717c8230_zps3520c0eb.jpg

    siga.... "Fancy Work" in brown, blue, or yellow.

     photo 640d92d3-1357-47c8-a1fc-37d136440a9d_zps6722382e.jpg

    siga.... NEW from AMB - LEGGINGS! These are my first pairs of army.

     photo f4c726b0-290c-4c0f-9aa2-b0a43a4daa02_zps21cc33c4.jpg

    kati.... And we all know what comes after the thankfulness.... the shopping frenzy. We don't get all caught up in that, but we do like to have fun and easy little gifts for just about everyone.

    First in are my new men's socks..... we need great gifts for guys, and who doesn't wear socks (OK.... I know.... topsiders and bare feet...) These socks are only $12 a pair, and they are welcome gifts indeed1

    Women's sock coming soon!

    Siga and I are going to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.... although, who knows?..... you may be hearing from us when new stuff arrives next week!!!!

    Love to see all of you who have been stopping by!!!! Would love to see or hear from the rest of you too....

    siga....415-362-3436.... suite 220 at 500 Sutter

    kati....415-362-3437.... suite 602 at 500 Sutter

    LOVE you guys....XOXOXOXOX

    kati and siga

     photo 700f8ac0-407c-48cb-b8f3-096010571280_zps856119a3.jpg  photo 81dfd8c1-8ad5-412e-9142-a14d11d0b4da_zps3444eac0.jpg


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