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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    Wow!!!! When winter comes.....

    I guess that all of us are having WEATHER of some sort these days......we wake up some mornings thinking that the sun will never shine again, but then.... The nice thing for us here in California is that most likely brown will not have to be the color of lawns next spring!!! Siga and I used to drive to work in San Francisco along Geary Boulevard, where the planted medians all had signs reading "Brown is the New Green!"..... So excited to think that GREEN green will be back in the spring....

    BUT, no matter the weather, I am always thinking about looking great and feeling fabulous, and Siga and I certainly have what it takes to achieve that.... More and more clothes appear each week....

    I was thrilled and amazed to see what shopping talent is out there.... kudos to Linda and Yvonne for being able to spot their favorite pieces from photos of my rolling rack jumbled with new Krista!!!! NOW you get to see it put together.....

    I am gong to start out with cozy and casual, because some of Krista's sweaters and sweatshirt cotton styles are ones to be living in now....

    The black merino wool/alpaca Cropped Market Cardigan is a luxurious and beautiful piece with its huge leather wrapped curly silver pin closure..... here with a smoke/black wide strike silk taffeta Billowy Shirt and smoke linen Origami Pants.

     photo IMG_3325_zpsejl0o8ec.jpg

    The Black/Clay Cropped Market Vest in the same soft merino wool/alpaca yarn also comes with the big sterling pin.....here with a subtle striped clay linen Kite Shirt and clay/black striped linen Origami Pants... with a Magnolia Pearl polka dot silk scarf.

     photo IMG_3327_zpskhrrgpyu.jpg

    My never-ending love affair with the Billowy Smock Dress is a good thing! It can be worn so many ways..... including the way that I never seem to show you, which is as a short dress.

    The soft black herringbone wool Billowy Smock Dress is shown here open as a short duster over the smoke/black stripe cotton Cottage Shirt and smoke linen Origami Pants..... with a polka dot wooly Dress to Kill Hat to keep your ears warm...

     photo IMG_3334_zpskj5etkzm.jpg

    The Billowy Smock Dress is pretty awfully good with skirts and dresses too...... here in a tiny houndstooth wool over a black Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee, black cotton Short Pastry Slip with layers of tulle and silk organza, and a black/ white polka dot cotton Petticoat Skirt (How much cuter can it get???)... and a gorgeous Tina Givens mixed stone, bead, and metal necklace.

     photo IMG_3371_zpsi1nzuqkr.jpg

    It does not get much comfier than the black Japanese sweatshirt cotton Kite Shirt over the smoke sweatshirt cotton Origami Pants... so one might as well give it a touch of whimsy too, with the sparkly sequined long cotton scarf!

     photo IMG_3378_zpszqgnrxjm.jpg

    I don't think I ever have the Long Sleeve Stellah Dress in the sweatshirt cotton for more than a day or two.... maybe because it is FABULOUS?!?!?!?! Here in black over the clay plaid taffeta Billowy Shirt and black striped taffeta Origami Pants.... with a couple of Hot Cakes onyx ropes....

     photo IMG_3403_zpsvrlbuke5.jpg

    Nice that if something comes with buttons.....

    The black sweatshirt cotton is also pretty fabulous as a Stellah Slip..... here open as a long vest over a clay butterfly print cotton Billowy Shirt and clay/black striped linen Origami Pants.

     photo IMG_3401_zpsqldtk345.jpg

    The smoke/black stripe cotton Cottage Shirt is cute as ever with black taffeta Armadillo Pants! I LOVE this strike cotton fabric..... I am thinking of devoting one day on Facebook to nothing but the styles that are available in this wonderful stripe.....

     photo IMG_3328_zps6venkby9.jpg

    How much do I love the simplicity and fabulousness of this outfit..... let me count....

    The black velvet Armadillo Shirt over the cream/black striped taffeta Mason Skirt with the just perfect rose necklace and graduated rope from Hot Cakes.....

     photo IMG_3370_zpsljtflr8k.jpg

    I have finally gotten my black cotton Cropped Stellah Cardigans!.... So perfect to go with the polka dot silk charmeuse Pinwheel Cami and the tartan plaid Pastry Skirt. Necklaces by Alicia Van Fleteren.

     photo IMG_3379_zpskxx4svqu.jpg

    I think that this might POSSIBLY qualify as my over-the-top outfit for this newsletter....?!

    I must admit that I stole this idea from Krista because I love the way that the lace from the top of the smoke/black striped cotton Gracie Slip lies perfectly over the top of the black silk organza Short Tunnel Slip..... under it all are the black Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee on top... and the tartan plaid Petticoat Skirt on the bottom. I think the simple cherry necklace is maybe all it needs....

     photo IMG_3305_zpsd7reqkpb.jpg

    Pretty cute without the organza layer too?????

     photo IMG_3307_zpstiwau0wp.jpg

    Comfy and cosy underneath..... The smoke/black striped cotton Boleyn Cami, black Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee, and black butterfly print cotton Long Tunnel Slip are all layered over the sweatshirt cotton Long Underpinning Slip!!!! The Long Underpinning Slip is a "must have" for anyone's closet as the perfect underlay that is also the perfect ruffle at the bottom of any outfit (except pants, of course!...)... and in SWEATSHIRT COTTON.... just how good can it get????

    The necklace is mine. I love to collect.... just about anything! This is a group of charms and a cold water faucet handle that I found in my Dad's old toolbox after he died. I like wearing a bit of him..... I am making another one with the VW key from my favorite little green Beetle that got totaled. It's a fun project.....

     photo IMG_3389_zpsc4rn1vyp.jpg

    I always (or often) suggest wearing just any old tee with your Krista things to give them a more funky or casual look. This is the same sweatshirt cotton Long Underpinning Slip with a white button-up tee by Matthildur that I am borrowing from Siga. These casual pieces change the whole feeling of the buffalo plaid taffeta Umbrella Slip.....

     photo IMG_3394_zpsuomynvli.jpg

    Now that I am borrowing..... Here is the same Matthildur tee in black under the smoke/black wide stripe silk taffeta Umbrella Slip and smoke/black stripe cotton Pastry Skirt with layers of tulle and silk organza...... with a simple clear butterfly necklace by Hot Cakes....

     photo IMG_3397_zps7kwqjhoq.jpg

    Now.... I have the most ever stock of Krista Larson in my store right now!!!! I have the black and smoke and clay that you have seen some of here..... saddle that is coming up next..... and cobalt and moss and fig and.... The choices are fabulous, and the outfit possibilities seemingly endless.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The saddle silk organza butterfly print Long Pinwheel Slip is a gorgeous piece..... here layered over a saddle stripe cotton Long Tunnel Slip, silk taffeta Spring Pants and a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee .... with a clear butterfly necklace.....

     photo IMG_3362_zps8vsvqo56.jpg

    The same saddle stripe Long Tunnel Slip makes another appearance (Here you can see it!) ....layered over a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee with the linen gauze Bloomer Cami over it and the linen Spring Pants underneath.....

     photo IMG_3365_zpsderoe6oz.jpg

    The Krista Long Underpinning Slip comes in black cotton broadcloth too..... and will be coming in many other colors and fabrics in the spring. I like it showing as the bottom layer of so many different things.... like maybe the Magnolia Pearl silk Hadie Mae Brown Dress with exquisite embroidery and lace details. The dress closes down the back with over-size snaps (super big and equally cool!).... so, of course, I love to wear it backwards and open with something underneath...... The cameo necklace is by Hot Cakes.....

     photo IMG_3387_zpsm3cfae2r.jpg

    I have brought in a new little collection from Los Angeles that is gong to be nice for all of our smaller customers that I never have anything for.....

    This is KIYO....

    The silver "rag" jacket over a longer gunmetal tank and silver billowy pants..... with necklaces by Alicia Van Fleteren.

     photo IMG_3408_zpsgf6uo2tb.jpg

    The KIYO gunmetal open cut jacket over a longer silver tank and gunmetal flowy pants... with a swallow necklace and onyx rope.

     photo IMG_3406_zpsbkcwjddu.jpg

    ...and the KIYO gunmetal "rag" long vest over a silver hi-lo top and billowy pants with a black flat rose necklace and black link chain.

    All of the KIYO pieces come in sizes extra-small to extra-large.... but they do run on the small side.....

     photo IMG_3405_zpshd0zvjuq.jpg

    So, that is my story for today...... I am keeping my positive attitude of "work in progress" going...... and it is getting to be more of that every day as we keep finding new things....

    This potter's bench is my latest, and I am pretty excited to figure out just what I am going to do with it. Living down here is opening up so many new possibilities......

     photo IMG_3410_zps82pwgeio.jpg

    Siga and I are looking forward to your visit..... we have so any wonderful things to play with!!!

    You can also have goodies to try! It is best to e-mail me because we are off on Mondays.... or message me on Facebook.


     photo IMG_3411_zpsqg0zkzi7.jpg

    We are looking forward to a wonderful spring......

    Love you all....


    Wow. It is a lot colder in Modesto than it was in the Bay Area, so I am having my first real winter. It is wet and cold, but at least the grass is getting greener already.

    This is a nice outfit for cold weather. It is my Moyuru fuchsia sweater dress layered up over leggings and a Matthildur pima cotton tee shirt. The cool square necklace is from Israel.

     photo IMG_3426_zpssx5gpyhx.jpg

    Both of these pieces from Igor Dobranic can be worn with other things too. Like the wide top with black pants, or the skirt with a great black sweater. I like it this way a lot, and with the Escape from Paris necklace.

     photo IMG_3422_zpsehcnsdk2.jpg

    These are my absolute best selling pants ever - the MSquare "out there" pants. These are made out of a really great textured fabric and are great for travel. I have many other fabrics and some colors too. The crinkled stripe shirt with the fun pearl buttons is part of my Heydari collection.

     photo IMG_3427_zpsrcfdgkjt.jpg

    This is a fabulous navy blue big polka dot jacket from Sun Kim. It can be worn indoors or out.

     photo IMG_3421_zpsawfwszvm.jpg

    These big scarves from Germany are perfect for the cold weather. They are cozy and warm.

     photo IMG_3420_zpsynrfhk7c.jpg

    I found some really great belts from Elsewhere, a clothing line that is also new for me.

     photo IMG_3419_zpspc5o12de.jpg

    I think this is a great looking backpack. It has a big zipper on the back to keep your things safe!

     photo IMG_3416_zpsdbmnh9qo.jpg

    Our store is changing all of the time now, and we are excited to see our regular customers come to visit and to meet so many new ones. We are looking forward to seeing you.

    I am happy to send things for you to try. You can ask questions or order things by replying to this e-mail!

    Hope to see you soon!



     photo IMG_3430_zpsttay07a8.jpg

    Come on, click on the big square and see what you've been missing!

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