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    At kati koos it's all about STYLE.... and all about YOU!!!! kati and siga work with designers and artists who create the unique, the unusual, the whimsical and the fancy. Their clothing and accessories come from the United States and Europe and Israel, manufactured where they are created!!! Some designers and artists live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Siga Bari

    Siga is from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, his name is pronounced "singa baree". kati and siga have been working together on kati koos for over twenty years. He is often the one to push the envelope on forward fashion. Siga has starting up a business of his own in the same 500 Sutter building on the second floor. He can presently be reached at

    I trust that you have all recovered from Thanksgiving by now..... Siga and I are still working on that.... We did manage to have a wonderful time, although with fewer guests than we had initially invited. We had planned quite an event.... our first Thanksgiving in our new home and looking forward to the adventure of eating OUTSIDE!!!! If only our table and chairs had arrived..... but they are going to appear sometime next week, so there is always Christmas....

    But now we are mostly constantly busy re-arranging our shop as winter and holiday things arrive.... and enjoying visitors from the Bay Area who are coming to visit..... Peggy from Oakland and Beth from Alameda, and our dear friends Phoebe and Wayne from El Cerrito. I think people here are amazed that we have clients coming to shop here instead of them going to San Francisco!!!!

     photo IMG_2721_zpsahuctawi.jpg

    New Krista Larson things keep arriving each week, which is always pretty exciting for me..... and I guess Siga too, as he is always right here to help me unpack and hang!!!

    My first two outfits are looking for TALL urban fairies as they are LONG!!!! What a dramatic outfit this is..... the GORGEOUS patterned clay linen Extreme Spring Slip layered with the equally GORGEOUS smoke/clay stitch stripe silk taffeta Long Tunnel Slip over a saddle Single Layer Tee. It does make a nice outfit to show off the fabulous mesh knit bag in shades of silver and copper from Sarah Cavender.....

     photo IMG_2818_zpscrqtr3ez.jpg

    Ok..... 5 feet 2 can look too, but this is another Tall outfit.....

    The Extreme Spring Slip this time is the lovely cobalt large tartan plaid crinkle under a cobalt patterned silk organza Umbrella Slip and Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee. With it I have pretties from Hot Cakes.... a Mexican rose necklace with onyx beads and long onyx ropes.....

     photo IMG_2817_zpsgvrddpd6.jpg

    .... and now come things for everybody.....

    The cobalt polka dot silk charmeuse (shiny side in and scrumptious!!!!) Kite Shirt over the cobalt Long Pastry Slip with its skirt layered in cotton, tulle, and silk organza...... and lots of crystal ropes and a clear butterfly necklace...... There is no such thing as too many accessories (per my friend Ray Harris from London!)

     photo IMG_2819_zpsasndf9wt.jpg

    Mixing up the colors a bit.... we have a fig Linen and Lace Vest over a cobalt Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee with the cobalt patterned silk organza Umbrella Slip over the delightful fig velvet Vintage Skirt.... ok..... this time no accessories really necessary.....

     photo IMG_2820_zpsy44erukc.jpg

    You have probably noticed that I really do love to layer things, but now I am compelled to show you some single pieces that are sometimes hidden too far under all of the layers to be seen.....

    I adore the new Mason Skirt with the raw edges and ribbon trim..... here in cobalt large tartan crinkled plaid....

     photo IMG_2809_zps4gaymqwc.jpg

    ..... and the Mason Skirt in moss plaid silk taffeta.....

     photo IMG_2813_zpstygvgssa.jpg

    All of the Vintage Skirts are available only because I simply cannot decide which one of them needs to be mine (I CANNOT take them all!?!?!?!)

    The Vintage Skirt in the smoke/clay stitch stripe silk taffeta.....

     photo IMG_2812_zpsxeie7hav.jpg

    .... and in cobalt polka dot silk charmeuse.....

    It is also available in cobalt or fig VELVET!!!!!

     photo IMG_2811_zpscwmajbag.jpg

    .... AND the Vintage Skirt in clay plaid silk taffeta.....

    See why I can't decide???

     photo IMG_2816_zpsliygmg3x.jpg

    And then there is Magnolia Pearl.....

     photo IMG_2716_zpseddfs0sq.jpg

    I have just gotten some really wonderful jackets from Magnolia Pearl, and I have put on what I affectionately call my "Phoebe hat" to inspire me to layer them....

    The woven cotton Fagin Jacket is super raggedy outside with an impeccable lining on the inside. I have it over a violent femmes James Dean T with Krista's moss stripe linen Armadillo Pants and a n MP Lulu dot silk Monet Scarf.

     photo IMG_2751_zpsvsuje9p1.jpg

    The fine wool plaid Holmes Jacket closes double-breasted with different colored buttons, but I love to show it open with the white European cotton Amadeus Top with pin tucks, cotton lace, and silk ribbons...... and, in keeping with the accessory thing, I have added the French cotton and gossamer silk jabot! Same great Krista pants.....

     photo IMG_2754_zpsqzmiqhca.jpg

    I thought you might like to see the Amadeus Top all on its own. It really does not look like dirty laundry.... it is white but the autumn light gets weird in the afternoon!!!!

     photo IMG_2756_zpsylztitkh.jpg

    I just cannot get enough of a couple of these Magnolia Pearl jackets....

    The Quannah polka dot cotton Cosmo Jacket goes with SO MANY things!!!! .... like the mink Morrissey T, Sadie dot Monet Scarf, Tina Givens striped cotton Jackson Pants, a Hot Cakes swallow necklace, and an Alicia Van Fleteren boar's tooth pendant..... and THAT is enough!!!!

     photo IMG_2761_zps8nzfqzq7.jpg

    And then there is the fabulous reversible Cosmo Jacket. This side of the European cotton jacket is the Abbey Road stripe.... worn with the Waterboys T and Krista's clay stripe linen Armadillo Pants.

     photo IMG_2763_zpstvj1gtwt.jpg

    .... and this is the reverse side with the tiny star pattern.....

     photo IMG_2764_1_zpsqqn1t0dd.jpg

    Last, but certainly not least, we have the houndstooth patterned European cotton Donovan Jacket over a mink Ever T, European cotton Sloan Blouse with curved insets of cotton lace, over Krista's clay stripe linen Spring Pants with a flat rose pendant from Hot Cakes and a beautiful mixed stone/metal rope from Tina Givens.....

     photo IMG_2762_zps4y5pqn98.jpg

    And then...... there are lots of new accessories.....

    The decadent mesh bag from Sarah Cavender.....

     photo IMG_2723_zpsozcqjkhb.jpg

    .....Sarah's new necklaces.....

     photo IMG_2724_zpsycr02fke.jpg

    .... and bracelets and arm scrunchies....

     photo IMG_2727_zpssv7unszc.jpg

    .... and one awesome scarf....

     photo IMG_2731_zpsrmbf0li7.jpg

    Luxurious little clutches/wallets by David Galan in white pony fur or black/metallic textured leather....

     photo IMG_2744_zps7xbncwp4.jpg

    Hand-made Japanese Kimono silk cosmetic bags and coin purses.... each one unique.....

     photo IMG_2749_zpsmh1t92vn.jpg

    My made in Italy - French designed socks have finally arrived!!!! They are one size, so they are easy to order....

    The anklets....

     photo IMG_2745_zpsg1k5swgu.jpg

    Fancy cuffed anklets and knee-his.....

     photo IMG_2747_zps7q2sildj.jpg

    .... and, if your guy dares to dress..... socks for the guys.....

     photo IMG_2746_zpswqi20ylw.jpg

    Since I love to cook, pot-holders and towels are a necessity. But, like my friend Sarah, it is usually choose form over function because it has to look good. I have a gorgeous supply of my hand-made Susan Lewis pot-holders, and I have just gotten a large order of my printed cotton flour-sack dishtowels. These are great to use every day, and they make great presents too. I am already down to my last seven Christmas ones but have re-ordered them to arrive this week..... there are lots of cows and pigs and rabbits and chickens and mushrooms and wine and herbs and....... ones to choose from too....

     photo IMG_2765_zpsxucdwnd6.jpg

    That's it for me! I am hoping that maybe Adam, our fabulous web-designer, might do a PS for us later in the week because I can just feel the UPS man coming my way soon!!!!

    Come see us!!!!!

    Big hugs to you all.....


     photo IMG_2663_zpsq0imtyri.jpg

    My side of the shop seems to be exploding with all of the new things that keep coming, and we have had a lot of fun making the store festive for the holidays.

     photo IMG_2653_zps2apynses.jpg

    My best selling shirt just arrived in polka dots! These Beluva shirts are made right here in San Francisco.

     photo IMG_2737_zpscuroexc3.jpg

    And it is pretty in silver too. I already only have one left in the cute red plaid.

     photo IMG_2739_zpsvihwjyjg.jpg

    My Skif sweater selection is the best one I have ever had. This is the purple with red polka dots that are all painted on after the sweaters are knit.

     photo IMG_2794_zpsi2ivvozq.jpg

    My accessory collections are great for the fall and holidays. I have lots and lots of pretty jewelry, bags, and scarves.

     photo IMG_2656_zpsllzoyrez.jpg

    My Elemente Clemente shawls ( or BIG scarves) from Germany are really beautiful, and you can wear them on either side!

     photo IMG_2785_zpso0hbnf8w.jpg

    This is one of the fabulous necklaces from my ZZen collection of jewelry from Israel.

     photo IMG_2802_zpsa4frsiys.jpg

    And there are a lot of beautiful earrings too.

     photo IMG_2736_zpskyzijpt1.jpg

    This is the front of my shop for the holidays.

     photo IMG_2713_zpsiexarn9f.jpg

    I brought my great big Santa from home to sit around in the front of my shop. I think he likes to feel artsy sitting under the Magritte mirror!

     photo IMG_2658_zps66d9v3aq.jpg

    This black Heydari dress with its millions of tiny pleats is perfect for the holidays, or any time you want to look

     photo IMG_2743_zpslpeu8fns.jpg

    It is finally getting cold. Time to wear coats, and I have great ones for you to try. Nice to look cute in the winter weather!

     photo IMG_2659_zpsmb6q6a2m.jpg

    I just love this fun houndstooth pattern with lots of cool details from Heydari.

     photo IMG_2793_zpsfer6pn7e.jpg

    This cozy Luukaa coat is all drama... and warm. I like to see it with a fun long scarf like this one from Alembika.

     photo IMG_2797_zpsa9jirw9s.jpg

    This Igor Dobranic dress is warm and cozy, easy to fit, and great with leggings and boots.

     photo IMG_2798_zpsthzhjade.jpg

    The Igor Dobranic top is fabulous! Cool necklace too.

     photo IMG_2789_zpsrgr8qn1m.jpg

    I think this Luukaa shirt is perfect for just about everybody. I bought it in every size they make from small to plus sizes! I love how it looks with the patch leg MSquare pants.

     photo IMG_2795_zpstab34rsc.jpg

    So, I am ready for you to come visit or call for a care package of goodies to try. And there is a LOT more too.

    We are open Tuesday through Saturday from around 9:30 to at least 5:30, and we can be here on Monday if you call in advance because we live only five minutes from the shop.

    I bought this Santa Claus for our home when Kati and I were in Turlock last week. We just love the Vintage Market on Main Street! Funny thing is that it is the one thing that she really loved that she left behind the week before when she was having a play day with her friend...... and it was the first thing I loved too.

    It is going to be a happy, happy holiday season!

    Love to everybody.


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